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Near death experience survey

Near Death Experiences in China – A Study of Survivors of the Tangshan

On July 28, 1976, the monstrous Tangshan earthquake caused more than 240,000
fatalities and 160,000 serious injuries. Medical workers in China did case
studies on the survivors, most of whom had been buried under the rubble of
collapsed buildings.

According to their recollections, more than half of the survivors reported
that during the time they were in danger, not only were they not afraid, on
the contrary, their minds were clear, calm and comfortable. In such a
dangerous situation, there was no panic; some people even had feelings of
happiness and thoughts running rapidly through their minds. Many different
thoughts came up. At this moment, things that had happened in their earlier
lives kept flashing back like a movie and the scenes were mostly happy ones.
The recollections were of such things as funny moments during childhood,
wedding ceremonies, and achievements and awards from work. This phenomenon
is called life retrospection or “full-scale recollection.”

Even stranger, close to half of the people had the feeling and awareness
that their consciousness or soul had left their bodies. Some of the people
equated this with “the soul coming out from the shell.” They stressed that
they had felt their supernormal capabilities were in another dimension
outside their bodies, and not inside their brains. They thought that their
physical bodies neither had these abilities nor the ability to think.

One-third of the people had the strange feeling of being inside a pipe or
passing through a tunnel. Sometimes, it was accompanied with loud noises and
the feeling of being pulled and compressed. They called it “the tunnel
experience.” Some people had the feeling of getting to the end of the
tunnel; they saw light and felt that “the light would come soon.”

About one-quarter of those surveyed experienced encountering incorporeal
beings, or ghosts. Most of these unsubstantial beings were their relatives
who had passed away. It was as though they had gone together to another
world and continued to live there. Or, they saw living friends or even
strangers. It seemed like a reunion. These “ghost-like” figures were
sometimes described as being in some sort of “light” form. Some people
looked at them as having been “transformed” according to concepts in

From the survivors of the Tangshan earthquake, inquiring researchers came up
with 81 useful survey interviews. They classified the experiences into 40
categories: looking back at one’s life, the separation of the consciousness
and the body, feeling of weightlessness, feeling strangeness in one’s own
body, feeling abnormal, the feeling of departing from the world, the feeling
of one’s body being united with the universe, the feeling of time’s
nonexistence, and many more. The majority of these people experienced two or
more feelings at the same time.

Although the survey of survivors of the horrible Tangshan earthquake
produced only 81 usable case studies of those experiencing near death
experiences, this is the most data collected among all the research on near
death experiences in the world. After their “return from death,” most of
these people remembered clearly their near death experiences even after ten
or twenty years. These research results from China are amazingly similar to
the surveys done by scholars in other countries all over the world.

Reference: Popular Medicine, Issue 5 (1993), Page 34-35, Shanghai Science
and Technology Publishing House.


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Dec 29

Visiting France we found a country engulfed in Holiday spirit

Holiday and festive spirit in France

French people take their well earned holidays serious.

During Christmas most restaurants and Cafes for example are closed. On 24th restaurants close around 06.00 p.m., and remain closed until 26.12. with only a few exceptions.

Christmas is a big event and is celebrated within family circles. Thus visitors find it more difficult to find eateries catering for their needs. I am speaking of rural France, not the capital Paris.\

It is well advised to stock up on essentials and provisions if you do not want to go hungry during these days.

After a day in Flavigny, famous town where the movie ‘ chocolat ‘ was recorded, we continued to the French regional capital of the Bourgogne, Dijon. Dijon is a historical city well worth a visit.

The cathedral of Dijon is a masterpiece of architecture, and is only surpassed by the magnificent ‘ Palais de Ducs de Bourgogne ‘.

The further one strolls, the more one finds masterpieces of medieval and renaissance architectural craftsmanship.

We advise to visit the Cafe de Industrie for some more moderate fare and good food, located around the market.

You also should try the ‘vin chaude’ or hot wine, served on all streets during this time.

Below some pictures of Flavigny and Dijon.


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Dec 12

Christmas in Paris and surrounding regions

Spending Christmas abroad – in France perhaps ?


Consider a trip to France and its countryside such as the Loire region. 200 km south of Paris is where you ‘ll find some treasures beyond your imagination. The only problem will be your French language skills, but this is easy once you move away from your stereotype rolling of tongue.

Think of French as a different language where one does not have to roll vocabulary in his or her mouth.



christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle

christmas in the castle











Nous visitons souvent la France et rester dans des auberges de style campagnard et châteaux.

We frequently visit France and stay in country style inns and castles.


read : “chateaux St. Sabine” on http://africasiaeuro.com/wordpress


For this Christmas, a number of beautiful options await you at the Loire region ( and other regions ).

Known for their magnificence, the castles of the Loire start brightening up at the time of Christmas.

“The splendor of their interiors and the romantic beauty of their gardens disclaim traditions of the holiday season. Christmas trees, decorations and sweets take their neighborhoods in theaters. Each site covers Christmas from a particular angle, and thus renews the enchantment. A great opportunity to discover castle life from a new day … stars in their eyes guaranteed!” so the ad goes.

Temple of the cultural excellence of the Renaissance and symbol of the prestige of the Court, the Royal Castle of Amboise revisits the arts and traditions of Nativity celebrations over time, especially between the sixteenth and nineteenth century period ‘occupancy.

The Royal House Gothic and Renaissance furniture is uniquely decorated. The visitor, amazed, (re) discovered with a child’s eyes the origins of the Christmas tree, log, balls …

A Christmas tree decorated with apples and recalls the genesis Christmas balls. The first Christmas trees were decorated with flowers and fruit, especially apples. But when the nineteenth century came drought and famine, a glassblower Moselle decided to make glass balls and crystal. She was born, divine Christmas ball.

Christmas celebrations in 2015 are under the sign of the Christmas table. Thus, in the hall of the Échanson a tablée showcases products favored by Francis. They are presented in earthenware and accompanied by vintage glassware.

For children of all ages, a reconstruction of the Standing amidst furniture showcases old toys, on loan from the Museum of Doll and Toy old Wambrechies (North). It highlights the evolution from the most primitive toys, such as bowling, to toys manufactured today. The visit reminded in passing that the royal children were themselves rudimentary toys.

Highlight of the visit in the Council Chamber, around the Neapolitan crib. Terracotta characters, dressed in precious fabrics, recount the religious traditions and secular scenes of life in Naples. A nice gesture to Amboise historical ties to Italy.

From 1 December 2015 to 11 January 2016. Comments and Christmas music with dedicated audio guide. Guided tours dedicated to the families of 26 to 31 December, 2015 at 14.30. Christmas shows for children on 23 and 26 December 2015 at 15:30.

source http://www.chateau-amboise.com/fr/events

And where will we be on Christmas – Let it be a surprise for you to come back and see our images and videos.

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays to all
à plus tard //

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Dec 10



Once you visit China, you will never be the same again. It goes with everyone – and it goes in both directions, south, or north.

You either love it – or you hate it.

Years ago I met a well to do lady from Bahrain, one of the well to do individuals, she went to China to purchase gift and promotional items for the Airline she was working for.

I recall her permanent rants about all the negative settings she encountered, and how she will never return back.

It does happen. We all perceive a country differently, its customs, its people mannerisms, locations, surroundings. Perception is the key here, you either find your new environment cool, or you dislike it.

She was living it up at one of the 5 star Hotels, the Gou Qi Da Sha, but yet it wasn’t good enough for her.
We tried to sober up, what was it she was not happy about? She relentlessly found problems with the people, the spitting habits, the dirt she perceived as a disgust.

It was of no use, we finally gave up.

We of course never stopped loving ( and hating ) this country of immense cultural depth, its beauty hidden in tucked away towns, its people being one of the most hospitable ever found on this globe.

And the friends we made are always friends.

The story goes on and on, and no matter how long and how often you visit this treasure of a country, one always finds something he has never before seen, or experienced.

The story is 20 year old, and it continues.

One of my wishes is, that I will always be able to continue to visit China, as long as I live.

Some Videos below from the far borders of China

This video is to commemorate my ascent to the Tibetan mountains in the region of Kham, some 3000 m elevation. It was with the help and assistance of Tibetan people I discovered this jewel. Tibetan monks are everywhere, and happiness and simplicity is the way of life here. I wrote a short book about this trip, which can be seen here : http://www.amazon.de/Heinz-Rainer/e/B00MNHJN9C

If you want to see more of our China, please visit our Album page on


or visit our YOUTUBE page :


Or photoshelter :


Nov 26



Here are some of the highlights, with videos and images from MILANO ITALY.

The fair has attracted thousands of new visitors and customers from all over the globe. We attended the fair and these are our impressions in graphic and motion.

This year ITMA showed innovations ( SEE : AFRICASIAEURO.COM

from reputable companies such as RIETER, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, and many more.




Sep 20

10 top youtube videos by africasiaeuro

Showcase of 10 most successful videos by africasiaeuro

The following are africasiaeuro s most watched videos :


Phad Thai – Thailand fried noodles



Teppanyaki Master Chef



Ghana sexy dancer



These pictures shown here are from someone close :
Photography of the Cote d’Azur :
  Stefans Instagram

 Stefans Instagram 

 Stefans instagram 

watch his instagram HERE


Today s youtube

Today s youtube

Today s youtube :

From top left to bottom right

1- Wintery road San Bernadino – Milano Highway

2- Shaolin Master performing Kata like pattern in Gym

3- Gold plating artist preparing Buddhist art

4- Food processing machines : Oil Expeller

5- Thailand rice fields Ayudhya

6- Khao Yai Park Thailand

7- Taekwondo in Vienna Oberlaa

8- Africa s Bush

9- Drive in Nice Cote d’Azur

10- Mango Farm Ghana

11- Hunters in Africa



youtube aheneghana
youtube aheneghana
youtube aheneghana
youtube aheneghana
aheneghana youtube
aheneghana youtube
youtube aheneghana
aheneghana youtube
youtube aheneghana

youtube aheneghana
youtube aheneghana

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A train crossing in India

A Train Crossing, Kanpur, Utar Pradesh, India

http://www.articlesbase.com/exotic-locations-articles/a-train-crossing-kanpur-utar-pradesh-india-140381.html” title=”A Train Crossing, Kanpur, Utar Pradesh, India”>

A Train Crossing, Kanpur, Utar Pradesh, India

0600 Airport Mumbai. I made it in time, driving from the Hotel in Worli. Mumbai is one of the largest cities on the globe and leaves an unforgettable impression behind.

In daytime the streets are bustling with activity, the stench of car fumes, the ever present pollution, the traffic jams, are all but pleasant surprises in this overcrowded city.

Jet Airways, always late, Modi-Luft has just taken off to an unknown destination, I observe the frantic activities inside the airport. People rushing, uplifting their Ego in front of the Airline counters, a normal sight in Indians airports.

Everyone is a Tycoon, everyone displays a show of force to attract attention. In a country of 1,3 Billion, a vital technique of survival.

After a mere 3 hour delay our plane finally takes off, in India 12 hours delays are common. The plane is a 737-300 extended version, on the way to Lucknow, U.P.

En route we touch down in Delhi, taking on new passengers. We reach Lucknow airport arolund 3PM. My contact in Kanpur has not shown up.

Lucknow airport is not an International airport, its facilities are limited. Bring your own Rupees, there is no Bank to change your foreign currency. Taxi touts swarm around me,

Hello Sir, Taxi to Lucknow Sir. I decide to wait show lack of interest. I will only gain using this tactic. When all the passengers have left, after haggling with their drivers, I walk out of the terminal and find quietly a Fiat cabby, who agrees to take me to Lucknow for a decent fare.

After years in Africa I find the same rules apply here when it comes to negotiating. I ask to stop at the first communication center, ISD, or IDD telephone center, to call my contact.

It appears the driver would not come and instead he asks the Cabby to take me to Kanpur, 150 km from here. The first impression of Lucknow is, a market with street side shops in which Sarees are being sold.

The craft of Saree making here is known throughout India, and represents an important part of business. We pass the streets of this city, the usual scenery with cows strolling through the streets, people respectfully giving way to them. Nobody would touch a cow here, a clear taboo.

Donkey carts, with the driver asleep in the carts, are plying the route towards Kanpur. The immense afternoon sun radiates 45 degrees I notice by a thermometer located on a public building, no surprise to me.

After 3 hours drive we reach Kanpur, my destination. The driver takes me to my hotel as instructed, after paying the fare, which is reasonable I am shown into my room.

Thirty storey tall, the hotel is the best lodge in the city, and stands out from the low level buildings around. I notice the large numbers of kites circling above the hotel, using the thermals to their advantage.

Still the afternoon sun is high, the air condition helps me to cool down a bit. At 18.30 PM I am to meet Mr. Rakej the rep of the company who I will visit.

A very pleasant man, he apologizes for the inconvenience of not being picked up. We leave for dinner in his car, the obligatory Fiat, in immaculate condition.

Kanpur – The Railway crossing We pass through the now darkened city, as everywhere we see whole families moving by scooters, bicycles.

Cars are still a luxury here, the traffic mainly consisting of scooters and bicycles, and by passers on foot. The heat now subsiding, Mr. Rakej explains the various sights of Kanpur, its history. We enter the restaurant, and the following dinner is a delight. The baby Naans (tiny flat breads baked in the Tandoor), Navratan Khoorma, (Nine Jewels), Rogan Josh (Lamb Stew), various Indian dishes I savour frequently.

If one thing strikes me of India, it is their cuisine. The Indian kitchen is one of the best this world has to offer.

A visit of the famous Hindu temple in Kanpur is on our next Agenda. The temple is known amongst Hindus for its unique design . We reach the railway crossing, just when the barriers move down, accompanied by loud ringing of the warning bells. People rushing through the barrier, lifting up to pass, crossing from both sides of the tracks.

No one cares about the oncoming train, as Mr. Rakej explains, each year people are being killed by trains. As the minutes pass on, and no show of reduction of human traffic across the rails follows, I am getting anxious. Yet the people still no sign of stopping to cross.

The tracks are now vibrating, the trains whistle blowing hysterically, not far, there, one motor scooter with family, man, woman and child, cross with their scooter. I want to close my eyes, and there yet another type with a bicycle enters the danger zone. Then, in a flash the train speeds through the crossing, at great speed, well over 120 mph.

I can”t see a thing in the dark, almost I am certain those people have been hit by the rolling train, well over half a mile long. When it is all over, the train has passed, I notice the bicyclist, who holds his bike across his chest, as he stood there, only inches away from the train’s carriages. An unbelievable experience, one thing will stay in my memories forever.

I was breathless so to speak, not being able to comprehend the situation. Yet, my guide was unimpressed, noticing this is an everyday experience with the resulting consequences for those who can”t make it.

If something ever struck me about this country, it must have been this incident. The feel of Kharma ever present. The show of disrespect for life is over, we carry on to see the biggest Hindu temple in Kanpur.

White marble from the onset, every one removes his shoes, and I am thinking if I should leave my pair of Moreschis or not.

The temple entrance is a haven for rats, these rats are everywhere in here, crawling and running around in masses. The temple honors rats, they have a sacred status and are fed and looked after by the temple”s keepers.

Donations are accepted for their upkeep. Apart from the rat infestation, the temple is a complex of marvel. Built to the highest standards, with no expense spared white marble throughout, I look stunned. In contrast to the outside world, the Kanpur temple represents the most lavishly built structure I have seen. The stark contrast of everyday poverty visible is amazing.

And as it is Friday night, people are streaming to pray, lighting their brought incense. The scent of exotics, the scent of India is all present wherever you go. Mr. Rakej has completed his prayers, and we leave, the impressions linger with me till this day, and Kanpur will be in my memories forever.

A travel to India, by HR. Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/exotic-locations-articles/a-train-crossing-kanpur-utar-pradesh-india-140381.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #140381)’, ‘Train crossing in Kanpur, U.P. India’, ”, ‘publish’, ‘open’, ‘open’, ”, ‘train-crossing-in-kanpur-u-p-india’, ”, ”, ‘2010-10-30 10:21:25’,

Sep 12

The Google appengine challenge

Talking about Google s appengine

More like : How do I remove Google appengine from my system – if I don’t need it any longer ?

First of all – let s be fair – these guys at Google know their stuff. Of course, it will be their job to make sure what they give you is something worthwhile to work with.

After working with Google s appengine for over 2 years now, I can say this : It s a clean peace of tech supremacy app – that can enhance your possibilities and development skills to unlimited skies – bludenzia

But what happens if you decide you don’t want to remove it ? ( As a developer you won’t want to ).

I tried to do just that and – it was not an easy task. To start off – I used windows uninstaller feature.

This is what I came across :

  • Uninstall went smooth
  • When checking the Program files folder I found all original appengine files were still present.
  • It was impossible to remove these files. I took to change their property structures ( – R -A ) , nothing worked
  • Went to registry – searched out google appengines keys DWORD, etc. – removed them. This too did not change. Google uses the legacy keys and once you shut down and reload – all keys and values reappear.
  • It proved a tough nut to crack. But finally I came through with a method that worked.
  • So if you have a problem and want to remove a file or folder deeply nested on your system, there is one method that works seamlessly clean.
  • One needs to work around windows here in order to be able to do just that.

I want to hear from GOOGLE S TECH savvy to get clean on this. Let me know what you propose.

Surely there must be a reason why you guys don’t want us to remove the appengine I guess.

Whatever, however – we call you Google geniuses for a reason.

Will elaborate on this subject later again.




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