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NEWLY available Textile machinery –


1 x  Complete Polypropylene fiber spinning line ESL
year:  1996/1997
maximum production capacity approximately 600 kg/h
includes jet cleaning device (pyrolysis), laboratory equipment , bale press, etc.
the extruder    itself is designed and manufactured by ESL England, originally built 1996.
it has 150mm diameter 30:1 l/d ratio extruder screw.
the barrel is heated in 8 zones.  zones 1 to 7 have 12kw heaters, zone 8 is 14kw
there are cooling blowers at zone 7 & 8.
the extruder drive is 313.6kw @ 1830rpm, type Lak 4250a Thrige-Scott
gearbox : Rossimotoriduttory. type mr2l-320
the line is approximately 65 m long and has 8 spinnerets.
the existing spinnerets are suitable for fibers 8 dtex to 70 dtex.
further blanks for spinnerets are available and can be designed according to request (at a specialized factory).
the blanks are paid already, only the drillings for the wholes need to be paid extra.
one cooling compressor available.
line control by touch screen.
the polymer pipes are Depheuyl-heated.

additional information:
-length (heated):  4500mm
-diameter:  220mm
spinning plates:  660 x 110mm
1st and 2nd godet:
2 x septett ( 7 rollers)
diameter of rollers:  320mm
color injection:  4 components
manufacturer:  Woywood Plasticolor
Plasticolor 3200 with 4 dosage screws
(1 x granulate + 3 entries for additives)
control:  PC control with touch screen
manufacturer:  ESL
crimper manufacturer:  ESL
cutter:  manufacturer:  Fleissner
2 cutting wheels available

(cutting lengths 60mm, 90mm or 120mm possible)
bale press:  manufacturer: Kenn mills eng. ltd.
twin press t 60
3 stretching ovens behind each other:  total length 5000x 750mm.
additional details:
26 pcs. outside dimension 110 x 660mm
with each 1000 holes – hole diameter 2mm for fiber 70 dtx and 110 dtx, profile “pakman”
37 pcs. outside dimension 1110 x 660mm
with each 6950 holes – hole diameter 0.75mm for fiber 17 dtx and 30 dtx, profile “pakman”
22 pcs. pre jet plates (for filter material) outside dimension 110 x 660mm with each 1700 hole – hole diameter 3mm, profile “round”
further 30 pcs. are without holes (as mentioned above)
laboratory equipment:
1 textecno fafegraph m
1 textechno vibromat m
1 measuring device zweigle s 160
1 screen nsc-multisyne 2 a
1 microscope zoom
1 measuring unit for measuring bagginess
1 laboratory card = table carding machine for manual use
1 micro scale precisa
cooling compressors Climaveneta,
consisting of:
2 x 2-cylinder machine
because of over capacity only one 2-cylinder-compressor was used.
the second one was not used because of over capacity.


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