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Carding machines

africasiaeuro textile machines carding machines

Africasiaeuro textile machines blog brings latest offerings in textile machines available from reliable sources around the world.

Our aim is to provide the best service and competent advice on all sorts of textile machines.

This comes as a result of three decades of active involvement in the textile industry as advisers, proudly associated with RIETER SPINNING works SWITZERLAND.

We advice governmental bodies in various parts of the world, private companies who need specialized insight into innovations, technologies and know-how.

It is our pleasure to bring africasiaeuro textiles machine blog to the discerning reader and we would like to thank wordpress for the opportunity to use their platform.

Our main focus lies on :

  • Spinning machines (Spinning textile machinery)
  • Weaving machines (looms)
  • Finishing textile machines (Finishing machines)
  • Textile machines (overall)

In the meantime we kindly ask you to revert to our homepage for latest news and analysis :


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  1. Hi, this is our new textile machine blog site in where we will list upcoming and past textile machines. We look forward to meet you here to interact with you and entertain any questions you may have.

  2. New wordpress page – wordpress provides a great platform for Textile pages, appreciate the effort lots –

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