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It matters little to the artist who produced these wonderful pieces of art.

His work is more a perfection of his soul, a continuous zest to express his own feelings and inner soul.

For what I have learned in three decades of art dealings, the artist in his humbleness is not after worldly goods.

His life is simple, tucked away in a tiny workshop, surrounded by lush green, or forests, he is one with his work.

It may take 5 years to accomplish his best masterpiece, or it may never be accomplished. In some cases the artist succumbs before the work he has started has been completed.

In all cases of artists, I noticed another thing: he likes the company of close friends, people who understand and value his work.

This may be the easy part to understand. Yet the solitude he finds himself in can be tantalizing.

In Cities around the world, we may find beautiful works of art, yet the one that created it has long gone.

He or she produced an item that will outlive him for many years, sometimes hundreds, or even thousands of years.

One of the most beautiful arts in the art to craft porcelain. And this is what I want to focus on.

Together with friends and most valued artists, I honor the beauty of their creations. And visit the most distant workshops, their hidden places of manufacture.

I enjoy it, and when I pick up a piece I also pick up a little of the artist soul and sadness.

He needs to live, and only for this reason, we are able to gather some of his works. And it always is a sign of respect to hand over the money to him – or her, to let her know how much you appreciate their work.

Art is us.

Our whole concept is built on this important phenomena.

Enjoy what you are about to see.



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