On a China historical path

China history is alive wherever you set foot in this marvelous country.

Visiting China, I went off the beaten track in Jiangsu region.

..The garden was located in the outskirts of the city. Here, once again history was alive, the old Ming styled houses occupied by modern day people. The tall doors leading into the Courtyard were reminiscent of times gone by.

No one could imagine 600 years had passed since the former residence of a wealthy landowner was built.
Yet, here we stood, stunned, intrigued by what we saw. A lake had been placed in the midst, its water overwhelmed with Lotus blossoms, giving the whole scenery a colorful image.
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Pavilions strewed along the lake, on long summer evenings the Da Ren was known to walk his favorite wive accompanied by their servants here, resting where we stand now, 600 years later.
The former Da Ren was a man of great social standing, judging from the dimensions of the site.
Only persons with immense wealth could afford such luxury, or The Emperor himself.
During the Long March Mao Dze Dong personally visited the area.
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Amazing the old courtyards, in which one can get lost, facades built from pinewood, the finest carvings, chairs made of rosewood.
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A feeling of Nostalgia overcomes one, wandering along the trails, the alleys. Our thoughts go back hundreds of years, not being able to contemplate the wonders we encountered here.
Fountains in the middle of the courtyard, man-made open water ducts leading to kitchen and bathhouse.
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We sigh upon our own spirits wandering, we are lost in a forgotten time.
It takes a full 4 hours to stroll along the lake, and when we leave, we take our memories with us.
Getting back to reality is hard, leaving such a tranquil oasis of peace even more.
It is getting late, and we have to reach back to our town, few miles away from where we stand.
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Mao Tze Tung – Mao Dze Dong – Chairman Mao

More pictures and more about China will follow shortly.

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