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NEW Bi-Component Multi-Filament Spinning Line

New Bi-Component Multi-Filament Spinning Line

1 NEW Bi-Component Multi-Filament Spinning Line
Technology By Hills Inc, Pensicola, Florida
Shaped spinnerettes producing Multi Lobal filaments
FDY Bi-Component Processing
Core Polymer
Outer Sheath Polymer
Denier Range 30 to 120 per thread Line
Modular Constructed Pilot Unit
Double Sided – Completed on one side & Ready for Expansion

Two TORAY Automatic Take up Winders
Model TW 531/4
4 Cop, Automatic Transfer
Chuck Length 700mm overall
Tubes lengths 150mm
Outside tube Diameter 90mm
Winder Speed Range 2000-4000 Meters per Minute
PLC Controls

more details on demand

Complete Spandex Yarn Spinning Plant


This comes not often and will be sold fast.


Technology by Hills Inc, Pensicola, Florida
Denier Range 20 to 70 yarn count
Year of Manufacture 2006
Year of Installation 2007
Two Spinning Line
8 Positions per Line
12 Thread Lines per position
192 Thread Lines Total
Chip dryer with Agitator
Toray High Speed Take up Winders
12 ends per winder
Model 457
Automatic Doffing

spandex yarn plant

spandex yarn plant

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Buser Flatbed Printing Machines 2017

2 sets Buser Flatbed Printing Machines

Year:2010 Model:FB

No of Colours : 13

Blanket width: 2450mm

Working width: 1850mm

Oil heated

Printing Table length: 26m

machine total length: about 30m

drying chamber: original 4

repeat size: 2m

Servo motor driver

flatbed-buser-printing machines

flatbed-buser-printing machines

1 SEYDEL Breaker, type 860

1 SEYDEL Breaker, type 860

year 1989, with SEYDEL steaming Type CSR year 1998
Suction box year 1998, delivery can 1000 x 1200

pictures available on request

Italy textile machinery ( SAVIO CONEWINDER ) machine yarn winder fully automated | AFRICASIAEURO

Italy textile machinery ( SAVIO CONEWINDER )
machine yarn winder fully automated | AFRICASIAEURO

Savio Pordenone s Textile machinery is a world renowned manufacturing unit.
Savio machinery produces, amongst others some of the best Winding machine.

The enclosed video shows Savio s Automatic winder performing at ITMA in Milano.


Picanol OMNI 2000 YOC 1-1-16

Picanol OMNI

Ref: AAECIYE – 010116

Machines still running

Pls ask for price

YOC 2000
Qty 16 sets
Width 220 cm
staubli 2861 dobby
6 heald frames
elec-let off; ele- take up
4 nozzels
2 weft feeders
1.5 beam/cloth roller
Running on the mill floor


Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

Picanol Omni looms

R 66 Flagship of RIETER OE Spinning

R 66 is RIETER Winterthur ( Switzerland ) flagship

The R 66 OE Spinning machine is the jewel amongst OE spinning machines and is considered the best in the market.

Counting up to 1000 OE Spindles, a R 66 outperforms every other machine of its kind, and holds record breaking yarn quality parameters, even when operating at highest speeds.

This is the R 66 concept on YOUTUBE  ( MUST WATCH ) – shown by AFRICASIAEURO.COM


rieter r66 oe spinning

rieter r66 oe spinning


RIETER s Top management in discussion with customers

Embroidery machine ( cording embroidery ) Africasiaeuro

embroidery machine ( cording embroidery )

This embroidery machine with multi head function can outperform many competitors :

Picanol OptimaX YOM 2008 SEP 190cm

Picanol OptimaX, YOM 2008 SEP , 190cm


Nos- 24sets,

4 accumulators,

6 heald frames,

1.5 warp beam,

1.5 cloth beam,

2670B Staubli Dobby with 14 levers ,

Running CNF C5

(ask for pictures )


Complete OE Spinning Mill

Blow room

5 x opening machines

Rieter Uniclean B11, year 2000

Rieter Uniflex B60, year 2006

Press Trutzschler FD-U 1600, year 2007

Luwa PHH, year 2008


12 x Trutzschler TC03, year 2004

With automatic cans changing

With autolever

Drawing frames

4 x Trutzschler TD 03, year 2006, 2010

With automatic cans changing

With autolever

Open End spinning

12 x OE spinning machine BD 330

( 1 machine BD Fancynation)

Saurer Czech Republic

Year : 2006