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To my wife, who stands by me in all times.

How I started to write
At first we thought it was to fulfill our own desires : to reflect on our past, especially concerning our Africa experience. I have spent almost 4 decades on the continent - there was enough material to cover many more than one book.

The first episode was to tell a story from the deep rainforests lining the North and south border of Ivorycoast and Guinea.

These parts are relatively unknown to the reader.

Though not uninteresting. Still inhabited by cannibalistic tribes, yet kept quiet under a blanket of silence, humans disappear - never to be found again.

Second, these forests are home to the Forest Leopard, a wonderful cat, very elusive as all cats of its species.

They appear early evenings and mornings from the forest thicks in search for their prey.

We had a close encounter with this creature ( not published here as yet ) though found on ezines.

Tales of Boa Constrictors as long as 9 m were also related to me by a Maroccan contractor who knows the rainforest from the times of Sekou Toure.

Mining in the deep forest continues and people frequently discover animals they never thought exist.

The Boa Constrictor was found around the area of Macenta, Guinea. And although no photo exist, such findings do occur - even today - in remote areas.

We must always respect the 'bush' - to quote the words of one of my close friends - who spent more than 50 years in Africa.

Now retired, he now and then keeps ringing me to remind me of the words.

He was the greatest hunter I ever met.

There are more articles which I have not published as yet, they can be read on ezinearticles

What I wanted to say here is that Africa is not only Kenya Safari, and South Africa, for that matter, there is the untamed, yet wild part of Africa.

Only those who have ventured to those parts will understand the deeper meaning of what Africa can provide to those who look for it.

This - fortunately or not - is not available to the regular visitor who has pleasures and comfort in mind.

For in those parts all of the aforementioned are absent. The stark opposite is the rule. Spartanic accommodation - if any at all - is the rule rather. ( We slept in the car in Southern Mali, within the boundaries of a local Malenque village ). Mosquitoes buzzing around and taking a pinch of blood is the norm here too.

Apart from the horrible roads that one awaits, many dangers are real.

But this in our next book. We haven't put a date as when to publish it yet. ( I lost my backup disk with a fling of my grandson ). Data has not yet been retrieved as yet.

Please bear with us -

Accra, December 2017, Heinz Rainer

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