Thai food is naturally healthy

There is a piece of a misconception

There is a piece of a misconception that simply because there is lots of freshly cooked food sourced from area things that Thai food is naturally healthy. The majority of the local dishes are very full of sodium, sugar, fat, and MSG. They’re also heavy on carbohydrates and extremely light on protein, with the protein normally being the fattier, affordable pieces of meat, particularly if you take in Thai food from street stalls or the more affordable eateries. The majority of the far healthy Thai dishes come from the North Eastern part of Thailand to tend to be more simple fare like grilled poultry or fish dishes to vegetable salads with a few kind of sauce on top.

This book is just full of all of the standard Thai dishes and teaches you the way to make the sauces all from scratch. Nong became popular after she beat superstar Chef Bobby Flay with her pad thai, in the food networks cooking contest. Before we go into an inventory of The Best Wholesome Thai Food Dishes, let us talk about what you need to generally try and avoid, particularly if you’re aware of calories, heavy carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, MSG, and the like. Thai food is seasoned with fresh chillies, that have capsaicins, these come with a host of health advantages like lowing cholesterol, boosting metabolism and contain plenty of vitamin C.

Choose grilled meats over fried Avoid the foods that are fried Avoid stir fried noodle dishes Choose broth based soups, not coconut based ones. All of the food listed on this list are typical pretty well known Thai dishes that you could pretty much find ANYWHERE in Thailand at most of the restaurants throughout the country. Fighters training in Thailand people trying to lose weight those on Paleo\/Keto\/low carb diets those who want natural, non processed food How to Ask for NO MSG in the FOOD. Thai Phrase: Mai Sai Pong Shu Rot. This phrase actually means No Put MSG.

You’ll find that even a number of the healhtier Thai dishes like Som Tam may have the cooks load them with MSG. By telling the cook this phrase, they’ll avoid tainting the food with high sodium junk. The chicken is usually basted\/marinated with a sort of salty\/sweet sauce and comes with some Thai sweet orange sugary sauce to dip it in. Satay Gai is just a popular Thai dish to may be found both just about any Thai restaurants and at several local street food venders. If you may, prevent the Thai peanut sauce dip which is just packed with sugar and fats. Among the more renowned Thai dishes, Som Tam is in fact pretty healthy.

Lionel Richie song all night long Ghana musician ( appearance of Bibie Brew ) | AFRICASIAEURO

Lionel Richie song all night long ..

Recalling the event in which this young singer interpreted Lionel Richie.

It was totally unexpected, he actually managed to the crowd moving.
Another example of artists that try to copy the big stars ( and get it done so well enough )

Love to hear him over and over again ..

Lione Richies song : ‘ all night long ‘


Video update from youtube Jan 31st 2017

Video updates from youtube Jan 31 st 2017

We continue our video updates on our wordpress site.
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Our first video is about Textile machinery, here you can find the top contender and fastest weaving machines available :

TSUDAKOMA AIRJET ZAX looms weaving brocade fabric :

The second video is from Milan Italy. It shows the famous Palazzo Parigi in Milano. We enjoyed a great dinner there with our company RIETER Switzerland.

The third video today shows the marvellous singer Elida Almeida from Cape Verde Islands. She performed in Accra Ghana and we were able to watch her performance.

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youtube aheneghana

January 30th 2017 – daily videos

Our video campaign – daily videos

Part of our campaign to make our videos more known to our friends and acquaintances, but also to the general public.

In the following we shall show 3 videos :

1. Taiwan tea expert performs tea ceremony on Ali shan mountain Oolong tea – AFRICASIAEURO

2. Gyei du Bley Ambolley – Ghana s music legend performing live

3. Real brokeback mountain where children live in poverty πŸ’‡|AFRICASIAEURO

Latest video addition ( special Kungfu , Cuba, etc. )

Latest video addition ( special Kungfu , Cuba, etc. )

These are our latest video additions on YOUTUBE/AHENEGHANA

Watch the videos for more on youtube.

Full list of videos are available here :

Instagram 21.1.2017

Latest instagram posts

Paris moon 21.1.2017

Moon in Scorpio

This is an utterly essential phase, when serious decisions are to be made. You should not be afraid of making mistakes, inasmuch as your mind activity will reach higher level. You will easily concentrate on the most important tasks, which will be carried out in the most efficacious way. Traditionally successful in financial affairs, Scorpios will be victorious on this day as well. Therefore, go ahead!

Moon day 24

This day does not seem to greatly affect your life. It is pretty passive. Try to be patient and kind with other individualities, as confrontation may be enhanced. The new beginnings are also unlikely. They will not bring any dividends. You’d better continue the affairs that are already started. You can maintain your health while this day and conceive a healthy baby.

Day of Water

moon  21.1.2017
The nature is very abundant right now and provides monthly ration for one single day. The rapid and frequent changes of mood are quite possible. You may lack the feeling of comfort.

Moon and repercussions on our personal life , health

Moon and repercussions on our personal life , health

After long we all feel it : The moon and its effect on our life and wellbeing.

For the longer part of my life I did not believe much of the advice given. Later I came across a great post in which my personal life was written in front of me.

What it told me was what actually happened.
As a result I read more often and more frequent the advice given, based on the moon constellation.

This may include :

When to do sports
When to look out for certain dangers and risks
When to eat what

In fact this changes as frequent as every few days.

Here is todays written advice ( Please note that the influence of the moon depends on your personal physical location on the globe ).

It may be different of you say are on the other side of the continent.

Todays news :

Moon in Libra

This is a nice period for having the well-deserved rest. You actually need it. It is recommended finishing all the business you have. You should avoid starting novice dealings, especially serious ones. You will reach great heights in financial sphere. Your collaboration will be fruitful, if it is based on mutual understanding and does not have any conflicts. Nevertheless, you may experience difficulties when taking decisions. It may take pretty long time to think the matters over, weighing all advantages and disadvantages, all possibilities. However, the decision may not come at all. Accordingly, it would be wise to refuse such actions and devote your time to other matters and close people.

Waning Gibbous

In occasion, everything has gone wrong while the Waxing phase, you can prevent the fall down now. Surgical operations have tendency to end finely. This is a nice time for healing the deep wounds, which get cured very fast. There will be no worsening of health. It’s time to plant vegetables.

Moon day 23

This is time of confusion and contradictions. There is great possibility that your partners will envy you. Be conscious, think what you are doing and avoid novice starts. Something novice may not bring fruits. Remain patient and you will be fine.

moon 19.1.2017

moon position 19.1.2017

Day of Light

You should take advantage from the great light radiance, which is promised during this phase. This is a very favorable period for all living things and you can get supplementary energy for yourself. This day promises a lot of joy. Notwithstanding, it’s a bad for drivers who are to be very careful.

belly dancing queen – different yet incredibly good

Belly dancing queen with a difference

Recently we come across this dancing queen on youtube.

As you know we love youtube video watching. There is so much to see , incredible amount of entertainment and information.

We do not have all the time really to watch all we would like to.

This dancing queen is somewhat different. She isn’t even an Arab belly dancing queen, but rather a U.S. girl that found she liked dancing, in particular belly dancing.

belly dancing queen 1
belly dancing queen 1



Instagram year 2016 coming to an end – and fast it went

On Instagram – Looking back, what a year

A year of surprises it has been.

Looking back, We have down our fair share of discovering new venues and places.

One never knows what he really prefers really. We can’t stand the heat in Africa, then we long for the cold of Europe.

Once we are fedup from the cold, we again long for some warmer weather.

Brings it all to a confusion.

Italy in summer

Needless to say, some of the greatest time we had in Italy this summer. We enjoyed Italian culture and cuisine from Sicily, Noto, Modica, Pozzallo, and much more.

We took lots of video footage on Noto beach, which was a bit polluted, but otherwise the only place, apart from Malta, where I dared to swim in the sea.

Noto is a fantastic city by all standards. And some of the most incredible Italian food I sampled there.

That does not mean, Pulia or Puglia was any worse. In fact, we were invited by the property owners to feast on fresh figs in the gardens, a remarkable experience.

( I added some videos on Puglia on our youtube channel )
( Can’t tell you in simple words how delicious they tasted. )

Calabria we passed before but did not stop. The weather wasn’t too much inviting either, and we longed for Puglia.

Puglia is a region one can’t easily forget. The view is majestic, one can’t over emphasize enough.

It may be compared to Cinque Terra, the Ligurian coast of Italy. I still prefer Puglia. I fell in love with this part of Italy.

Go through our instagram channel and youtube channel to find videos and photography on Puglia.

Finally I want to speak about the marvelous beauty of Toscana ( Tuscany ). After a mere two weeks in the Tuscany we were mesmerized.

Be it the climate, the imaginary coutryside, the history of Siena, Florence, Montalcino, Montepulciano, and the Tuscan wine – one of the best the world has to offer – ( believe me, I know what I am talking about ), Toscana is not without a reason as magnificent as you might have heard.

I am writing this short article for a reason only : To pay tribute to one of the greatest country on earth.

I have covered Venice in my previous posts ( however – thanks to hackers, the posts arelong gone – still the files are with me and in some given time I will repost them. )

But to go back to Tuscany, we discovered our own hot spas, and I submersed in the hot springs daily, using the early morning – sometimes at 06.00 A.M., before the arrival of the large crowds.

I had this incredible feeling, sulfur was good for one skin. More pictures on our instagram.

In fact the whole Italy trip was worth more than all previous trips to this magnificent country.

Will cover some more of Italy in subsequent posts. I apologize for not being able to post all at once.

Watch out for more on Tuscany, Puglia, and more …

( I think the gods must have created this greatest of all European country ). Why after all, our greatest minds, like Sigmund Freud, Goethe, and more, were so drawn to Italy.


They knew why.

( Below are some of our recent instagram posts, links are included. If you visit our instagram, be sure to follow and you won’t be disappointed, I promise )


Finally, as the year comes to an end, I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and prosperous New year.

All the best and see you here soon again.



Some pictures here from our instagram:


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