Salzburg Austria Mozart Home   The MOZART CITY SALZBURG is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful in Austria. You can visit our PHOTOSHELTER ALBUM to see some more of  SALZBURG’S photography. ( This page was previously published on our wordpress blog ). Enjoy the view from CAPUCHIN MOUNTAIN and ST. FRANCE’S … Continue reading SALZBURG PAGES


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Years ago, when I entered in this new and unknown sector, I encountered lots and lots of frustrations. An unknown territory opened up in front of me. On my visits to the depth of porcelain craftsmanship region, I encountered many new faces, players, and artists. When I found the source of where it all began, … Continue reading MIRACULOUS PIECES OF ART

Italy Padua and Venice

ITALY PAGE   ITALIA Intermezzo Venice, Padova, Monterosso, Milano, Bolognia, Rome, Naples, and the rest. Who does not know the names.If you love food and art, you will fall in love with Italy. Explore the cites of great masters of Art, such as Titian, Vivaldi, Michelangelo, Raffael.  Most intriguing, my visit to Venice always is … Continue reading Italy Padua and Venice