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Freetown - Lunghi

Freetown Beach
Freetown Coast
Freetown, Sierra Leone

One guy in particular arises my interest, I am told he is a Helicopter pilot, he looks the stereotyp 'Soldier of Fortune.

French, in his mid forties, you can see that he is different from the others. 

He appears with a Jute sack in his hand and removes the neck rope which is wrapped tight around it. The bar dames are all too curious and come all to see the what's in the sack. Reaching into the sack he retracts his hand out fast, giving the impression a serpent bit him. 

The girls all scream and run in all directions. He repeats the whole show a few times, much to the curiosityof thosepresent. The spectacle ends when he empties the sack and nothing appears. All laugh, after the girls reappear, and punish him for the scare he put onto them. A welcome distraction, for we are still in the middle of a Civil war

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