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AFRICASIAEURO tea has its beginning in China s tea country of Xishuangbana. People from Xishuangbana migrated to their southern and Eastern neighbours thousands of years ago ( Dao tribes - Thai ) and brought with them a thousands of years old tea culture which is so versatile, it would take a full book to describe.

What we like to is to randomly touch this subject - for now, and hope to elaborate more on the subject later. Let us look into the beauty of Xishuangbana by showing some of our pictures taken ( There are lots more on our photoshelter page



Throughout Chinese tea history Pu'er tea has been known for it's unique ability to undergo a post fermentation process designed for further aging. Not far from Pu-erh city in the areas of Xishuangbana, Simao, in the south of Yunnan Province. Tea cultivation and processing of Pu'er tea are carried out until this day.

With elevations of up to 2000 metres, the altitude that add to pu er tea 's unique flavor. The secrets for processing Pu-er tea are cautiously guarded. Many believe that it is from the active micro-organisms that Pu'er tea gets it's many health benefits. It is renowned as a traditional medicinal tea with restorative powers.

Pu-erh teas are stored and left to mature for decades like classic wines. Premium teas can fetch astronomical prices at auctions and are worth their weight in gold, often times more. Pu'er tea has a wide spectrum of tastes and aromas which is very compelling and at times uncompromising.

Ranging from lightly floral, honey, heather and fruits to harsh peat, leather, organics, grass, tobacco, wood and deep earth, the taste and aromas of Pu Er teas are exceptionally varied.

The color of young Pu-erh tea can start from a golden yellow of summer hay before developing to a deep reddish brown reminiscent of the sunset after 30 years of aging.

Some of the teas on display here are extremely rare - thus very special. Here the narration to this most precious event : Years ago we came across a State researcher of Tibet medicine on one of our many Tibet travels.

In fact this happened in Winter and freezing weather, after arriving from the Tibet plateau - and 48 hours of continuous driving, day and night. We saw an ad in the local news written by a scientist regarding a herb that is known to Emperors only

The herb grows in 4000 m altitude. All attempts to cultivate it on lower grounds failed ... After lenghty elaborations we came to the conclusion it was worth a try.

All herbs grown on the Tibet plateau are of highest purity and have immense effect on our organism ( I tried many herbs on many occasions when visiting Tibet, on one occasion they treated my terrible migraines successfully - my bill - ( after spending ten thousand roughly U.S.Dollars in a modern private Hospital in Vienna, Austria in vain. ) - became a mere - YES : ONLY SIX U.S.Dollars ! including herbal pills !

Tibet detox tea is made of 3 components of wild grown plants. I consider it lucky enough to have met this gentleman, who worked as a researcher for 50 years and knows the science of Tibet plants like noone other.

He told us of the plants incredible effect on the liver. This plant is known to China since thousands of years and because of its scarcity only Emperors ( and probably gatherers ) could consume it.

So we tasted some of the tea in the science lab of Mr. Chen. As I suffered from hepatic steatosis, and bought some packets to take back home.

At home I told my friend about it. He suffered from heavy jaundice caused by over dosis of Anti Malarials and Antibiotics. He bought almost all the packets I had brought with me - and came back 2 months later - for more. ( I had no more left ).

It had cleared his jaundice and he felt much better.

Menghai 800 years
old tea tree

Menghai 800 years
old tea tree

Tea tasting traditional
farmers tea table

Tea farm owner
drinking tea

Pu Er tea
wheel large 60 cm

Traditional Tea house
Menghai county Pu Er

Menghai Tea Garden
old tea trees

Young tea shoots

Unfermented Pu Er tea

Adaptogen tea curing
high blood pressure

Pu Er unfermented tea
raw pressed

Pu Er green tea
large wheel

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