Paris moon 21.1.2017

Moon in Scorpio

This is an utterly essential phase, when serious decisions are to be made. You should not be afraid of making mistakes, inasmuch as your mind activity will reach higher level. You will easily concentrate on the most important tasks, which will be carried out in the most efficacious way. Traditionally successful in financial affairs, Scorpios will be victorious on this day as well. Therefore, go ahead!

Moon day 24

This day does not seem to greatly affect your life. It is pretty passive. Try to be patient and kind with other individualities, as confrontation may be enhanced. The new beginnings are also unlikely. They will not bring any dividends. You’d better continue the affairs that are already started. You can maintain your health while this day and conceive a healthy baby.

Day of Water

moon  21.1.2017
The nature is very abundant right now and provides monthly ration for one single day. The rapid and frequent changes of mood are quite possible. You may lack the feeling of comfort.