French taste of peacocks

French taste

During the French revolution lots of atrocities took place in and around France.
During the height of the reign of Robespierre and his other henchmen the river Seine
turned to red from the blood of all its victims.

He was a bloodthirsty savage, and it was only just that he ended up the same way like his victims.

This is a picture of what happened to the royal pen of peacocks during the initial days
of carnage.

french peacocks during the revolution

More to follow

National Park Tuscany

Tuscan National park

Tuscan National park


Italy : Sassalbo, April 15, 2014 – Easter surrounded by nature and the early spring sun. In the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, visitor centers, shelters, and many restaurants are used to set the tables, offering products of great quality. There are many opportunities for families and groups with children: from Ligonchio, the Water and Energy is open to the public. In Cervarezza Adventure Park Cerwood you can work with enthusiasm.

This year, the real news is that Cerwood is pleased, in addition to numerous new games, to host one of the educational activities of the National Park Apennine, Dedalus. This project, sponsored by the National Park stems from the assumption of finding innovative solutions to disseminate information, raise public awareness on biodiversity, natural heritage and nature conservation.

There are 4 different proposed trails:

  • the bush
  • the beach
  • the lair of the wolf
  • and the maze of trunks.

Four different ways to observe nature: enter and pass the forests as only he can do a wild boar; or crawl like a rat snake in the labyrinth of logs; identify with a squirrel or a bird looking at the forest from the top of a tree, and finally enter the lair of the wolf to know him better. The guided activities will start from 10.30 am to Sunday, April 20 to continue throughout the day.

Reservations Tel. 3484060500.

For individuals, families or groups of friends who will have the opportunity to discover the great biodiversity of the National Park; an area where you can expect the plants, animals, fungi, different environments, and to experience nature accompanied by atelieriste, environmental educators, hiking guides.

Best say it with pictures

Best say it with pictures

Telling long stories , writing endless lines won’t have the same effect as a powerful photo. No matter how, a pictures speaks a thousand words.

This is why we are on instagram, which we feel is the best media to communicate to like minded people.

So hear our next part, of many to come :






Nicecotedazur1 instagram

Nicecotedazur1 instagram social media

Since two years we have been regularly posting our photography on instagram.

We only found out that instagram is a superior medium to communicate with people by means of photography. And we have not been disappointed.

There are so many artists and photographic geniuses out there, those who tell their own story in form of photos. From all aspects of life, from every part of the globe, instagramers are there to proof their skills.

We have had many interactions and many followers since starting to post.

This is our first posting on wordpress regarding instagram. One noticable fact is Facebook made instagram into a powerful social machine. It was worth the effort.

We will post pictures of our own Instagram photostream as well as those of our friends we feel they deserve a coverage.

Enjoy some of the most delightful photography on wordpress.









Coffee talk

Everybody I know talk s coffee. Some can’t imagine to get up without the sweet selling poison. Much so – there is a lot of controversy regarding drinking your cup of coffee. Talk about coffee, you need to watch certain rules.

If you drink daily more than two cups, you could run into trouble. Imagine your liver has to filter this sweet poison ( and other poisons ) from your bloodstream.

Let me reiterate this story to you. Somme months back in hospital I received a visitor from Korea.

The Neurosurgeon specialist is head of Neurosurgery in a government hospital in Busan Korea.

Though he came for another reason, he immediately went on educating all patients and visitors about the importance of water for the human body. One thing stroked me during his elaborations. He said ‘Newly borns are made up of 95 % of water. Later, this ratio changes. With the age of 50 contain 80 % of water, rest of solids.

What was his purpose of telling us all this. He wanted to point out the importance of water for the human body. And here is the reason of telling you this. He basically said, In order to cleanse your body, you would need to consume a six fold amount of water. In case of a cup of coffee therefore you would do well to drink 6 cups of water in order to flush out whatever toxins you have consumed.

He continued to introduce Acupressure to my limbs and vital spots and pointed out several weaknesses. Energized mineral stones were applied to sensitive spots and taped with surgical tape to stay in place.

These mineral stones energize the meridians for which they are applied. It aids the healing process and promotes wellbeing in general.


The importance of water has been publicized over and over. When examined the Surgeon asked me how much water I drank daily. And her comes the other problem : we never drink enough water. In my case, 3 liters of water daily are a must. You may need more or less, depending on your bodyweight.

Since I live in the tropics he kept on asking about the water form I drank. I insisted that we boil the water to keep it free from microorganisms (a feature one has to deal with in tropical and developing countries).

He was shocked to hear I boiled my drinking water. He explained to me if you water your houseplants with boiled water, they will succumb. How much boiled water I drank I can not even recollect. Simple things really, but with a huge impact on health.

Remember this : Do not boil your water. Filter if you have to, but do not boil it. There are lots of water filter available, more or less all contain an active carbon filter to purify drinking water.

So how about chemicals, pesticides and other toxic elements. Especially chlorine has been found a threat to health. So are other components in your ‘purified’ water supply.

Or perhaps we just drink tea, sodas, soft drinks, packed juice… and so on..

Stop deceiving yourself. You need water, pure water, not Pepsi, Coke, and the rest.

soft drinks dangers

soft drinks dangers

What can be done to improve your water quality

Mr. Park ( the Neurosurgeon ) explained how he adds value to water.

He uses a set of magnetized ceramic stones which he developed in a period over 40 years ( he is 76 ). These magnetized ceramic stones charge the water with energy. It sounds fantastic, unrealistic. I was a skeptic too. What changed my mind was when I saw the effect of the stones on the drinking water.

magnetic ceramic stones

magnetic ceramic stones

The ceramic stones are lowered into a jug ( 1 Gallon ) of drinking water. What happens next is tiny bubbles start to appear from nowhere, thus indicating the water is energizing. The stones are left overnight ( about 6 hours ) thereafter water is consumed.

Each time thereafter the stones are recharged by leaving them under sunlight for 6 hours. Direct daylight suffices.

Please come back to see the effect later. I will prepare a video for you to see.

So much for coffee talk today.

Enjoy your coffee.

But do drink your water.

Popcorn making

How to pop corn Chinese style

How to : In China cooking methods vary. This video was taken in Eastern Zhejiang province in China. It shows how an ancient machine produces real good snacks.
Watch the ‘explosive’ sequence, when the cast iron vessel is opened. Video by africasiaeuro youtube.

how to make

how to make popcorn

WATCH HOW TO MAKE POPCORN How to (watch on youtube)