Dancing performance in what is one of the greatest  cities on earth.

Culture, culinary, architectural, historical aspects are extraordinary.

Everything is available – from cheap streetfood to 40000 Dollar ladies Givenchy bags.

A haven for luxury items. Casinos Wynns MGM GRAND LISBOA STARWORLD AND MANY MORE.

You are taken in by its offers.

Evening in Milan train station milano centrale

Lady of Milan

She dances the night away within her own fairy land.

Europe of today.

We post this so the world is becoming aware of the fact that people in Europe are suffering.

Like this lady who has seen better days in her life.


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Lionel Richie song all night long Ghana musician ( appearance of Bibie Brew ) | AFRICASIAEURO

Lionel Richie song all night long ..

Recalling the event in which this young singer interpreted Lionel Richie.

It was totally unexpected, he actually managed to the crowd moving.
Another example of artists that try to copy the big stars ( and get it done so well enough )

Love to hear him over and over again ..

Lione Richies song : ‘ all night long ‘


Video update from youtube Jan 31st 2017

Video updates from youtube Jan 31 st 2017

We continue our video updates on our wordpress site.
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Our first video is about Textile machinery, here you can find the top contender and fastest weaving machines available :

TSUDAKOMA AIRJET ZAX looms weaving brocade fabric :

The second video is from Milan Italy. It shows the famous Palazzo Parigi in Milano. We enjoyed a great dinner there with our company RIETER Switzerland.

The third video today shows the marvellous singer Elida Almeida from Cape Verde Islands. She performed in Accra Ghana and we were able to watch her performance.

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January 30th 2017 – daily videos

Our video campaign – daily videos

Part of our campaign to make our videos more known to our friends and acquaintances, but also to the general public.

In the following we shall show 3 videos :

1. Taiwan tea expert performs tea ceremony on Ali shan mountain Oolong tea – AFRICASIAEURO

2. Gyei du Bley Ambolley – Ghana s music legend performing live

3. Real brokeback mountain where children live in poverty 💇|AFRICASIAEURO

Latest video addition ( special Kungfu , Cuba, etc. )

Latest video addition ( special Kungfu , Cuba, etc. )

These are our latest video additions on YOUTUBE/AHENEGHANA

Watch the videos for more on youtube.

Full list of videos are available here :

Austria Tyrol autumn in Europe s Alps mountain wilderness |AFRICASIAEURO

Austria Tyrol autumn in Europe s Alps mountain wilderness |AFRICASIAEURO

Last rays of sun on Austria s Tyrol mountains.
Winter is what follows.
Enjoy this wonderful experience in Austria s mountains wilderness.
Cows are grazing on alpine meadows..