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AFRICASIAEURO sells Textile machinery, NEW and second hand, RIETER.COM representatives,  

Renewable Energy, Power Generating equipment

- Diesel engine powered - Tools, Hand tools,

Power tools,  Gensets for medium and large sized power installations. 50 KW Mini plants

to 10 MW. Power protection device and transient voltage filters for LV, HV applications.

Africasiaeuro Textile Spinning, Textile fibers Cotton and Synthetics, Textile Ring -, OE, Air - Spinning. Industrial projects, Textile spinning, spinning machines, Rieter spinning machine.


Fiber preparation - Blowroom

One of the major changes in fiber cleaning took place in the blowroom section.
We are seeing a big change in the way fibers are being cleaned. RIETER back in the eighties - after their aquisition of  Schubert & Salzer - changed the basic  layout of its blowroom line by eliminating the step cleaner.  

Textile Spinning

Cotton Fiber white fly honeydew contamination and its correlation towards neps and preparation
What impact does white fly contamination have on process and fiber stock preparation.



Representatives of reputed Textile manufacturers based in Switzerland,  as well as other European machinery makers , Dye rewinding packages machines from SSM, Textile Air Texturing machines, Air covering machines, Draw ending machines, Assembly winding machines, yarn singeing

machines, sewing thread winding machines, preparation processes winding machines Rieter Spinning machines.

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Textile Spinning machine sector manufacturers in Spinning textile worldwide. Visit our sub pages on Textile Spinning machines for more details. Excerpt of Article africasiaeuro.com (cont. Page Two)

Jeans manufacturing  here

Renewable Energy ( biomass ) manufacturing machinery. Click ---> HERE for Project Laos.

Industrial and domestic power protection system devices. Power protection - Faceboook

News from Barcelona 2011 - Air Jet Spinning - The J20 Air - Jet Spinning Machine operating with two different raw materials  Santoni SPA on a Atlas HS circular knitting machineat a sensational speed of 45 rpm with minimal fiber fly. This I would contribute to the excellent fiber preparation techniques employed by RIETER Spinning Systems

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