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Slurred speech , dark circles, bad breath … we must act
Slurred speech , dark circles, bad breath … The sad reality is that these evils never come alone .

People who are afflicted also suffer , in general, intestinal fermentation with gas and bloating of stomach after meals, of a yellowish complexion, nausea, headaches, hot flashes and insomnia , with clock between 1 and 3 am .

And that is not good : according to naturopathic approach , which aims to restore health by balancing the lifestyle, these signs indicate a lack of bile, which can have serious long-term implications .

Naturopaths offer natural solutions to stimulate the production of bile. Here they are . But first let me explain exactly what the bile.

Bile : an intelligent liquid and ” eco-friendly”
Bile is one of the most intelligent products produced by your body…..

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