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More than what is known to most already – another unpopular move by FB?
It seems ambitions run high with FB. Need more data yet.

Security is everyone’s concern in computing, especially when it comes to mobile devices – albeit not only. When it comes to VPN services, we want to make sure they deliver what they promise.

Overall usage of VPN services has increased over the past years, and internet users often look at VPN as a way to keep one’s traffic safe.

Yet FB’s new VPN service, which has now rolled out for iOS devices, is quite a different thing than other standard services.

Called ‘Onavo Protect’ (from a company Facebook purchased in 2013) explicitly gives itself permission to mine your data. Stacked underneath the “Read More” link, you’ll find the following:

‘As part of this process, Onavo collects your mobile data traffic’ ( HERE WE GO AGAIN ). And it continues: ‘THIS HELPS US IMPROVE AND OPERATE THE ONAVO SERVICE BY ANALYZING YOUR USE OF WEBSITES, APPS AND DATA. Further, it is stated : ‘Because we’re part of Facebook, we also use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences’. Wow is all I can say. Or rather: Why am I not surprised – yet again.

Carefully evaluate these statements. In the name of web security – namely to provide safety, Facebook gets to analyze which apps you use, which websites you visit.

If a new app starts to become popular, FB will know about it based on data harvested from user devices.
Watching any other Video channel instead of Facebook Video? FB is all ears to know. When this feature is integrated into Facebook’s iOS app, the application also states that it provides an additional level of security to all your mobile traffic. ( Get this )

Would you go for a VPN service of this kind? I certainly will not. Onavo is in for trouble before it can even get started.

If iOS deploys new features that others like, similar options are going to be listed up on Google stores with Android.

It is FB seeing a successful company and just copying its work, amongst other ‘features’. FB is attempting to find out where its next challenger is going to come from. Plus snoop into your life again more. Since many people use VPNs to increase privacy and security, this is outright deception.

It gives the name acronym – Virtual Private Network – a bad aftertaste. FB leaves out the “privacy” portion thinking nobody notices and hopes noone pays attention.

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Mao art procelain by AFRICASIAEURO
Mao art procelain by AFRICASIAEURO


Most consumers will be unaware of what ‘ geoblocking ‘ means.

Geoblocking was introduced by the European Union and it meant that consumers living in countries within the EU were re-directed if they wanted to buy products or services from other countries within the EU.



Now it seems this will change since Brussels will stop geoblocking for consumers who want to buy products or services online within the EU.


According to the latest news, the new rules will boost e-commerce which supposedly will be to the advantage for consumers and businesses.


EU flag
EU flag


Yesterday the EU Parliament, the Council and the Commission have reached an agreement to end geoblocking.

In essence, this means consumers living in the EU can now buy products online and buy services across borders, just like they do in their home country.


Of much significance: Consumers will no longer be required to pay with a debit or credit card issued in another country.


This is great news for all customers. As result websites will not re-route customers to other sites any longer.

Whether physically entering a store or shop in another country or shopping online, all consumers will benefit from the new law.

Next target is to reduce prices of cross-border parcel delivery.

A new challenge to firms since they have to deal with more foreign customers.

For example, a person in Austria can buy a trip directly to an amusement park in France without being redirected to an Austrian website.



Traders are however under no obligation to sell to other countries, and prices are not being touched.


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Since changing and tweaking it’s algorithm again the News Feed (in order to make it more )personal___!!!! and more hard to spread rumors and false stories too, Facebook comes out and talks about a reduced usage rate by roughly fifty!!! million hours every day.

That is a really hard fall ( as we have previously reported ) ( so where are all the Facebook touting webinar leaders and gurus now who were cashing in on the sheer phenomena of FB traffic generation Mr. CEO Mark sugar mountain has said it: ‘it would happen’, I can’t take his word on this, like so many other words spoken in the past. in the long run, the measures will be showing results. Today released news when announcing earnings for its fourth quarter of 2017.

Reduced usage is showing elsewhere, too. Though Facebook claims it saw a fourteen!!! ( read our article on FB vs Google traffic – https://africasiaeuro.com/1c9y ) percent quarter-over-quarter increase in daily and monthly active users ( I say this is totally wrong, it actually dropped from one hundred and eighty-five million to one hundred and eighty-four million daily users in the US and Canada and stayed at a down figure of two hundred thirty-nine million for monthly users.

“While usage grew in all other regions – according to them – measured, growth was slower than it’s been since 2015 ) now that statement makes a lot of sense when reading our article

Now listen to more encouraging talk” In 2018, we are making sure FB isn’t just fun, but also good for people’s well-being(!) , beneficial for our society, he said in a statement this afternoon. ‘We’re doing this -in order to encouraging meaningful connections_ between people ( manipulating users minds ) rather than passive consumption of content … By focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business!!! will be stronger over the long term.

In November, FB said its commitment to ‘preventing abuse on our platforms’ would ‘impact our profitability,’ and it may already be feeling that to an extent. For its final quarter of 2017, Facebook brought in $13 billion ) ask you where this revenue came from – really, in revenue and $4.3 billion in profit, up from $8.8 billion and $3.6 billion this time last year.

Profits missed investors’ expectation, rising only 19 percent on a per share instead of closer to the 60 percent that investors were expecting , according to forecasts ( The Wall Street Journal _). It’s full-year numbers for 2017 saw substantial increases. (All that gobbledygook is only to wash yours and investor’s eyes), but can’t convince anyone who has a clearer view of what FB really wants.



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When it comes to a good VPN service we have several choices

After having used several VPN s on three different continents – with mixed results mostly – our findings pinpoint to one in particular VPN service that remains stable even under tough internet restrictions.

I would not recommend one VPN in aprticular but try the TOR browser.


vpn xpress button
vpn services banner

One service has been tested under hardest conditions. ( Especially when using the Hongkong vpn we noticed frequent blockage by Authorities ).

Due to a smart configuration the ip address is being changed frequently so that the VPN virtual private network tunnel remains open.

You can also smartly switch to other countries, ( U.S., Germany, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, etc. )

During our stay in the mainland it was the only way we could access our cloud servers ( as everything concerning Google, and Facebook remained blocked. )

Secure layer encryption is a must today, so your traffic can’t be intercepted – well except those who have access to the VPN.


In certain countries – without mentioning names due to privacy reasons – it remains a necessity.


See you soon.



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Take the last post on Google and FB

There are further developments compelling us to mention our earlier article on TRAFFIC GENERATED BY FB VS. GOOGLE.

New changes in FB s strategy will actually open our eyes how FB is dealing with publishers ( blog writers , etc. ).

I mentioned previously I am no big fan of FB. The original cause was questionable right from the start.


huge changes are underway with the Facebook News Feed and it’s important to adjust your strategy.

On Tuesday, I sent a comprehensive analysis of the coming changes to the Facebook News Feed.

At Social Media Examiner, we want to help you understand what’s happening and how to revamp your strategies so that Facebook will continue to be a viable marketing channel.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s going to change:

#1: Less public content will be shown (videos and posts from publishers or businesses).

#2: Reach, video watch time, and referral traffic from Pages will decrease.

#3: Posts will be ranked differently, giving priority to “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people,” according to Facebook.

Here are six things you can do now to improve your chances with Facebook:

Suggestion #1: Post less frequently (I know that’s gonna be hard, but it’s necessary).

Suggestion #2: Create content that stimulates conversation–meaning comments between fans.

Suggestion #3: Jump into live video, now! Why? It leads to 6x the interactions according to Facebook.

Suggestion #4: Don’t ask for comments in your posts. Engagement bait will be demoted in the News Feed.

Suggestion #5: Master Facebook ads. This will be the only sure-fire way to drive people to your site.

Suggestion #6: Learn Messenger Chatbots. Bots will allow you to nurture leads and sell.

This will likely require a shift in your Facebook marketing strategy. And you’ll probably have to learn some new tools to carry it out (like bots, ads, or live video).

Social Media Marketing World 2018 (starting on Feb. 28th) can help.

In three days, you’ll rapidly discover ways to improve your Facebook strategy, live video experience, Facebook ads knowledge, and Messenger chatbot success.

Don’t get left behind. Prepare yourself to face the changes.


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