This is the recommendation of the late Tony Hornung :

Combat yeast :

Own remedy: P.H. improvement ; Increase alkaline levels ( p.h. 7.4 + ) by drinking alkalized water day in day out ; apply raw Basil ( rub it between palms then to afflicted areas ; take a sitzbath ( water level only up to below hipbone, not reaching hip complete, remain there 30 min ) ;

Stinging nettle, yarrow, horsetail  ( hand full each, water enough to cover as above ) soak tea overnight ; bring to boil next morning, turn off fire, leave for 10 min ) ; wash afflicted parts before entering sitzbath with a mild soap ( savon de Marseille, savon d’Aleppo, African black honey soap, not any of the cheap soaps obtained in supermarkets, rinse well ) ;

mix boiled tea and water in Sitzbath, remain seated for 30 min ) . Do not rinse after. Do that morning and evening. Food habits must change, sugars including wheatflour skipped ; Fruits and vegetables normal ) Increased yeast is mostly related to your weak immune system, white flour ( tertiary sugar) intake will negatively affect it.
Drink tea mixture 3 cups daily morning afternoon night – 1 Teaspoon (*mix yarrow, ladys straw, stinging nettle) , boil, leave for 3 min.drink when less hot.


No assurances are given, these are the recommendation by the late Toni Hornung. ( We follow his method and we found it worked. )

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