Transfer Printing – Felt

Transfer printing felt

Everyone who is involved with heat transfer printing knows its importance : transfer printing felt (s) .

Quality parameters, durability and price are all essential factors when deciding which felts to use, speak buy.

There are numerous suppliers in the field, some lead the manufacturers top range.

Felt (s) are the most important component of the heat transfer printing machines. We can offer the felt (s) at normal and special size according to customers’ request.

Felt Features:

  • needled felt
  • smooth surface felt
  • elastic felt
  • non-off tracking felt

Product Detail

Composition : 100% Nomex
Density : 2800g/m2- 3600g/m2
Thickness : 6mm-10mm
Width : 600mm-3600mm
Working Temp. Range : 210℃-260℃