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Squidoo opp or squidoo flop is not one of the most popular social network sites. Since we were the first ones to start : squidoo(dot)com.moringa (we received at first a praise for being amonst the top lenses in our category, squidoo has treated us with full disrespect.

At some stage squidoo informed us we are 'spamming'. Now that was interesting. The fact was we received lots of google traffic to our site. And squidoo had to pay out (which they did to some instance). When it got more and more, they called it 'spam'.

Squidoo has shown great unprofessional behavior towards us. We feel deceived.
The site 'MORINGA' has been given to another party who has been standing in line.

We can turn and twist this as we like : Our main page which was based on MORINGA came under attack from Squidoo.

NO to squidoo. Your intellectual property is not regarded. What you worked for is not safe. If a lens does well, they will shut it down - and pass the subdomain to the best bidder (as evidence suggests).

Squidoo most readily provided our squidoo name (their subdomain) to another company.

Watch out if you invest lots of your time building your squidoo page. Chances are if it attracts traffic, you are being called 'spammer' , somebody else will benefit from the traffic you generated.

Squidoo does it again


(Now let  's see how long it takes before some else comes up with the same lens !!)
Received this in the mail :

To point out - I have not posted a word to squidoo for almost a year now. Still - this is the email I received from them - they  are not serious - or, like on my other lenses which were foreclosed by squidoo - maybe they have a paying member who wants to use the name of my lens.  

We will not - ever again make another ' lens ' funny as it sounds - lens - anyway.
So squidoo, you can close it and be happy ever after. ...

Look at the wording ... ( if this company will not go bust ... ) they are not serious  ..


Hey Squidfriend!  

We wanted to send you an early, heads-up notice that one or more of your Squidoo lenses have hit our radar for featuring content that is against our Terms of Service. The lenses:


Take a deep breath and read on.

We run regular and periodic reviews of lenses to enforce our policies, including (but not limited to): acting against known spam content, locking lenses on topics we can't support, 'doorway' lenses that exist solely to promote an affiliate program, and most recently we have also increased our systematic intolerance of aggressively duplicated (unoriginal) content, article spinning (yikes), keyword stuffing, and plagiarism.

We aim to support high-quality, original and useful lifestyle content that real readers will be glad to land on. So, in addition to enforcing our TOS, we reserve the right to unpublish lenses that have shallow or lower-quality writing, as well as lenses that point to other sites that have been flagged as low quality or spam.


This note is just a heads-up today. You can look on your dashboard to see more specifics about why this lens or lenses have been 'warned' in our system.

If these lenses still hit our radar 7 days from now, they will at that time get unpublished (locked) for further review.

A FEW MORE TIPS (because you care about getting this right, right?)

Here are 4 resources we hope you'll read about our content policies on Squidoo. These links go into detail about several reasons that lenses can get unpublished.

1. The Squidoo Originality Pact

2. What Is Unoriginal, Duplicated Content?

3. SquidDon't topics we don't allow on Squidoo

4. Overly promotional lenses

5. Many Squidoo lenses have social components, like a Guestbook module, that allow commenting from other users. Make sure your lenses aren't featuring spam comments on them. It's up to you to moderate the comments submitted. Search engines (and Squidoo) don't care who wrote the spam, they just care if it appears on the page. Here's a great post about the options available to you.

6. If your lens seems fine but links out to low quality or spam sites, then your lens could still be in violation. Our systems for detecting low quality content also extend to doorway lenses that promote known junk on the web. So when recommending and linking elsewhere, make sure you truly vet those outbound links and that your lens is more than just a shallow doorway to something else.

7. Lenses that exist entirely to promote another affiliate site or affiliate product often have very little original, written-by-you, useful content. And could get taken down. It's fine to use your own affiliate links in lenses, but we suggest using them to complement your topic, not as the entire focus of your lens topic.

8. Some tips on how to fix spun content on your lenses. It's pretty easy to add quality content to your lens.

BONUS: Read this. It will change your life on Squidoo.

We'd love to help you avoid the frustration of publishing a lens that gets unpublished, and hope the above guidelines help you make decisions about what kinds of lenses are worth your time. Here are examples of original lenses that satisfy our content guidelines.

Thanks for reading.

The Squidoo Content Team

P.S. This email was sent from a notification-only, official Squidoo email address that does not accept reply emails. Please do not reply to this message.