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Continued: failed Moringa Project

Moringa project that became a failed venture (part 1)

Once the land was leased,  monies paid  trouble was on its way.
The tubers proved incrediblly tough and  it was impossible to move them without help of heavy equipment.

Raking it was not possible except with the help of a caterpillar with a scraper. It was a tantalous task. The tubers were like a pest, growing underneath the soil in all directions. Surely the local inhabitants knew of the problem,.
They were cultivating on a domestic scale. For commercial farming it was a different issue altogether. Caterpillar costs running into thousands of Dollars on average a day, the initially calculated investment was no longer a fact.

Whilst work came to a creeping slow, cultivating a 20 acres proofed futile, the rains set in. Rains were necessary in order to water the seedlings which had been bought from various Moringa growing countries of Africa and Asia.

When it rained the  at first dried out soil became quickly a huge swamp where no tractor could move. The land became unpassable. Miles and miles of water locked stretches of land  could be seen. And it seemed it never would stop raining.

As a result the seedling mostly were drowned during the two months of rain.  
There was nothing that one could do in such case.

Experts who have been with the project felt helpless. Their knowledge was based on plant growing in arid areas. They had not anticipated such terrible rains.

Here are the precipitations pertaining to the North of Ghana :

IFloods Ghana


AAAA image

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