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Of how to stay healthy and sexy by eating  healthy fruits and vegetables - powerpacked Publishing a series of foods that enrich your live in every angle - bu eating the correct foods.
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See recommended foods with Betacarotene, lead by sweet potatoes.

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The following illustration is there to make you aware who your heart really is. The most important organ of the body, we tend to ignore it.

All to often we take it for granted.

And we do not appreciate the hard labor it does for us, day and night, twentyfourseven - to name it by this epoche's language.

Watch carefully and you will appreciate your heart much much more. Remember this happens anywhere from 60 to 120 times per minute. This relates to 3600 to 7200 times per hour. ( when you workout this rate will be most likely even still higher.

heart in action

Yogurt with fresh lemon honey recipes intestinal wash.

The benefits of yogurt, honey and fresh lemon.

- Clears fat in small intestine. Bacteria in yogurt helps digest fat dairy. Sweet honey for microorganisms to grow. When eating yogurt, honey and fresh lemon juice 'wash' the intestine .
With the fat  and microorganisms that are beneficial to the body (if it lasts from 13.00 to 15.00 pm) will help small intestines produce and send to brain B12 Vitamins.
Eat at morning to lose weight. Colon cleansing in afternoon.

- If no honey use pecans instead. Oranges serve as replacement for lemons.

- People with diabetes can eat as well. Microbes devour honey before. Mixed with fresh yogurt, honey, lemon, leave it for 15-30 minutes to benefit microorganisms (growth) , then drink.  If eaten in large quantities will help flush the colon (500 cc).

Formulated naturally flavored yogurt ½ cup milk 1 cup honey 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon half.





A persimmon farmer and his harvest in Tang county, Hebei province. (Photo/Xinhua)

It is often advised that persimmon fruit should not be eaten on an empty stomach and a woman from Wuhan in central China's Hubei province found out the hard way after doctors found a persimmon stone the size of a bird's egg in her stomach.

The woman surnamed Huang, 24, began to suffer from a stomach ache the day after consuming several small persimmons on Oct. 7. After consulting with a doctor, she was surprised to find that she was prescribed drinking 500 ml of Coca-Cola twice a day. Three days later, Huang returned to the hospital and to her astonishment, the stone was no longer there.

"Patients suffering from stomach stones tend to increase in number during the persimmon harvest season in autumn," said Huang's doctor, Jiang Qihong. He added that Huang was the third patient to be treated with the condition this month. Discussing the unusual treatment of Coca-Cola, he said that the drink is only effective with younger patients. "The cure of the problem with the non-conventional method shows that Ms Huang still has a dynamic stomach," said Jiang.

Jiang explained that people who consume large amounts of persimmons take in excessive amounts of tannin and pectin, which would interact with stomach acid leading to the formation of a stone. Coca-Cola contains lemon acid and sodium bicarbonate, which together can dissolve a stomach stone layer by layer, a function facilitated by the inflation of stomach by large amount of carbon dioxide deriving from cola. He warned, however, that patients suffering from ulcers, heart problems, and diabetes must first seek guidance from their local physicians before undergoing this particular treatment.

Liao Jiazhi, a doctor at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, said that the unusual prescription has been in use following publication of a thesis by a Greek doctor surnamed Ladas in 2002. It is used mainly in treating plant-oriented stomach stones and the success rate reaches only 23.5%, although the consumption of cola can make stomach stones more vulnerable to pulverizing treatment using gastroscopy. Liao said that in some cases stomach stones can be treated with the assistance of gastroscopy, avoiding any possible side effect of the cola prescription, such as leftover pieces of stone attached to the inner wall of intestines.

Doctors note that stomach stones are formed mainly from the intake of plant ingredients including large amount of persimmon fruit, hair, or minerals, leading to the formation of alien objects inside the organ.




Kimchi is a traditional fermented food in Korea that contains various unique microorganisms. Diverse bacteria are involved in the process of Kimchi fermentation and the healthful advantages; one of the major species is Lactobacillus. We investigated whether lactic acid bacteria isolated from Kimchi (KLAB) are capable in reducing the intracellular lipid accumulation by down-regulating the expression of adipogenesis and lipogenesis promoting genes in differentiating 3T3-L1 cells.


The KLAB, Lactobacillus breivs OPK-3, mediated dose-dependent inhibition of adipocyte differentiation, intracellular triglyceride accumulation and glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GPDH) activity was observed. The expression of transcription factors like peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) γ and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) α involved in adipogenesis was markedly decreased by the KLAB treatment. The terminal adipogenic marker, such as adipocyte fatty acid binding protein (aP2), lipoprotein lipase (LPL), liver X receptor α (LXR α), leptin and GPDH were significantly down-regulated by KLAB treatment compared to untreated control. Moreover, cytokine genes, such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and interleukin 6 (IL-6) mRNA expressions level were also decreased, while adiponectin mRNA level was up-regulated by KLAB.



Radicchio is a garden vegetable of superior values. Whenever you come across it, make sure you try it. Even though its tast is slightly bitter, its value is phenomical.

Let us see radicchio 's nutritional benefits :

Amount per 100 grs serving :
Calories : 23
unsaturated fats : 0.1 g
saturated fats :     0.1 g
Cholesterol :         0  
Natrium :              22 mg

all other values are listed on the image below.



Take raddicchio as often as you can. If available consume. It belongs to the family of chicory.

The power of  Papayas

Read these articles on graphics below. No warranties but only advice. Much has been written about the powers of the papaya. Make sure when consuming use the traditional variety, not the green tiny ones. I can say from our won experience the original fruits contain much more enzymes than those grown in commercial farms with added urea fertilizer.

My close friend was a Homeopath. When he came to visit me here he told me one thing :
You live in paradise without knowing the advantages.
He consumed three ripe papayas (big ones) daily.
When he was back in his native Austria, he purchased the Brazil variety from the supermarket. His patients received it daily together with mostly mangoes and pineapples.  It was the same ritual all year round.

Many famous doctors from Germany and elsewhere came to seek his advice. It was funny sometimes to see a Mercedes 600 driving up with the head of a clinic or hospital coming to seek the advice of my friend.

They could not help their own family.

Do not underestimate the power of the papaya. It can make a difference if you follow the basic rules of nutrition. No alcohol, no coffee (my friend always mentioned coffee as one of the worst ), no animal protein ( animal proteins need enzymes to be digested ) .

More from my friend's knowledgebase.

If you have any questions please write to me. I'll be glad to answer it.

Read the articles below. 16 years after my friend's untimely death now the medical profession preaches what he proclaimed long ago. :

Papayas are good for you : ( CLICK FOR LARGE IMAGE )

Papaya factsPapaya factsPapaya facts
papaya facts


This article is from Berkely University of California. It highlights the powerful ingredients in Broccolis and Cabbage. Brassinin is the keyword here.
Some of the most powerful Anti cancer agents are right in front of us, and in powerful doses.

Surely it is wise to consume these vegetables on a daily base if possible.
Read more in the posted illustration below.

Images can be clicked for large view.

Broccoli and cabbage
Broccoli and cabbage
Broccoli and cabbage
Broccoli and cabbage
Broccoli and cabbage

The keyword here is INOLE 3 - CARBINOL , a powerful anti oxidant found in all cruciferous
vegetables, not only in above mentioned, but also in Brussels sprouts, Kale, Cauliflower, etc.

Read above by clicking illustration. ( 1 - 4 )


This is 100% organic non toxic recipe, as we all know normal shampoo
contain hash sulfates that will make hair dry and damage so this is the best way
to clean your hair weft without washing out the moisture.


Baking soda 1 tablespoon
warm water 1 cup
apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon
cold water 1 cup

Mixing baking soda in warm water
gently wash your hair weft in the mixture, then rise out with water

Mix apple cider vinegar in cold water, co-rise the hair and let it air dry for best result

This recipe also suitable for your natural hair but if you feel that
the smell of apple cider vinegar is strong you can dilute more in cold water
* Avoid silicone hair styling product that will make your hair weft greasy

POWER FOODS - Foods you should eat


cabbage infographic

2- Goji berries

Goji berries

power packed foods  - LINK UP HERE 

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