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Webdesign and SEO Consultants, Textile machines manufacturers representatives, Macy's Ambassadors N.Y. We love Music, Art, different cultures.


Fashion by B Darlin, JUNIOR'S 1, JUNIOR'S 2, JUNIOR'S 3, JUNIOR'S 4 RED, JUNIOR'S 5 GOWN, JUNIOR'S 6, JUNIOR'S 7 BURGUNDY. ( We believe B Darlin has great potential - Please note: we receive no compensation from B Darlin ) they 're just simply, damn good designers ), Quiz ( Quiz - Another brand which we like ).

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City Studios, ROSE SILVER, Speechless, BLACK LACE, Emerald Sundae, Calvin Klein, Guess, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Karen Scott, Morgan & Co., Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Skechers, Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein, Crystal Doll, and many more ......

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