How to deal with MSG poisoning

MSG s terrible effects

Today was a nightmare.

We were invited at an upper class restaurant –

where I could once again feature an all out win.

Food looked great.

chinese food 1
Chinese food 1

So was its setting. Fancy location.

Chinese restaurant
Chinese restaurant

At first all looked perfect : Good company, friends,

and superior Restaurant.

Then disaster struck.

After the Hotpot arrived the sauce bowls were filled

with Soy sauce, garlic, Cilantro and Sesame oil mixture.

No one knew it. The dark soy was MSG  – enhanced.

Adding to the problem was the immense heat, the Air conditioning

did not function  well.

The heat, the food, the MSG, did not go down well with my

wife : She fainted.

Struck with no assistance in sight, I forced every person on the place to get the Air con going. Got some cold towel and water.

She felt nauseous and could not take another bite. The scenario was perfect. The symptoms clear :

Swollen lips, dizziness, faintness, and weak, nauseous.

All pointed to extreme MSG poisoning.

Sometimes I blame myself for allowing ourselves to be in such situation.

However this was an invitation of an old friend who we know for many years.


We tried – I tried to keep the party going but it was doomed : The good food was wasted, everyone lost appetite.

The live shrimps on the skewers, the beautiful soybean curds, the beef stripes, mutton stripes, salads, greens, what a pity it was.

My wife was dizzy, she felt sorry, everyone felt sorry and finally we left without having eaten the food. —

Sad but a fact : MSG causes symptoms that are all unpleasant.

What about our vows ? KFC

So from tomorrow we are at KFC again. At least there is no MSG in the food.






Where art is us

Some recent revelations of art

If you love art then this is for you.

If you don’t – then still it’s beauty.

We cover and sell art.

Macau bliss

MACAU bliss woe or glamour ?
A visit to Star world Casino is a must when in Macau..

For the simple reason alone : To give you an insight of people’s addiction to gamble.
Macau is not the only gambling city, but it is unique.

Unique is the splendour, the glamourous life, opulence you come to find.

Nothing will beat Macau in its uniqueness. Vegas may be a gambling city too, but Macau is more : It’s ‘ Arte de vivre ‘

The city never sleeps. People move – day and night. 24/9 – yes – not 7, Macau has its own rhythm.

Go to any street at 6 A.M. all shops are open waiting for that new millionaire to come and spend a Million Dollars on a wrist watch, or a cool 40 000 USD on a Leather brand bag for his girl.

Macau leaves one stunned. We have seen opulence, and we have see money.

We haven’t come across anywhere else that combines rich, lifestyles, class and common people like in Macau.

Thousands if not Millions directly benefit from Macau s wealth. The government hold Macaus wealth in form of Billions in Taxes.. Revenues from Tourism, mainly from Mainland China, are held in Government accounts,

Have a look at opulence and the glamour itself.

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Hauptproblem : Erziehung im Elternhaus – ohne viel Zuneigung und Liebe. Kinder werden gezuechtigt und zu Abneigung erzogen.

Alles wird ueber Druck angeordnet. Das resultiert in spaeterer Folge zu Negativitaet sowie Unfreundlichkeit Fremden gegenueber, ja sogar zu den engsten Verwandten sowie Sozialstoerungen, Abneigungstendenz, und Neurosen.

Kein Selbstwertgefuehl sowie auch nur den geringsten Anreiz zu Mitverstaendnis anderen gegenueber. Nicht einmal fuer die eigenen Eltern haben die Menschen Verstaendnis, sie sind nicht gewillt Oper fuer sie zu bringen. ( Altersheim ist die einzige Loesung )

Ewiger ‘ das darf man nicht ‘ Druck in der Kindheit, Schuldgefuehl Zusprechung fuer kleine Verfehlungen ( shortcomings ).

Anstelle Verfehlungen zu besprechen werden Strafen von leicht bis drakonisch ( Watschen ) bevorzugt.

Fragen Sie Psychiater die dringend einen selbst brauchen, sich aber nicht oeffentlich dazu aeussern koennen.
Sie litten und leiden unter den elterlichen Druckzustaenden

Kommentare –

Mencius – born in the principality of Tsau

Mang tzu (370-286 BCE)

known to the West as Mencius, was born in the principality of Tsau, located in what is now the province of Shantung (Shandong). Shortly after he was born, his father died, and he was subsequently brought up by his mother alone. A traditional account of her provides a rare opportunity to acknowledge the influence of a mother on a famous son.


Mencius served as counselor to princes in the state of Ch’i and later visited other states to advise on government. He received substantial gifts for this, which he considered proper for a man of his abilities [an opposing school of philosopy under Mo Tzu did not]. After about 15 years he appears to have concluded that while treated with respect, he was offering advice that was ignored. Many of the local kings and princes in China were interested in pleasure and conquest rather than theories of good government. Mencius therefore retired from active life and turned to philosophy and the compilation of the substantial book that bears his name. Before he died at age 84, he also said to have completed the editorial work of Confucius. Mencius argued that all men have a mind that cannot bear to see the suffering of others. From this it follows that the feeling of commiseration, the feeling of shame and dislike, the feeling of modesty and complaisance, and the feeling of approving and disapproving are all essential to a human being. Mencius asserted that the feeling of commiseration is the principle of benevolence. The feeling of shame and dislike is the principle of righteousness. The feeling of modesty and complaisance is the principle of propriety. The feeling of approving and disapproving is the principle of knowledge.

Palio di Siena

Palio di Siena: it takes place in Siena (Tuscany). This horse race is held twice each year on July 2nd and August 16th.

Ten horses and riders, bareback and dressed in the appropriate colors, represent ten of the seventeen Contrade, or city wards. A magnificent pageant, the Corteo Storico, precedes the race. Jockeys have to circle three times the Piazza del Campo (the main square in Siena), on which a thick layer of dirt has been laid.

It is common for jockeys to be thrown off their horses while making the treacherous turns in the piazza, and indeed it is not unusual to see unmounted horses finishing the race without their jockeys! Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice): the Carnival starts around two weeks before AshWednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday.

Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival. The whole of Venice becomes a platform for the Carnival with different events happening here and there.

St Mark’s Square is usually the hub, but during the nearly 2 weeks of celebrations you’ll find people wearing masks all over the city. The Venice Carnival has its origins in the mid 1100. The fact that masks were worn meant that people could remain relatively anonymous, and it allowed the lower classes of Italian society to rub shoulders with the upper classes.

Opera: if you’re in Milan, don’t miss the opportunity to see the Opera at the worldwide famous Opera house Teatro alla Scala.

The season traditionally opens on December 7th, Saint Ambrose’s Day, the feast day of Milan’ patron saint. All performances must end before midnight; long operas start earlier in the evening if necessary.

The Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Theatre Museum), accessible from the theatre’s foyer and a part of the house, contains an extraordinary collection of paintings, drafts, statues, costumes, and other documents regarding opera and La Scala’s history.

africasiaeuro 's siena-
africasiaeuro ‘s siena-
africasiaeuro 's siena-
africasiaeuro ‘s siena-
africasiaeuro 's siena-
africasiaeuro ‘s siena-
africasiaeuro 's siena-
africasiaeuro ‘s siena-

The reason of reasons

Quotes from Laozi

The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one reason. The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name, Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos by name, it is the mother matrix of nature.

So be without desire to behold its inner enigma And be within desire to behold its outer image. The two are paired: enigma, image emerging the same, diverging in name.

Their sameness is the riddle, riddled dark with riddles, the entryway to outright enigma.

Tao te Ching Laozi

Bei Chan Shi, Temple of Tao, Xining

Junshan Dao, Island of lost soul, Hunan

There have been many memorable parts of my journeys.

First scene from the Taoist temple of Bei Chan Shi in Xining,
second the island of junshandao in Hunan.

And there will be more, god willing.
Mentioned on August 3rd, 2017 in Santiago de Compostella, Galicia, Spain

Heinz Rainer

africasiaeuro amazon

Trolls and wannabies ..

Nothing gets more frustrating when someone who doesn’t know –

pretends he does – but does not achieve results.

In more than one instances, the boss believes the nonsense.

If you haven’t come across those, count yourself lucky.

Turkish cannon balls from 1682
Turkish cannon balls from 1682


Two years on I went to see what happened, the monkey had done a better job than expected.

He destroyed all that was built in 14 years of dedicated and hard service.

What I worked for 14 years to built ended up under a sledgehammer.

Why :

Many years later I come across same trolls in SEO.

People with little knowledge are cashing in because the boss isn’t able to comprehend.

SEO has changed radically over the years.

To bring a web page to the top, one needs to employ
lots of tools, strategies, and above all, time and time, effort.

Night for night, day by day.
Building hard earned 1 tiered .edu links, going after
2 tiered, 3 tiered links building isn’t that simple.
Establishing social media channels where there were none previously.

Building site reputation is a tedious job.
There is lots of difference between webmaster and SEO.

Slow loading pages, server latency, over-sized scripts, etc etc… you name it.

It can’t be made clear to those without a hint.

Graphics, videos, twitter, instagram, fb.
And all along hashtags are a spanish landscape
for some, unknown territory.

128 high tiered backlinks are wiped off the seo landscape
after frustration sets in.

It took 3 months of hard work to move its Alexa rank
from 4’600’000 to 2’300’000.

SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017
SEO GRAPHIC 2.3.2017

SEO ON MAR 02 2017

seo graphic 30.5.2017
seo graphic 30.5.2017



Let’s see in three months where we are.

africasiaeuro trolls and wannabies
africasiaeuro trolls wannabies


Call from the past DONALD TRUMP .. we write the year 2006

Post from 2006 , Katrina and Rita , oil prices, etc.

This is an interesting article from the past. Donald Trump is at the centre of it, and it might be interesting to read.

So, Donald . . . An Open Letter to Donald Trump
Soaring oil and gas prices and the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have finally brought an issue into sharp focus for the public: When it comes to energy, we’re in trouble! We import far more crude oil than we produce in the United States; fully 70 percent of our oil comes from five countries in the Middle East, arguably the most volatile and politically unstable region in the world.

We need to develop sustainable, renewable, safe sources of energy to provide power for our homes and businesses. One real danger is, however, that as the memory of Katrina fades and the prices drop at the gas pump, the public will also lose focus, and fail to continue the pressure needed for politicians to generate change. What we need is a standard bearer – a big, vocal, powerful, charismatic standard bearer.

So, Donald….When are you going to build the world’s first off-the-grid skyscraper?

Just think of it – wind turbines on the roof, sheets of solar panels covering the south side of the building, and, to heat and cool the building, biodiesel, manufactured on site from discarded vegetable oil collected from the best restaurants in Manhattan. In the interior, piped-in sunlight brightens the living area while saving on electricity; a gray-water system recycles water throughout the building and can be reused for showers, baths, and lush gardens on every floor. Bamboo flooring and other renewable materials create a rich ambiance while promoting the concept of green living.

While you’re at it….

How does an “Adopt a Smokestack” campaign sound?

In talking about decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, one alternative being discussed is relying more on domestically mined coal. At this moment, coal burning is already responsible for generating more electricity in the U.S. than any other method. Unfortunately, much of this coal is being burned by obsolete, highly polluting utility plants. In the Midwest alone, over a hundred aging coal burning plants spew out pollutants responsible for acid rain which has killed hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers in the Northeast. Large amounts of mercury from these plants are deposited in the water and end up in both freshwater and ocean fish, turning one of the healthiest sources of protein into one of the most dangerous – mercury in fish threatens the unborn children of women who ingest it, threatening neurological damage which results in a lifelong sentence of some measure of disability. Airborne pollutants are also responsible for an exponential increase in asthma, particularly in children. Increasing the use of coal without implementing immediate pollution controls would only intensify the pollution and its consequences.

Environmental experts familiar with coal burning plants estimate that it would cost a million dollars per smokestack to decrease the pollutants emitted to acceptable levels. The utility plants themselves have resisted this expenditure, and have lobbied successfully to stop governmental enforcement of environmental regulations; the fledgling Bush administration quickly stopped lawsuits, begun by the EPA during the Clinton administration, which would have forced these plants to implement pollution controls.

So, Donald, where do you come in? With your visibility, your cult status, and your corporate clout, you could easily raise the money to fix every smokestack in the country. NFL and NBA players, CEOs, Hollywood actors, producers, and directors, multimillionaires with old money and new – and don’t forget Oprah – all have the means to donate a million dollars, or more, to adopt a smokestack. We could virtually eliminate the pollution problem from these coal burning plants in short order – much more quickly than will be accomplished by lawsuits and governmental interference. We could offer to fix these smokestacks in exchange for one promise – that the utility plants do not sell their pollution credits to anyone else.

All of the technology needed for both of these projects is available today, and would put this country on the path to sustainability and energy independence in short order. And Donald, you could pull it off, in grand style.

I can see into the future: a Newsweek cover with a picture of a towering Donald Trump, and the title, “Donald Trump Saves the World.” Has a nice ring to it.

Did the writer get it right ? Or ..

What if he or she was correct. 11 years later we will know ..

The time has come ..


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