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Slurred speech , dark circles, bad breath … we must act
Slurred speech , dark circles, bad breath … The sad reality is that these evils never come alone.

People who are afflicted also suffer , in general, intestinal fermentation with gas and bloating of stomach after meals, of a yellowish complexion, nausea, headaches, hot flashes and insomnia , with clock between 1 and 3 am .

And that is not good : according to naturopathic approach , which aims to restore health by balancing the lifestyle, these signs indicate a lack of bile, which can have serious long-term implications .

Naturopaths offer natural solutions to stimulate the production of bile. Here they are . But first let me explain exactly what the bile.

Bile : an intelligent liquid and ” eco-friendly”
Bile is one of the most intelligent products produced by your body.

It is manufactured by the liver from recovered waste in your blood. Blood is indeed responsible for bacteria, food toxins , alcohol, germs , dead cells , ammonia , remnants of drugs, pesticides, hormones and waste . The liver gets it all, up to 100 % of impurities when it works well , and down through enzymes.

It then removes waste by sending in the digestive tract in a liquid called bile . But this bile , far from being useless, plays a crucial role in digestion : it is she who breaks the fat little pieces and allows them to be absorbed by the intestine.

If you were at the output of your stomach where your food loaded with fat enters the intestine , you would get a stream of bile that turns this fat foam (emulsion ) , like dishwashing liquid .

Indigestible food, fat and pasty becomes light : it can easily travel along the intestine and all the good nutrients are assimilated into the blood.

Finally, the liver also use cholesterol to make bile acids , good bile production will decrease the blood cholesterol .

This is what happens when the liver is functioning well, and bile production is abundant.

When the liver malfunctions
Unfortunately, if the liver is functioning poorly and did not produce enough bile , it causes the following problems :

toxins from your blood are not properly evacuated. They stagnate in the body and in the liver,  potentially causing a long list of diseases, including cancer (as well as allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases , depression , heart disease , the obesity , chronic fatigue, etc.).

your cholesterol rises (1);

your digestion is impaired, causing stomach pain , nausea, headaches after eating, pasty mouth , bad breath, yellowish skin and eyes , bags under the eyes and insomnia ;

bile stagnates in a pocket between the liver and the intestine, called ” gallbladder “. It thickens and wastes begin to agglomerate to form small stones ( pebbles ) that gradually increase in volume. Over time, the gallbladder becomes sluggish and the flow of bile into the intestine slows further . Calculations leave the gallbladder and get stuck in the channels, creating very painful crises. The only “solution” will be the removal of the gallbladder.

There is therefore a quadruple interest to worry about right now the function of your liver , if you have the above symptoms : you will prevent a host of diseases , your digestion will recover and you will be rid of all the problems caused by poor digestion of fats , and finally , you avoid crises gallstones and painful surgery.

Stimulate liver function and bile production

The first plant to consume is the artichoke .

The artichoke has proven to increase the production of bile , so much so that it is against property , in patients with biliary obstruction because stimulation of bile production could cause serious problems (2) .

Known since ancient times for its effect on digestion, artichoke in the composition of many traditional preparations to stimulate the production of bile in European medicine . The mid- twentieth century , Italians have isolated a compound from artichoke they named cynarin , which was used to stimulate the liver and gallbladder , as well as to lower cholesterol into the 1980s where cynarin was replaced by synthetic drugs .

What form to the artichoke ?
Traditionally, herbal products based artichoke were in the form of fresh or dried juice of the whole plant or various liquid or solid extracts leaves.

Nowadays , there are commercially available standardized to 5% cynarin and dry leaf extract tablets or capsules extracts .

According to a conducted with 454 subjects ( 3) test and a double-blind study with 244 patients on placebo (4 ), the artichoke extract ( 640 mg per day in two doses) relieves digestive discomfort related to malfunction of the gallbladder and liver.

Several other large-scale studies have shown that artichoke reduces digestive problems without causing side effects ( 5).

Eat bitter vegetables
The bitter substances , such as those found in the artichoke , chicory , endive , spinach, dandelion, arragula and milk thistle are used in herbal medicine to treat disorders of the bile.

This effect is generally attributed to flavonoids that these plants contain.

The problem is that the selected trade varieties are increasingly distorted , people are enjoying , or supporting more bitter as before.

You ‘re more likely , however, find traditional species not selected – and therefore more bitter – these vegetables if you buy in organic shop .

The extract of ginger root stimulates the production of bile
Ginger root is traditionally used to aid digestion . It is found in dozens of Chinese traditional prescriptions to compensate for effects of potentially toxic ingredients .

Ginger root contains monoterpenes , sesquiterpenes and gingerols which are antioxidants, thus helping the liver to do its job of breaking down toxins.

Experiments have shown that ginger increases the level of cholesterol 7 -hydroxylase enzyme, which stimulates the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids so it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and increases the production of bile.

I remember that ginger can be added to virtually any dish imaginable drinks. It is cheap , keeps for several weeks in the refrigerator , and you can , using a garlic press , put up everywhere. Its taste is very nice , fresh, and its virtues do not stop the production of bile ( more about that in a future edition of Nature Health Innovation) .

Get a little more bile
Well, these tips should help you to get more bile , if you need it . Your health and well-being will win on all fronts .