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01 Oct

coffee talk

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When we talk about coffee we speak about he roasted, strong aroma smelling, unique, stimulating almost unrecognizable beans that mesmerize billions of people around the globe.

We are all consuming a cup of coffee now and then, and some more often so. What we need to understand is some facts that explain this phenomena of coffee culture.

Coffee terminology

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coffee in cup

  • Affogato (It. : drowned ) : Espresso served over gelato ( ice cream ). Traditionally Vanilla is used, but other coffee houses use any flavor.
  • Alexandrino : an Espresso topped with a layer of condensed milk, sometimes served with cinnamon stick for a spoon ( popular in some Portuguese coffee houses ).
  • Americano (It. : American ) : Espresso and hot water, ideally using equal parts each, with water added to Espresso. Popular rumors purports that the Americano was invented by European baristas during World War 2, because they were only familiar with Filter ( drip )coffee during that era.
  • Cafè Bonbon (Fr.: Candy coffee) A shot of Espresso served in a small glass filled with condensed milk. The shot and milk remain separate until stirred, as in a black and tan.
  • Breve (It.: short) : Espresso in half and half, in proportions equal to those in a Cafè Latte. Similarly, a moccha breve is espresso, chocolate, and half and half in proportions to those of a cafè moccha..

more terms coming up soon.

Laos coffee has an excellent taste as a result of its organic origin Volcanic natural soil. We are happy to bring this to you more from Laos coffee Arabica, with its splendid taste and fragrance.

Lao coffee grows abundantly in fertile volcanic soil on Bolaven plateau of Champasak province Laos. Laos coffee Arabica. This is the famous ‘Kopie Luwak’, exotic coffee beans with a difference. Devoured, and expelled by the Asian civet, this coffee has a hefty price tag – and is a favorite amongst coffee connoisseurs. With coffeehouses sprouting up around the globe faster than mushrooms – one needs to wait and see till STARBUCKS will enter the connoisseur race.

coffee flowing in cup

Cafe Landtmann Vienna Austria

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