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Africasiaeuro sign <<<---- BRAZIL :  sad development : Brazil Belomonte dam construction From collection of VIDEOS taken in the African bush, and many other places. Today new : Bob Dylan - series of dreams, great Dylan song ; also : Walk off the earth -  New - Pink Floyd  concert 2005 reunion  - Rainer march - RAINER Marsch - My grandfather was a hero - he was highly decorated .. he fought in Piave, Isonzo, and the Dolomites on the Italian fronts .. check below .. Then on the last colum we added a video 'Cosas de la vida' of Eros Ramazzotti and Tine Tujrner, a classic song in duett by two great singers of our time. In fact I keep on coming here to see them again and again ...somebody I used to know - 26 Million hits and counting ; Procol Harum - Whitershade of pale - incredible music from the 70. This song in particular has always inspired me. I remember in my teenage years, Procol Harum staged a concert in Vienna. We hitchhiked 50 miles to see the concert, only to find all tickets had been sold out. So I never could make it to the concert. Also : Procol Harum : Conquistador . Thanks to youtube, all these titles can now be now readily viewed ! Great stuff, really. Also new : Led Zeppelin - House of the rising sun. (Yes it is Led Zeppelin not any other) - Also : Led Zeppelin : 'Stairway to heaven' , 'whole lotta love ... ' after all the years this song still rocks. ... Next new featured Base jump video - mad !!! check out : Men and his dogs. Incredible friendship between dog and men. All I want for Christmas, christmas videos. | music videos. Also included today  Jan 17th,  2012 - Bibie Brew - international singing star, amazing voice and performance. She is at home in Ghana, West Africa.

africasiaeuro music videos, music,  new music, dance music, are inspired by their ideas, hence there immaculate perfomance.  comments on Google profiles videos. Austrian music is played by Johann Pfuisi, on a accordion made from fir. Somehow I love this guy, Johann Pfuisi I recall the meeting in Graz when I interviewed him briefly. He was so full of confidence. A real 'Kaerntner bua'. 'The call of the reed' Duett Piano and Violin, played by gifted  Emerson Gene Videos about Thanksgiving .  


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