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Another Episode in Venice turned sour - Read on

At home an Elephant -  abroad a mouse' - Chinese adage
What could have come more fittingly than this scene,  in glorious ITALY. Land of gladiators, and would-be-gladiators alike. Land of beauty, and land of marvels.

Also I noted a new phenomen in Venice : Chinese entrepreneurs have discovered the city. Chinese restaurants offer chinese menus all over ; where once Italian pizzerias stood one can find now chinese restaurants offering a whole pallate of chinese menu. For those chinese food aficionados I recommend to get a copy of  : ' Chinese dish recipes - How to successfully order in a Chinese Restaurant ' :

Continuing our story : EMIRATES.COM took us to Venice on their newly inaugurated flight.  What may have been the cause of the human resource desaster, perhaps it was the new unproven route.


Human resources development, key factor in any company.

Was it not me, another person would have fallen victim to the ill-conceived information, treatment and action by the EMIRATES ground staff. The time : 12.35 PM on 19.11.2007.

Arriving  from Padova, ready to take the long planned flight to Dubai and Bangkok - (  commenced 2 months earlier in BANGKOK , capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Little did I know that this will be our worst nightmare ever at a check-in counter.

And I hold EMIRATES.COM responsible. They reached their target in  passenger levels because of loyal travelers like ourselves, plus innumerous other ones.

How much more would it feel, after flying years and years with the same EMIRATES and being a Silver Member of SKYWARDS.COM, their frequent flier program, one is embarrassed, and stressed, by an over-zealous, ignorant, embecile employee who is not qualified for this job ?

For, even reading the regulations, this employee and her colleagues, including her supervisor, unable to have a clear vision.

Agreeable, Airlines rules differ. However, within the framework of one Airline, such as EMIRATES, there should be no confusion.

A well planned journey starting in Bangkok was coming to an end. Ignorance, on part of the check-in staff, the ticket counter, her supervisor.

venice san marco

The check-in staff did not know, her colleague did not, and her supervisor did not. The ticket counter of EMIRATES was not only staffed by an embecile, short she was ostensibly disturbed.

She wanted me to buy a FULL FARE TICKET, (is this a marketing tactic of EMIRATES ??), nothing less.

Even checking my flight itinerary and consequent bookings were not in her capacity. She kept on informing me of my canceled booking. And I should call the SKYWARDS center in Dubai.

What the SKYWARDS center has got to do with our apparent denied boarding failed to catch my understanding. The ground check-in staff could not let me go. Big confusion at MARCO POLO AIRPORT.

I did not have a RETURN TICKET to Venice, no onward ticket from Bangkok.
Venetian culture may be known around the world. Venetian ignorance, and impoliteness - not to my knowledge till today. But this ? Unheard of.

The current immigration rule in Thailand is : for EU citizens : no Visa required, but no more than 90 days of stay within a 180 day period.

Now it was my turn to explain, that I fly to Thailand for over 30 years. My passport has all the records. I claim to speak the language and know the country well, having contacts on professional levels. And I know the rules.

The supervisor is called in. No return ticket, no fly. It gets better. Why did EMIRATES.COM Bangkok office not inform us about this regulation, when issuing us the return tickets in BANGKOK ? Don't know ?

San Marco

Venice San Marco

After countless attempts, the supervisor seeks clearance from DUBAI. Within a few minutes, the responsible in Dubai gives us the green light. The Manager apologizing, keeps insisting that it is not his fault, regulations.

Standing  stressed, I am handed an invitation to the Business lounge in Venice. A meager gesture to let the staff of the hook. They deserve a reprove, my complaint is justified.

Bangkok Immigration, never had any problems with Immigration laws in 30 years.

Because EMIRATES.COM Venice airport staff knows too much (or too little), much more than me. I sit on edges, hardly being able to conceal my agitation.  Thank you, Venice EMIRATES, you made my day.

Dubai eases my frustration, the Business class lounge is a heaven amongst Business class lounges worldwide. This is a fact and I would not go back on this statement.

Whilst the business class lounge is a five star establishment, the Venice Emirates office compares to a African cattle railway boarding facility. Only there would I have come across such individuals.

When I leave Dubai on the morning flight EK386, my calm has returned. I contemplate all does not make sense. The whole story is unreal, a fiction novel brewed by the imaginary yet naive mind of a solitary mind, having not the slightest idea of what Bangkok looks like, or how it ticks, moves.

Bangkok is not like any other city, a jewel on its own. The rest are myths, tales of the 'City of Angels'. Thirty years of continuous travel, on business and pleasure have taught me sufficient to unravel the mysteries of this gorgeous, exotic wonder.

It has NOT failed me in the past, I will not fail it. After 30 years the city still has not lost its spell, there are always new wonders to be discovered.


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