India Guru assaults teen ?

Again India is in the headlines with a Guru supposedly arrested for sexually assaulting a teenager.
This time the accusations are directed against the popular spiritual Guru Asaram Babtu.
Not that sexual assaults are unknown to India, as everyone knows they seem quiet to be the norm. Interestingly the Indian society seems rather prudent – on the outside that is. Notwithstanding the fact that rape and killings are as common as eating chapati for that matter.

Cops detain Asaram Bapu
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What outsiders must ask is : wodefuq is the government doing about it? We hear all kinds of nasty stories coming out of Namaste land and the world is already wondering what is going on in the land of incredibility.
Not that we are trying to paint a not so blunt picture of an interesting country – no we need to understand what drives people to consider a woman a piece of rag that you use and throw away – or burn it for that matter.
Perhaps all has been hushed up till now, and now more and more stories come to light.
If we can add our two shillings to the already hot topic, we shall do so with the view that India – more the government lives up to its responsibility to protect its women finally. We are after all living in the 21st century, where crusades are being waged against female injustices.
Give us the chance and we shall speak out against those perpetrators of basic rights for women in India and elsewhere.

One billion rising Buthan

This is not the dark ages where we keep our mouths shut and watch women suffering endlessly without an end. We must change the fate of those who (yet) would find themselves victim to unscrupulous practitioners of violators of women’s rights and dignity.
it would be easy as a whole, if the law was applied to all those committing the crime. However, as reality shows, the weaker gender still suffers at the hands of those who are responsible to protect them.

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