Power of Android

Android powers the world

We all use it : The all out POWERFUL ANDROID PHONE

Did it ever occur to you : Imagine how many billions of users the ANDROID SYSTEM has today ?

Without going deeper into the subject, China alone reaps up over half of the worlds Andoid users.

India is second and the rest is third.

Take this :

1. Android phones are user friendly ( yes or no ? )

2. Android has many features very well accustomed to local conditions ( weather reports, travel features, Hotels , etc.

3. Android is probably the best when looking for the best deals on flights ( worldwide )

4. Android has you covered in business ( all features from Documents, pdf, images, currencies, exchange etc. )

5. Android shows you the best restaurants in local guides

6. Android is versatile. You have thousands of options to custom your apps.

7. Android uses Google powered search engine ( there is no better ..)

8. Android lets you even develop your own Apps via developer android

9. What else is there to say : Android saves you thousands by using apps and choose the best deals.

Today’s app











Bangkok , past and present

Countless times we have been here

What makes this city different from other places around the world ?

Perhaps it’s people and their almost mystical smiles ?

Or – unlike other cities around the world – it’s their welcoming attitude perhaps.

People of all races and colors, religion, gender and types find a welcoming attitude.

No prejudice – nor aversion – exists, provided – you play by Thailand’s cultural rules.

There are some things you wouldn’t want to get entangled with :

Advice Nr. 1 – Thais respect their traditional rulers – their Majesties are holy to them. So never ever make any negative remarks about what is their god given right to worship.

Advice Nr.2 – Thais won’t let you get away easily if you embarass them in public. Never insult or attempt to threaten a Thai. Neither in public nor in private. The repercussions might be fatal.

Advice Nr.3 – Thais regard the head as the spiritual sanctuary. This must not be touched nor played with. The worst insult is if a Thai person will be pointed at by someone elses feet. 

Advice  Nr. 4 – Keep your patience. Be calm and don’t show emotions. Don’t insult. And – smile back – no matter what.

If in doubt and you have overstepped your line – wai to the person concerned.

If it’s not too late – it will do wonders.

This reminds me of an almost tragic ending incident in the National park khaoyai.

A group of motorcyclists from Bangkok went on to race their bikes in the park. Making noise and disturbing the Elefants in the forest, they were suddenly surrounded by the angry herd.

Except one , all riders managed to escape.

The last driver found himself challenged by the angry bull who was going to attack. It would have been certain death.

In his dispair the rider thought of nothing else but to wai and bow to the angry Elefant bull, who suddenly left him to follow his herd back to the jungle.

The story was reported in the Thai dailies.

Perhaps it’s all too common nowadays to hurt others, and too difficult to wai and ask for forgiveness.

Here one can see the Elefant and humans in Thailand have some things in common.

Maybe we should take this lesson and do some soul searching within ourselves. 

Take Thailand as an example. 

Wish you have a nice stay in Thailand

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How to deal with MSG poisoning

MSG s terrible effects

Today was a nightmare.

We were invited at an upper class restaurant –

where I could once again feature an all out win.


Food looked great.

chinese food 1
Chinese food 1

So was its setting. Fancy location.

Chinese restaurant
Chinese restaurant

At first all looked perfect : Good company, friends,

and superior Restaurant.

Then disaster struck.

After the Hotpot arrived the sauce bowls were filled

with Soy sauce, garlic, Cilantro and Sesame oil mixture.

No one knew it. The dark soy was MSG  – enhanced.

Adding to the problem was the immense heat, the Air conditioning

did not function  well.

The heat, the food, the MSG, did not go down well with my

wife : She fainted.

Struck with no assistance in sight, I forced every person on the place to get the Air con going. Got some cold towel and water.

She felt nauseous and could not take another bite. The scenario was perfect. The symptoms clear :

Swollen lips, dizziness, faintness, and weak, nauseous.

All pointed to extreme MSG poisoning.

Sometimes I blame myself for allowing ourselves to be in such situation.

However this was an invitation of an old friend who we know for many years.


We tried – I tried to keep the party going but it was doomed : The good food was wasted, everyone lost appetite.

The live shrimps on the skewers, the beautiful soybean curds, the beef stripes, mutton stripes, salads, greens, what a pity it was.

My wife was dizzy, she felt sorry, everyone felt sorry and finally we left without having eaten the food. —

Sad but a fact : MSG causes symptoms that are all unpleasant.

What about our vows ? KFC

So from tomorrow we are at KFC again. At least there is no MSG in the food.






Where art is us

Some recent revelations of art

If you love art then this is for you.

If you don’t – then still it’s beauty.

We cover and sell art.

Macau bliss

MACAU bliss woe or glamour ?
A visit to Star world Casino is a must when in Macau..

For the simple reason alone : To give you an insight of people’s addiction to gamble.
Macau is not the only gambling city, but it is unique.

Unique is the splendour, the glamourous life, opulence you come to find.

Nothing will beat Macau in its uniqueness. Vegas may be a gambling city too, but Macau is more : It’s ‘ Arte de vivre ‘

The city never sleeps. People move – day and night. 24/9 – yes – not 7, Macau has its own rhythm.

Go to any street at 6 A.M. all shops are open waiting for that new millionaire to come and spend a Million Dollars on a wrist watch, or a cool 40 000 USD on a Leather brand bag for his girl.

Macau leaves one stunned. We have seen opulence, and we have see money.

We haven’t come across anywhere else that combines rich, lifestyles, class and common people like in Macau.

Thousands if not Millions directly benefit from Macau s wealth. The government hold Macaus wealth in form of Billions in Taxes.. Revenues from Tourism, mainly from Mainland China, are held in Government accounts,

Have a look at opulence and the glamour itself.

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Hauptproblem : Erziehung im Elternhaus – ohne viel Zuneigung und Liebe. Kinder werden gezuechtigt und zu Abneigung erzogen.

Alles wird ueber Druck angeordnet. Das resultiert in spaeterer Folge zu Negativitaet sowie Unfreundlichkeit Fremden gegenueber, ja sogar zu den engsten Verwandten sowie Sozialstoerungen, Abneigungstendenz, und Neurosen.

Kein Selbstwertgefuehl sowie auch nur den geringsten Anreiz zu Mitverstaendnis anderen gegenueber. Nicht einmal fuer die eigenen Eltern haben die Menschen Verstaendnis, sie sind nicht gewillt Oper fuer sie zu bringen. ( Altersheim ist die einzige Loesung )

Ewiger ‘ das darf man nicht ‘ Druck in der Kindheit, Schuldgefuehl Zusprechung fuer kleine Verfehlungen ( shortcomings ).

Anstelle Verfehlungen zu besprechen werden Strafen von leicht bis drakonisch ( Watschen ) bevorzugt.

Fragen Sie Psychiater die dringend einen selbst brauchen, sich aber nicht oeffentlich dazu aeussern koennen.
Sie litten und leiden unter den elterlichen Druckzustaenden

Kommentare – http://www.vol.at/oesterreich-gilt-als-eines-der-unfreundlichsten-laender/apa-1437963596

Mencius – born in the principality of Tsau

Mang tzu (370-286 BCE)

known to the West as Mencius, was born in the principality of Tsau, located in what is now the province of Shantung (Shandong). Shortly after he was born, his father died, and he was subsequently brought up by his mother alone. A traditional account of her provides a rare opportunity to acknowledge the influence of a mother on a famous son.


Mencius served as counselor to princes in the state of Ch’i and later visited other states to advise on government. He received substantial gifts for this, which he considered proper for a man of his abilities [an opposing school of philosopy under Mo Tzu did not]. After about 15 years he appears to have concluded that while treated with respect, he was offering advice that was ignored. Many of the local kings and princes in China were interested in pleasure and conquest rather than theories of good government. Mencius therefore retired from active life and turned to philosophy and the compilation of the substantial book that bears his name. Before he died at age 84, he also said to have completed the editorial work of Confucius. Mencius argued that all men have a mind that cannot bear to see the suffering of others. From this it follows that the feeling of commiseration, the feeling of shame and dislike, the feeling of modesty and complaisance, and the feeling of approving and disapproving are all essential to a human being. Mencius asserted that the feeling of commiseration is the principle of benevolence. The feeling of shame and dislike is the principle of righteousness. The feeling of modesty and complaisance is the principle of propriety. The feeling of approving and disapproving is the principle of knowledge.