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    21 Dec

    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays to all friends and wellwishers

    Once again we have reached a milestone – another end of a year.

    Christmas is a special time, and it has never lost its attractiveness.
    Christmas season is what we all remember – our childhood days – were special.

    And it should be this way. We have memories we carry with us for all our life.

    In this respect I wish – again – everyone a Merry Christmas, and a good New Year to follow !

    Merry xmas

    Merry xmas

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    05 Dec

    A year ago lady in Milan Italy

    Milan, Italy 2013

    One of our memorable experiences took place in Milan, Italy in November last year. Arriving from Nice we were late.

    Late night we decided to stroll from our Hotel to Milano Centrale, the main station of Milan. What we were to see was unprecedented, a true reflection of our times.

    Strolling beside the cafes within the perimeters of the Milan railway station, we noticed the hectic come and go of passengers; as well as all kinds of characters, different people, races, nationalities.

    An interesting view altogether.

    Time went by, and it was midnight, whilst enjoying our dinner time had slipped. One of the best restaurants is inside the railway station, with a large variety of foods, regional and other cuisine on offer.

    Lady of Milan

    It was then we noticed an odd – at first sight – looking female strolling past us. Her actions and behavior was noticeably different from all others. We were on our way out to seek rest, upon encountering her – I changed my mind.

    The lady of Milan had something – I did not know at first what – distinctively different.  She radiated a blend of grace, class, her wardrobe told of past glamor,  fame.

    Her movements were that of a Ballerina, a fairy maiden floating along the long passageways in an ice-cold waiting area.

    Her whole appearance was standing out; she  portrayed a personality of a different kind.

    Not normally easily taken in by appearances, this one was special – to me. It was as if I could understand her – she lived in a different world – without giving a damn about what people think of her.

    So I started filming her, watching her every move, and dances, actions. Most by-passers were only concerned with themselves, hardly noticing the special character that went on swaying in front of them.

    Our second thought was : What did this lady lead into her special looks and appearance ?

    The lady 0f Milan danced, swayed, gracefully,  skillfully, with passion, imaginary with her plastic bag she had slung around her shoulder, in which she carried a number of unidentifiable objects.

    Her once Stiletto style shoes were faded, one heel broken off, and yet she balanced  herself astonishingly through the large hall, ever so stylish and graceful, hardly noticeable by one.

    The video that ensued is that of the lady of Milan. She incorporates the time we are living in, perhaps a personality who lived her fame, and forgot time has overtaken her. She keeps on living in those days.

    Watch : The lady of Milan – Give her the respect she deserves. She was once a person of style. And it still is noticeable today.

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    • Today is Santa Claus day, 5th of December, 2014. This is the story of the “Lady of Milan”.
      We feel privileged to have met this lady, though she may never realize the impact she made on us. She is ‘ Our lady of Milan, Italy ‘.
      We wish her the best of luck for the future, our prayers are out for her.
      For god has its own ways, and we pray he will take care of her.
      Heinz Rainer
      Hanoi, Vietnam,
      Dec.5th, 2014

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    12 Nov

    Drupal page

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    30 Oct

    Brazil destroys Amazon

    What has happened till since we posted first about the Belomonte dam :  Google locator : 3.1158 , 51.7958


    Reposted from : http://africasiaeuro.com/wordpress/?p=1852

    Belomonte, Brazil, President Dilma :  All seems to point towards Brazil s president Dilma who gave her approval towards the all out destruction of the Amazon.

    We are following further developments on the ongoing destruction of the Amazon. We continue from “Brazil destroys Amazon” – Belomonte

    Fresh press by AMAZONWATCH Amazonian Indigenous Peoples Occupy Belo Monte Dam Site Amazon Watch, International Rivers, Movimento Xingu Vivo\

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | June 23, 2012

    For more information, contact:\r\nBrent Milliken, +55 61 8153 7009, brent@internationalrivers.org\r\nVerena Glass, +55 11 9853 9950, veglass@uol.com.br

    Altamira, Brazil

    Indigenous peoples affected by the controversial Belo Monte dam complex now under construction along the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon have occupied a coffer dam that cuts across channels of the river since last Thursday June 21.

    Warriors from the Xikrin and Juruna indigenous groups arrived from the Bacajá River and Big Bend of the Xingu River in order to occupy one of Belo Monte”s main dams and work camps, expressing dissatisfaction with the blatant disregard of their rights and the dam building consortium”s non-compliance with socio-environmental mitigation measures. The groups independently organized the action and are demanding the presence of the Norte Energia (NESA) dam-building consortium and the Brazilian government.

    The occupiers come from a region of the Xingu downstream of Belo Monte that will suffer from a permanent drought provoked by the diversion of 80% of the river’s flow into an artificial dam to feed the dam’s powerhouse.

    The indigenous peoples are outraged that promised actions by government-led Norte Energia  many of which constitute legal obligations of environmental licenses issued for the Belo Monte complex  have not been implemented. According to protest leaders, a program designed to mitigate and compensate impacts of the mega-dam project on indigenous peoples and their territories known as the PBA (Plano Básico Ambiental) has not been presented in local villages as promised.

    The protestors also claim that a promised system to ensure small boat navigation in the vicinity of the coffer dams has not been implemented by NESA leaving them isolated from Altamira, a market for goods and the main source of healthcare and other essential services. The interruption of boat transportation along the Xingu is expected to force indigenous peoples to open up access roads to their villages, provoking further pressures from illegal loggers, land speculators, cattle ranchers and squatters.

    According to the Xicrin and other indigenous leaders, the coffer dams at Pimental have already compromised water quality downriver on the Xingu due to siltation and stagnation, making it undrinkable and unsuitable for bathing. Norte Energia promised to install wells and potable water distribution systems in indigenous villages, but no such works have been carried out.

    The protestors at Pimental also point to the lack of legal recognition and demarcation of several indigenous territories in the area of influence of Belo Monte, such as Terra Wang Juruena do km 17 and Cachoeira Seca, all legal prerequisites for dam construction.

    The protestors camping out at the Pimental coffer dam on the Xingu are calling for immediate suspension of the installation license for Belo Monte.

    Text written by men assembled in the Bacajá village in the Trincheira-Bacajá indigenous territory declared:

    Stop this and let our river run. Let our boats navigate the river. Stop this and let the river run so that our children can drink and bathe in its waters. If they build this dam the river will become ruined, its waters will no longer be good. The river will be dry; how will we be able to navigate and travel?

    Let the river run so that our people can continue to hunt in the jungle so that our children and grandchildren can eat, so that the river runs freely and we can fish in the early morning to nourish our children.

    Our studies were poorly completed and now you speak of a dam. We do not like this. The Basic Environmental Plan [to mitigate social and environmental impacts] has not even begun to be implemented and they are already building the dam. We do not like this. We want this Belo Monte dam to stop once and for all! (Translation by anthropologist Clarice Cohn.) ..Bianca Jagger :


    This video was uploaded by @aldormgomes : \r\n”Quote : Gathering of more than 300 indigenous leaders from 18 different ethnic groups of the Xingu Basin with leaders of the Movement Xingu Forever Alive in the village  (MT) to discuss the impacts that the construction of Belo Monte poses to their livelihoods. United by the Xingu, join forces to resist the Belo Monte, marked by lawlessness in the licensing process and human rights violations.”

    Xingu Brazil people of the Amazon in peril on Twitpic

    Contact President Dilma : EMAIL

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    30 Oct

    Taiwan, Taipei, near City Hall

    Taiwan, Taipei, near City Hall, According to my friend An,  a super Steak House

    (Chinese : French – German good) English name : Fine Herbs google locator : 25.039931,121.562781 – worst of Taipei ‘s steakhouses Yesterday afternoon tested.

    Call this a major culinary disaster in Taipei. Telling all folks : Stick to the renowned Restaurants when you want to eat continental food, like T.G.I.F. which is good of value.

    Attempting to explore will land you where it landed me. Chinese people may have a taste for Chinese food, but Steaks isn’t necessarily within their range of expertise.

    So far the worst and most expensive place I have visited in Taipei. (Will go back to send you a photo to warn everybody) more on the disaster : techtravelnews

    culinary disaster in Taipei city hall – Fa – De – Hao – ” Fine Herbs ” – Steak house’




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    18 Oct

    The Mandarin ‘s jacket

    A mandarin ‘s jacket

    A mandarin jacket designed to help cheat in exams is presented by a collector in Laizhou, East China”s Shandong province, Nov 16, 2010.


    From a distance it is just a ropey-looking mandarin jacket, even on close inspection few would suspect it is really a specially designed overcoat for cheating during imperial exams, the highest-level exam presided over by the emperor, in the Ming Dynasty (1369-1644 AD).

    “It caught my eyes once I saw it at Mr. Ren”s,” said Mr. Song, the current owner of the jacket. “There are about 50,000 Chinese characters written on both sides, and the content is about ”The Four Books and Five Classics” (a series of Chinese classical works).”

    A 50-cent coin placed on the jacket shows eight characters huddled within the 1.5-centimeter diameter. “He even annotated in the context with much ado,” Mr Song added.

    “Generally it takes three or four years to complete this,” a staff member with the city”s museum told the journalist. “It is also the first time we find clothes used for exam cheating.

    “‘Cheating Mandarins’, ‘A mandarin jacket designed to help cheat in exams is presented by a collector in Laizhou

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    18 Oct

    The Ebola virus mutates

    The Ebola virus – Menace to mankind

    (part 1 – http://africasiaeuro.com/wordpress/the-ebola-virus-mutates/#comment-115 )

    What do we know, and what is being published – are two different things.

    For one – no government wants to create panic. Absolutely not. If this should happen, we are all going to be affected, at least indirectly – in one way or another.

    Reasons :


    • Travel – We all sit in waiting lounges, going to public bathrooms, crossing thousands of fellow travelers, and we sit – for hours – near a stranger in a plane.

    When I took the journey ( bit.ly/heinzrainer-kindle ) to the Ebola areas, I was not aware of imminent dangers. Somehow, however I had always a bad notion that the conditions encountered spell disaster.

    I entered the rain forest with two companions from the Western part of the Ivory coast ( North of Liberia ) and found horrific conditions, encountered dangers at every corner ( the book written – bit.ly/what-henry-africas-kindle ) .

    Since undertaken this journey my outlook in life has changed. I have noticed how precious life is . In the wilderness one ‘s life is worth nothing.

    Even in the 21st century people still live in the stone age, killing and devouring other fellow humans is not a fiction or tell tale, it is reality. Within the areas traveled to there are tribes that hunt for chimpanzees, or monkeys, among others.

    You may have read about ‘ bush meat ‘ consumption, the reason why Ebola has become so rampant. I won’t mention ‘fruit bats’, as they are even eaten in the capitals.

    There are many, many street and other food stalls near the road side, over land routes, that sell ‘ bush meat ‘. Bush meat is the preferred form of animal protein in Africa. Not only in afflicted areas, no, it is all over.

    One can see roasted Antelope ( Dykers, Bongos ), Guinea fowls, Frankolins ( partridges ), Togo hare ( wild rabbits ), wild Teal ( black wild duck ), Wild cats ( Africa civet ) , Pengolins and Armadillos( Chinese people are crazy for it), Servals, and – monkeys – including chimpanzees. ( It never was a surprise to me learning about the killings of the great apes – Gorillas.

    In northern parts people consume Elephants ( no two ways about it ), hunting them with poisoned arrows and follow the Elephant till it collapses. After that, the whole village will gather and cut off their junks of meat, carrying it back to the village, drying it (above smoking fires – some horrific conditions). Another delicacy is the African python and the Guinea viper. More you will read in my book. One never can imagine what I have seen – with my own eyes. (Hunting the African python is another harrowing story to tell)

    Now what can I tell you- the stories I can write about will keep me busy for the next 20 years. Harrowing tales from hunters will keep this subject alive. ( Below – hunters killed this beautiful young Bongo antelope, returning from the bush at dusk. )


    Hunters returning from the Bush


    Hunters in Africa

    Hunters in Africa


    • Risks – There are no risks ‘ they ‘ say for anyone – unless you come in touch with so called ‘bodily fluids’. Does this not sound familiar to you? Its bodily fluids. The virus can only be transmitted this way. I for one do not believe any of the crap I read in the media. I use other sources – from doctors on the ground, publications from the region, friends from the region affected, and publications from experts who are not biased or manipulated.

    Many of us believe the crap that is written by those journalist who get their fat payroll and are asked what to write in return. There are many such journalists that came forward, and their numbers are increasing.

    So what to believe and who to believe ? I think caution is the key here. Two days ago I spoke to a close friend in West Africa who told me: ( I relate exactly the words ) :

    “ We do not greet people as before. This means we do not kiss – pecks, hug, even shake hands is taboo now. We stay mostly indoors.” (And these are big time socialites, every party, each cocktail, and functions one can find them.) They are from the upper class society. So, in order to clarify, we know that precautions are taken within the areas in West Africa even where Ebola has not had appeared. Does this amount to fear, or unnecessary precautions? The people don’t think so. They practice safety.

    • What does the future hold – For one thing, I go according to my intuition. Read the publications coming from the stricken areas themselves. Doctors, Medecins sans frontiers, Epidemiologists – like the Russian expert Dr. Ivanovski Butenko : http://bit.ly/ebola-facts-11 Such experts are not going to lie for they are not being bribed.

    The Chinese army has also dispatched specialists to West Africa – and have developed an experimental vaccine called JK-05.

    • Risks of infection – this is the most controversial issue today. From our observations in Africa for over thirty years, washing hands wherever and whenever you have contact with other humans, touching rails, benches, shortly everything other people have touched before you, is a wise thing to do. Using hand sanitizing gels and liquids for regular use is recommended. If you can stay away from big gatherings is also a good thing to do. Sure, one may sound almost paranoid. We take the reports we have on the ground as our guide.

    Remember – not only Ebola is a risk, we have numerous other pathogens – amongst them Cholera ( yes, as we speak of it, many people are dying in West Africa, and not in countries where Ebola is rampant. ) Typhoid – as common as Malaria – Typhoid afflicts two thirds and more of the populations. Many are dyeing from Typhoid infection due to lack of health facilities and medications. In the center of Ghana I contracted Typhoid ( and the north is always more risky ) whilst working on a project in the north I had severe tummy pains and as a result went to the local health facility of Bolgatanga district. The nurse on duty ( no doctor available at 03.00 a.m. ) gave me a shot of Chloramphenicol, a dose of Metazole (Flagyl), and paracetamol tablets. It helped me eventually I had to switch to quinolones (Antibiotics) eventually before symptoms vanished. As we speak, our friends tell us that many patients are dyeing in Korlebu Hospital in Accra from Cholera.

    The Ebola virus mutates

    More worrisome news

    The Ebola virus is mutating. According to the voice of Russia, the Ebola virus is changing.

    The virus causing Ebola has begun to mutate. It already has more than 300 varieties.

    Researchers estimate that these mutations contribute to the rapid spread of the disease and prevent the development of a universal vaccine. The head of the UN emergency mission for the fight against the epidemic of Ebola Anthony Banbury admitted that the battle waged by humanity against Ebola virus took until the top.


    via africasiaeuro wordpress notes.


    ebola electron microscope

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    17 Oct

    Jinta County find

    ‘2010-11-26 12:38:48′

    ‘A new section of the ancient Great Wall built in the early Han Dynasty has just been found at Jinta County, in northwest China’s Gansu Province.

    A new section of the ancient Great Wall built in the early Han Dynasty has just been found at Jinta County, in northwest China”s Gansu Province.

    The finding comes from a field research program on the pre-Ming Dynasty Great Wall. So far, the Han Great Wall ruins discovered in the remote western parts of the country span 320 kilometers.

    The section was found in a desert in Jinta, near Yumen City, said Tao Yule, deputy curator of the Jinta Museum. Judging from the ruins, the fortification was built of pounded sand and desert shrub branches. A clear shape and winding direction are still visible after more than 2,000 years. Half of the section is in fair condition.

    Jinta County is located in the mid section of the Hexi corridor in western Gansu Province. Hexi refers to the region west of the Yellow River to the West Lake in Dunhuang, over 500 km from the Jiayuguan Pass.

    Field research on the early Great Wall kicked off this March and recently concluded. In addition to the 24-km Han Great Wall, new findings also include 18 balefire stages and 4 military defenses.’, ‘Han Great Wall Ruins Found in West China”s Gansu’, ‘A new section of the ancient Great Wall built in the early Han Dynasty has just been found at Jinta County, in northwest China’s Gansu Province.


    ‘Art – Do you love art?’

    I found pleasure in collecting precious art on porcelain.


    On many occasions did I visit their simple workshops, sometimes in freezing conditions, sometimes in scorching heat. I am drawn to them for the beauty they create.

    Timeless, everlasting. Their work will remain when they are long gone. We honor them, we owe so much to them for letting us share their vision and beauty.

    Art AAE

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    17 Oct

    Lao zi

    Master of Taosim

    ‘2010-12-02 02:31:47′

    ‘The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one Reason The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name, Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos Named, it is mother matrix of Nature. So be without desire to behold its inner enigma And be within desire to behold its outer image. The two are paired: enigma, image Emerging the same, Diverging in name. Their sameness is the riddle Riddled dark with riddles, The entryway to outright enigma. Tao te Ching

    Bei Chan Shi, China


    Laozi – Tao te Ching’, ‘The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one Reason The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name, Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos Named, it is mother matrix of Nature.

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    11 Oct

    Junshandao island of lost souls

    Junshandao – island of lost souls

    reblogged from our own first wordpress blog

    Compilation of an well known traveler

    Green are the lawns, overhanging shadows of a 1000 years gone by –

    The Island

    Covered in thick, impenetrable fog, so deep,  mystical, hiding the deep secrets of the lost souls of the two empresses.

    Perhaps one should leave them to rest. Venturing out on the Island is not for the faint hearted. Except a few villagers gathering around their usual Temple place, engulfed deeply into their daily Da-Mahjong games, no other soul is in sight.

    Bamboo forest of lost souls

    Bamboo forest

    Bamboo thicket

    Almost an eerie feeling overcomes me ; in solitude I wander down the path in the sunken jungle of thick, dense Bamboo forest, no sound but the cracking of undergrowth, and branches above the rain saturated soil. At an instance I pause, was there not a faint sound, almost a whisper I hear ?

    I stand in silence, listening to the distant whispers. Spoken in an unfamiliar Mandarin, I cannot make out. I am in the middle of the Bamboo thicket that stretches from one side of the island to the other.
    The rain is drizzling down on me, leaves scratching, as  I move towards the sounds, slowly, trying to avoid to create any noise.

    Bamboo thicket in forest of lost souls

    Bamboo thicket

    Bamboo thicket 2

    Meanwhile I realize I have lost track of all directions, with all lush green around me. Flashes of memories from a time gone by come to my mind, sedans and people, dressed in ancient attire, with guards marking in front an back. Tiny, yet immaculate, faces of the past, could they be Ehuang and Nvying ?

    Suddenly, as it came, the whispers have stopped. Shivering, the cold, wet surrounding, some miles away from all human dwellings, stumbling across the thicket, lost in thoughts –  lost in time.
    For a second a faint shimmer of light filtering through the foliage. No trail, no footpath, still hearing the faint sounds, far away in the hills that surround the Bamboo, junshandao the Island of the lost souls.

    Bamboo forest of lost souls

    Bamboo forest

    Bamboo forest of lost souls

    Unaware – my premonition – returning to the spot where Emperors landed thousands of years ago, Dongtinghu, its waters come into vision, its shores stretching 100 s of square miles, far away the Imperial Fleet guarding the oncoming vessel carrying Emperor Shun and his entourage. Faint the silhouettes of Ehuang and Nvying, in vain attempt to make out their husbands, who were left on the island. Almost visible sadness, heartache overcoming the imperial concubines, giving in to fate.

    Lake on island of lost souls

    Dong ting hu

    lake on Island of lost souls

    Dongtinghu, tales of the lost souls

    Dong ting hu

    Dong ting hu


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