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Meditation part 2

- When posing in "double knot seating position", eyes viewing the tip of one's nose, one does not look around.
- With “eyes cast down, nose pointing to the mouth, and the mouth viewing one's heart”, one can control body and mind.

- Your waist must be straight, it should be a positive position, therefore one cannot bend down, neither Should the body be turned crooked towards the left, nor slanting towards the right.

- This vision is comparable to a bell, well stabilized, motionless, without swinging, not like a clock pendulum and shaking and swinging towards west and east.
- In double crosslegged seating position the posture only then conforms with meditation practices.

One begins the studies of imperial sacrifices - which the human mind is not familiar with.

- Whilst one's legs will hurt in such position, with the waist sore; achieving the inner peace makes the physical discomfort unimportant.

- One clenches his teeth in order to endure patiently for a while, as our nature never experienced this kind of phenomenon; “being seated for a long time in this manner is called the imperial sacrifice”.

- Only after one can achieve the blissful peace naturally induced by meditation.

Shaolin Temple News :

Illegal buildings around the Shaolin Temple have attracted public attention after local media reported that some temporary facilities were set up outside the temple and a construction site was established just 200 meters from the temple.

Shi said the Shaolin Temple did not construct those buildings. "If new buildings around Shaolin Temple were really needed, they must be approved by the authorities and built according to law so as to ensure that they are harmonious with Shaolin culture and Shaolin architectural style."

The building being built near Shaolin Temple was a canteen of the Shaolin Temple Scenic Spot Administration Bureau. The construction had been suspended pending government approval, said a spokesman for the bureau.

Other illegal facilities would be torn down, he added.

"No unapproved buildings shall be allowed in the vicinity of Shaolin Temple," said Guo Lei, head of the heritage preservation bureau of Zhengzhou City in central China's Henan Province, which administers the Shaolin Temple scenic spot.

Shaolin Temple, famous for Buddhist teaching and Chinese martial arts, was enlisted as world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

Great display of skills by Masters of Shaolin recorded by: AAE September 17th at the 
Shaolin Monastery, Henan, China 

Event : Masters of Shaolin, Shaolin Temple Henan, China 17-09-2010 | Cultural  
       Troups from Russia, China, Korea, France , and Japan | Grand display of  Dance,          Wushu,
Artistic skills | Acrobatics, Culture 

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