Bibie concert on 16.7.15 at NEW MORNING ART CAFE

We wish to inform of Bibie s concert on the evening of 16.7.2015 at her NEW MORNING ARTS CAFE THEATER.

We would express our utmost and sincerest thanks for being able to be part of such a great performance that evening.







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On a wing and a prayer, Freetown, Sierra Leone

On a wing and a prayer, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Meetings have passed with ease, we are pleased with the arrangements made.

Return flights to Accra from Freetown are once a week, we opt to fly out on a Sunday. The weather has been moody, in Freetown it rains every day, the clouds are hanging low over the foamy sea. Last nights dinner was sumptuous, as always, the quality of food outstanding considering the location and the time. Credit to the Italian Management Paolo, and his girlfriend and the fact that we have the right contacts.

Late night we are informed that the Hovercraft is non-operational, and we must fly with a local commuter plane departing Hastings airport to Lunghi International. Also we are informed that the rooms are all fully booked, so we have no choice but to leave. Military personnel from all over, U.N. UNHCR, Peacekeepers, High ranking officials from OAU, CIA, Mercenaries alike, all are lodging at the Cape Sierra, a somewhat funny arrangement, yet without choice. Cape Sierra is the only foreign run Hotel in war torn Freetown.

Early morning we move, after breakfast we say goodbye to our friends, and move with the Car provided by the Hotel.

Hastings airport is about an hour drive from Cape Sierra, we pass the U.N. Security barrier, the OAU barrier, slipping through devastated Freetown in the middle of misery and carnage that befell this city.

We can see houses destroyed, tin roofed buildings in desolate condition, people without hope. Yet somehow, life goes on. Talking about it brings back memories that are not at my top list. I try to forget the kids without limbs, but somehow the sight keeps coming back.

A pity to see small children in their misery, for what ? Power, greed, money. Same story happens today in another part of this planet, without making direct reference.

When we reach Hastings airport, the rains pours down in full force. Nigerian OAU troops are guarding the airport, their Captain shaking our hands, welcoming us. We sit down on a wooden makeshift bench, one hand holding our valuables in an attaché case, the other bag with our necessities.

We are told the plane coming from upcountry is due to arrive shortly and will take us to Lunghi  Int’l. I wonder, with a visibility of 50-100 meters, the clouds so low that you can almost touch it, it needs a special Pilot skill to land in such weather.

Although the ILS is working, the Pilot cannot see the tarmac till he almost touches down. We are conversing with the Captain about the war and its repercussions on the civil population. One thing that strikes me is the explanation that behind all the carnage in Sierra Leone is one man, Charles Taylor.

He supplies arms to the main rebel leader Fodeh Sankoh and his URF United Revolutionary Front in return for Diamonds, which both should make them rich.

However, for every  seller there must be a buyer. And I know that De Beers has its offices in Freetown, throughout the war. We can debate the negative ness of this, but one thing is sure, that I won’t buy anymore diamonds for anyone as long as I live.

We hear the distant rumbling of a planes engine, a turbo prop twin of Czech origin drops out of the sky, lands safely, taxiing to the main tarmac.

Hastings  is  a small airport, we can follow all the movements precisely. We grab out bags, and walk towards the parked plane, to take a ride to Lunghi.  Njet, Njet says the Russian pilot.

No way he flies again in such weather. We stand like paralyzed, trying to convince him to take us. The OAU Captain does its best, to no avail. The guy remains stubborn, nothing will make him move this plane again today. as long as the clouds hang so low.

We glance at our watches, the time close to 11.00 AM, our Ghana Air flight departing at 13.00 PM from Lunghi.

We are sitting on needles, I turn to the Nigerian Captain, asking him if they have choppers stationed here. He nods, but says he can’t ask them to take us. I say: ‘Come on, help us, if we can’t leave today, we won’t be able to leave till another week’. He moves away to see what he can do, but returns with resignation, no way.

I do not know what happens on this day, except that somewhere some angel must guard over me, for in about 20 minutes I hear the distinctive whirl of a chopper, a large Transporter or fighter, we cannot see because of the fog.

It comes closer and gets louder by the second, then the craft slips out of the sky like the twin before it, I notice the distinctive marks of a MIG 8. The MIG rolls along the runway, turns towards the Hangars, its Rotors spinning in near half throttle, anyone would know he does not stop here.

Our Captain gets into action, runs towards the monster, now turning its tail 30 degrees towards us, the Captain exchanges a few words with the pilot who opens his cabin and leans out. A mighty white, hairy arm waves towards us, come on and hop in, the Captain now running back towards us, waving us to hurry up. Needless to say, we grab our bags, and run with our business attire towards the chopper.

The captain receives a buck from us for his troubles, and advises us to tell the Pilot that we love Cuba. We reach the chopper, after waving goodbye to the soldier who helped us, and we are both helped into the vibrating aircraft, its Rotor blades now picking speed we can hear the from the turbines sound.

The Interior is a junk yard and a warehouse, two machine gunners with heavy submachine guns guarding both entrances, open door, we lift off almost instantly.

Flying very low over the Mangroves that occupy the are between Hastings and Lunghi, I wonder what it would be like to make a hard landing in this waters below us.

I have time to study the interior, they carry supplies to the troops, from rice in bags, to toilet paper rolls, all is stuffed in the craft, and so are civilians who are sitting in the back. I am amazed to see how much stuff goes into that craft. Vibrating, with the gunners watching carefully the Mangroves below, we fly towards our destination, a mere 10-15 minutes ride, our lifeline to the outside world.

And when we reach Lunghi, I see the Ghana Air F27 approaching and land on the runway. The Pilot moves the MIG to a close area near the main building, and we thank him, amidst the noise jumping out of the aircraft, and running to the main building.

The departing passengers give us a curious look, because from where we come not other passengers appear. Immigration, Customs are passed quickly, leaving our last Leone, the main currency. The plane meanwhile has parked and we are the first, occupying seat Nr. 1 + 2 in the front. I recognize another friend who is a member of the security forces of Ghana, accompanying the plane from Banjul, Conakry, Freetown on to Abidjan and Accra.

Long after taking our seats, the plane has taken off, I realize how fortunate we are, for if this chopper hadn’t taken us we would be still waiting for another week in this forsaken place, but with uncertainty where to sleep, as all the rooms are booked out. We sip on our welcome drink and try to relax.

In the news a week later we hear that Freetown  has been overrun by the Rebels again, and we know that the favorite place of the rebels is the Cape Sierra Hotel, the Hotel staff explaining to us whilst we are there. If this is not luck, then what is….

We thank those brave soldiers of the Nigerian peacekeepers for making our return possible, to the Pilot of the MIG; and I pray for those children who lost their arms, that they will find a somewhat normal life again.

It remains a vague hope though, because one can imagine what it means to live without his right or left hand, or both. God bless those who can.

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Austria, County of Burgenland, Uchatius Barracks

Austria, County of Burgenland, Uchatius Barracks

Robotic like, we stumble to our feet, daily routine, our limbs sore from strenuous exercise. Tuck your bed, grab your rations, gear, equipment, all ready for the longest march to the alpine glaciers.

Prime mountainous region of the Wechsel, training ground for the Austrian Army. 07.30 sharp our trucks begin to roll. The drive takes about 2 hours, and we reach our destination, Mariensee.

The captain, Walter Lukesch gives instructions to his junior charges and off we go, right from the start its up the mountain, through dense pine forest, firs. We continue in a sharp pace, one after another, zig – zagging along the mountaineers trail.

Within half an hour we all feel the tremendous efforts it takes to carry near 20 kg of Alpine gear, rifle, helmet, and personal supplies up a steep trail. The Hauptmann is a powerhouse and pulls the company along the trail, without the slightest hesitation.

Whilst carrying the heavy radio equipment on his shoulders, he has no back gear, unlike us.

Our panting becomes unbearable, the speed of the ascent is almost barbaric. Well into 2 hours, our first victim of exhaustion collapses on the steep trail, the company for mates and takes cover like in real wartime situations, we are on maneuver after all.

Here, in the alpine wilderness, no sound can be heard except the occasional song of a cuckoo, and the mountain buzzard.

Whilst we welcome the unscheduled rest, we are concerned about our colleague who collapsed because of exhaustion. And we know the worst is still ahead of us.

The captain shoulders our colleague’s backpack onto his chest and off we move to higher grounds. Up and up and the lower parts hardly visible through the dense forest. Within minutes, Herr Lukesch has out walked us and we have problems to keep up the pace. With a double weight to carry he shows no sign of the slightest exhaustion. His stamina is unequivocal.

When we finally reach the top, and the trail goes on a less steeper slope, we are instructed to carry our chemical masks. We nearly suffocate under the rubber mask, the sweat runs down our faces.

Nobody has time to think about his own misery, we all are tired and worn out, finally the command to remove the masks is given.

At the time we were angry, frustrated and saw a beast in our Hauptmann. But we knew, he was doing his part to turn us into real Soldiers, nothing short of it.

Long after, well into the afternoon we reach our summit, the highest point in the massive glacier. When we pass the first masses of snow, the Captain forbids us to drink the ice cold water that emerges from under the ice bed. The risk of contracting pneumonia was not a welcome thought, and we observed, although with difficulty, his instructions.

The first stop is after the peak, we are taking a break of 30 minutes.

From here the trail now points downhill, through harsh landscape above 2000 meters altitude. Alpine meadows will harbor cattle in summer, but stand empty now in early spring.

The “Feistritz Sattel”, a pass between two mountains comes into our view, still far away. We know there are still hours till we finally reach our target. After reaching the town of Trattenbach, the trail steepens again and we take a final onslaught to our day’s destination, unknown to us.

The mountain ranges around us, the view towards the glacier we have climbed, we notice how far we have come. All around us beautiful nature, un spoilt, untouched by humans.

Towards 18.00 PM finally we come to a standstill, the Hauptmann giving us lectures about the final days of World War II when Storm troopers of the Nazis defended this last stronghold against Russians invading from Hungary. Tracks where once rails were laid, up here in the mountains, carrying ammunition to the heavy Artillery positioned up here. The Well built, the entire command post, did it nothing to stop the Russian Army to finally enter this last area of Nazi Germany.

We assemble to take instructions for the night camp, preparing our tents, logging fires and start the night watch. We are amidst fir trees, above a mountain stream where we fetch our water.

Finally, we take over the night watch in turns of 2 hours, and relax on the forest ground, separated only by a thin sheet of plastic from the wet undergrowth.

To be continued ..

Next : Kummerbauerstadl / Trattenbach / Lower Austria County

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Near death experience survey

Near Death Experiences in China – A Study of Survivors of the Tangshan

On July 28, 1976, the monstrous Tangshan earthquake caused more than 240,000
fatalities and 160,000 serious injuries. Medical workers in China did case
studies on the survivors, most of whom had been buried under the rubble of
collapsed buildings.

According to their recollections, more than half of the survivors reported
that during the time they were in danger, not only were they not afraid, on
the contrary, their minds were clear, calm and comfortable. In such a
dangerous situation, there was no panic; some people even had feelings of
happiness and thoughts running rapidly through their minds. Many different
thoughts came up. At this moment, things that had happened in their earlier
lives kept flashing back like a movie and the scenes were mostly happy ones.
The recollections were of such things as funny moments during childhood,
wedding ceremonies, and achievements and awards from work. This phenomenon
is called life retrospection or “full-scale recollection.”

Even stranger, close to half of the people had the feeling and awareness
that their consciousness or soul had left their bodies. Some of the people
equated this with “the soul coming out from the shell.” They stressed that
they had felt their supernormal capabilities were in another dimension
outside their bodies, and not inside their brains. They thought that their
physical bodies neither had these abilities nor the ability to think.

One-third of the people had the strange feeling of being inside a pipe or
passing through a tunnel. Sometimes, it was accompanied with loud noises and
the feeling of being pulled and compressed. They called it “the tunnel
experience.” Some people had the feeling of getting to the end of the
tunnel; they saw light and felt that “the light would come soon.”

About one-quarter of those surveyed experienced encountering incorporeal
beings, or ghosts. Most of these unsubstantial beings were their relatives
who had passed away. It was as though they had gone together to another
world and continued to live there. Or, they saw living friends or even
strangers. It seemed like a reunion. These “ghost-like” figures were
sometimes described as being in some sort of “light” form. Some people
looked at them as having been “transformed” according to concepts in

From the survivors of the Tangshan earthquake, inquiring researchers came up
with 81 useful survey interviews. They classified the experiences into 40
categories: looking back at one’s life, the separation of the consciousness
and the body, feeling of weightlessness, feeling strangeness in one’s own
body, feeling abnormal, the feeling of departing from the world, the feeling
of one’s body being united with the universe, the feeling of time’s
nonexistence, and many more. The majority of these people experienced two or
more feelings at the same time.

Although the survey of survivors of the horrible Tangshan earthquake
produced only 81 usable case studies of those experiencing near death
experiences, this is the most data collected among all the research on near
death experiences in the world. After their “return from death,” most of
these people remembered clearly their near death experiences even after ten
or twenty years. These research results from China are amazingly similar to
the surveys done by scholars in other countries all over the world.

Reference: Popular Medicine, Issue 5 (1993), Page 34-35, Shanghai Science
and Technology Publishing House.

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Heurigen Hecher 100 years old Heuriger #Sooss Lower #Austria

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Nice Notre Dame
Nice Notre Dame

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In Kuala Lumpur trafen sich beide

; heute sass man gemuetlich bei #lugnercity #wien #vienna #Austria . was fehlte war nur noch #richardlugner und sein Spatzi.

Nice Notre Dame
Nice Notre Dame

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Nice #Notredame our dame #Nice #cotedazur #southoffrance

Nice Notre Dame
Nice Notre Dame

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Cuneo #italia #piemonte #world_shotz #ig_italia #Italy #europe #cuneo

Nice Notre Dame
Nice Notre Dame

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U4 Bahnhof Hütteldorf Turkis Kebab Stand

U Bahn Hütteldorf, ‘ TURKIS ‘ Kebabstand

Um die Sache richtig zu erfassen braucht es einiger Erklärung :
In Hütteldorf gibt es das ‘ Park and Ride ‘ der OEBB, was ich als sehr gut empfinde.

Am anderen Ende des Ganges vom Parkhaus steigt man hinunter zur U Bahn Station U4 und eine Stufe weiter zu ‘ TURKIS ‘ , dem Kebabstand.

Am Abend des 8.2.2015 dachte ich an ein ‘ Döner ‘ das ich im Shop selber konsumierte. Meine Frau wollte 2 Falaffel welche ohnehin so ausgetrocknet waren das man sie kaum essen konnte.

Das eigentliche Problem war : Ich sah das rosa anmutende Fleisch des noch rotierenden Döners (Huhn- Hühner) und war etwas besorgt als der Abhauer vom Dienst dieses herunterschnitt.

Ich schlug jeden Gedanken der Eigen Warnung in den Wind und aß den Döner dennoch.

Was sich als Fehler herausstellte, denn die Nachwirkungen waren unvorhersehbar.

In 3 Monatigem Vietnamaufenthalt, China mit eingeschlossen, hatte ich nicht mit solchen Problemen zu tun.

Der Döner war kontaminiert, die anhaltenden Magen Darmprobleme waren klar in Richtung Salmonellen definiert

Ich lebe seit 35 Jahren in Afrika, und solche Probleme gehören zu unserer alltäglichen Routine, deshalb bin ich für solche Fälle gerüstet.

Somit therapierte ich sofort mit Azidophilus ( Pro Biotische Kapseln ) 3 x 1 – 3 x pro Tag. Und ich hatte wenig Glück damit. Es half nicht viel, die Magen Darm Probleme waren nicht gelöst.

Nach 3 Tagen kontinuierlicher Diarrhoe begann ich mit der Einnahme von Ciprofloxacin 500 mg, einer Antibiotika die in Fällen von Typhus und  Para- Typhus indiziert ist.

Erst nach dieser verbesserte sich der Zustand in 2 Tagen, und die Symptome ließen nach.

Es ist dies eine klare Warnung dem Kebabstand in der U Bahn Hütteldorf fernzubleiben.

Ich habe eine Erklärung dafür wie sich Keime in dem Döner vermehren. Das Döner steht mehr oder weniger den ganzen Tag im Shop. Die obere Schicht wird gebraten, die unteren Schichten werden nur erweicht. Falls den ganzen Tag wenig verkauft wird, steht der Döner mit seinen 15 kg Hühnerfleisch und verkommt langsam.

Die Leute die ihn Anfangs essen haben keine Schwierigkeiten, die zuletzt sind großer Gefahr ausgesetzt.

Meine Anweisung an die Gesundheitsbehörden :

Bitte in Hütteldorf U Bahn 4 Station ‘ TURKIS ‘ Proben des Döners am Grill zu entnehmen und nach Keimen untersuchen

Die Keime sind im inneren eher auffindig zu machen als außen.

Das Gesundheitsamt Magistrat Penzing muß sich mit diesem befassen, da es sich um eine schwerwiegende Verletzung der öffentlichen Gesundheit und Hygiene handelt.

Wir sind seit dem Vorfall mit den Behörden in Verbindung.

Nach 35 Jahren Afrika und Asien haben wir in Wien noch kein Restaurant entdeckt das uns vergammelte Ware verkaufte, bis auf den ‘TURKIS’ Döner in Wien Hütteldorf.

Unser Rat : Bleibt fern von dem Kebabstand bis sich die Behörden damit befassen. Falls wir nicht versiert währen, hätte dieser Zwischenfall einen Spitalsaufenthalt Folge gehabt.

Ich bitte die Gesundheitsbehörde aufdringlich hier raschestmöglich einzuschreiten.

Wien, 19/2/2015
Heinz Rainer

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Winter time in Austria, Vienna.
Some winter scenes here for you.

Winter Vorarlberg
Winter Vorarlberg


Vienna Mariahilferstrasse
Vienna Mariahilferstrasse


Vienna Staatsoper
Vienna Staatsoper


Cafe Sperl Vienna
Cafe Sperl Vienna


Musikverein Wien
Musikverein Wien


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