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Youtube highlights

Section 1 Youtube Videos

The first video on the left shows ” Insider to Chinese menus “. the second on the right shows a ” Tsudakoma Airjet producing Brocade fabric “. Both videos were recorded by Africasiaeuro Youtube .

  1. Left : ” Insider to Chinese menus ” 2. Right : ” Tsudakoma Airjet loom weaving Brocade |

Section 2 Youtube videos

While Insider to Chinese menus is geared towards Chinese food aficionados our following videos show a different genre: Nr 3 is the remaking of a VHS formatted recording taken in the 1980 ;s on the West Coast of Africa. The story is about friendship and common interests. In the days we visited the coast of Ghana often. It was a different scenery in different times. We found serene surroundings amid and beauty in a wilderness that has almost all succumbed to housig estates and so called development. Meanwhile all is left are memories. This is one of the videos we cherish the most.

3. Left video : ” Ghana Beach party ” 4. Right video : ” Lion and Dragon dance in Chowkit Kuala Lumpur ”

Section 3 Youtube Videos

5. Left Side : ” FLooding in Ho Chi Minh City ” 6. Right Side : ” Zen Buddhist temple in Central Vietnam “

You can find all videos on Youtube here on our Youtube channel.

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