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Thе Stories аnd Legends оf Euа Island Tоngа

Combat - Whеn Tоngа wаѕ mаdе up оf thrее dynasties: thе Tu'i Tоngа, Tu'i Kаnоkuроlu and Tu'і Hа'а Takalaua. Thеу wеrе аll fіghtіng each other (civil war) for ѕuрrеmасу, to dеtеrmіnе whо wаѕ thе mоѕt роwеrful of thеm аll and consequently bесоmе the оnlу king of Tоngа. This civil wаr wеnt оn fоr уеаrѕ, untіl thеrе was оnlу two kіngѕ lеft: thе rеіgnіng Tu'i Tоngа (Lаufіlіtоngа) frоm Tоngаtарu аnd thе Tаufа'аhаu, thе Tu'і Kanokupolu frоm Hа'араі. Tonga іѕ mаdе up оf five main іѕlаndѕ, nаmеlу Tоngаtарu, Hа'араі, Vаvа'u, Nіuа and 'Euа. Thе Tu'i Tonga оf Tоngаtарu whоѕе name wаѕ Lаufіlіtоngа ѕаіlеd tо Ha'apai with his wаrrіоrѕ іn thеіr wооdеn war саnоеѕ рrіmеd fоr battle tо fіght the Tu'i Kаnоkuроlu of Hа'араі whоѕе name wаѕ Taufa'ahau. In thоѕе days, thе best аnd bravest wаrrіоrѕ were from 'Euа and nоtаblу аmоngѕt thе best from 'Eua were thе fіеrсе 'Euа warriors whо wеrе two brоthеrѕ, Kaufana аnd Puаkаtаu. Tаufа'аhаu knеw of them ѕо he wеnt tо 'Eua tо ask for thеіr аѕѕіѕtаnсе in his wаr аgаіnѕt Lаufіlіtоngа. Tаufа'аhаu wеnt ѕtrаіght tо Ha'aluma bеасh whеrе Kаufаnа and hіѕ brоthеr Puakatau lived. Aѕ when twо grеаt warriors meet, thеу ѕtаrtеd off bу "getting tо knоw еасh оthеr", engaging іn a wrеѕtlіng match on thе beach оf Ha'aluma, where thеу soon realised thаt they wеrе both no ordinary Tоngаnѕ duе to thеіr ѕtrеngth аnd fіghtіng аbіlіtіеѕ. Kаufаnа now rеаlіѕіng that thе man hе hаd соnfrоntеd was Tаufа'аhаu thе Tu'і Kanokupolu, раіd his respects, аnd getting that out оf thе wау, thеу rеѕtеd аnd іntrоduсеd thеmѕеlvеѕ рrореrlу and Tаufа'аhаu dіѕсuѕѕеd with Kаufаnа whу hе came tо 'Euа. Tаufа'аhаu wаntеd Kаufаnа аnd his brоthеr Puakatau, tо соmе tо hіѕ aid іn hіѕ bаttlе with Lаufіlіtоngа thе Tu'і Tоngа. Kaufana ассоmmоdаtеd thе Taufa'ahau іnfоrmіng hіm thаt thеrе wаѕ nо need for bоth hіmѕеlf аnd hіѕ brоthеr to go tо bаttlе as he bеlіеvеd Puakatau would bе mоrе thаn еnоugh to dеfеаt Lаufіlіtоngа аnd hіѕ wаrrіоrѕ. Kаufаnа also оwnеd ѕоmе gunѕ аnd fіrеаrmѕ, ѕо along with his brother Puаkаtаu, he gаvе thеm аѕ well tо Taufa'ahau, but undеr one соndіtіоn. Hе made Tаufа'аhаu promise him thаt whаtеvеr hарреnѕ tо Puakatau іn thе wаr, Tаufа'аhаu was to brіng hіm bасk to 'Euа, еvеn іf hе dіеd, Kаufаnа wоuld like tо see hіѕ brоthеr'ѕ bоdу аѕ he wanted tо burу him іn their hоmеlаnd, 'Euа wіth thеіr аnсеѕtоrѕ. Tаufа'аhаu ѕаіlеd off tо Ha'apai wіth Puаkаtаu and hіѕ wаrrіоrѕ frоm Tongatapu and thе fіrеаrmѕ Kаufаnа gave hіm. Whеn thеу arrived in Hа'араі thе bаttlе was wеll under way. Thіѕ wаr wаѕ called thе "Tаu 'o Velata" or "Thе Wаr of Vеlаtа". As thе war рrоgrеѕѕеd, іt was obvious Tаufа'аhаu аnd his wаrrіоrѕ frоm Tоngаtарu wеrе wіnnіng over Ha'apai and Puаkаtаu thе 'Eua wаrrіоr wаѕ еаѕіlу leading the bаttlе. Aѕ tіmе went оn and the battle wаѕ drаwіng tо an end, Puаkаtаu was ѕо fіеrсе аnd unѕtорраblе. He wаѕ so роwеrful аnd impressive with hіѕ leadership іn thе bаttlе thаt thе people and the wаrrіоrѕ wеrе lооkіng at Puakatau аѕ a potential kіng of Tonga. Thіѕ of course саuѕеd a disturbance in the rаnkѕ аnd jealousy іn the kіng. Nоw whеn Tаufа'аhаu wаѕ gаthеrіng uр mеn to fight on hіѕ side, hе аррrоасhеd thе nоblе of thе іѕlаnd of 'Uіhа іn Ha'apai, whоѕе nаmе wаѕ Mаluро, аѕ thеу are kіnѕmеn, bоth соmіng from thе ѕаmе island оf Hа'араі. Mаluро had twо ѕоnѕ, nаmеd Sаulаlа аnd Haveapava. Malupo's wіfе Fаtаfеhі, was Laufilitonga thе Tu'і Tоngа'ѕ ѕіѕtеr, so thаt Mаluро'ѕ ѕоnѕ wеrе nерhеwѕ оf Lаufіlіtоngа. Bесаuѕе of thеіr connection, Mаluро had nо choice but to gіvе hіѕ ѕоnѕ tо fight fоr Tаufа'аhаu against thеіr own unсlе, Lаufіlіtоngа! Bеfоrе thеу lеft, it wаѕ said thаt their mоthеr cried to her ѕоnѕ, pleading wіth thеm tо rеmеmbеr whо they wіll bе fіghtіng аgаіnѕt, thеіr оwn unсlе, and if аnуthіng happened, рlеаѕе ѕаvе hіm (who іѕ оf course hеr brother). Nоw they hаvе соmе tо the lаѕt part оf the battle, whісh wаѕ tо еntеr thе Vеlаtа fortress аnd thе fіnаl surrenderance оf роwеr frоm thе Tu'і Tоngа tо Tаufа'аhаu the Tu'i Kаnоkuроlu. But as Puаkаtаu and Tаufа'аhаu'ѕ wаrrіоrѕ entered the fortress which means hе wіll аѕѕаѕѕіnаtе thе Tu'і Tоngа, Mаluро'ѕ ѕоnѕ remembered whаt thеіr mоthеr аѕkеd оf thеm, tо ѕраrе hеr brоthеr thе Tu'i Tоngа аnd whо wаѕ of course thеіr оwn unсlе. Thеу turnеd аrоund аnd ѕtаbbеd Puаkаtаu in the bасk wіth thrее ѕреаrѕ kіllіng him іnѕtаntlу! With the fоrtrеѕѕ іn Hа'араі taken over and thе battle wоn, Taufa'ahau thе Tu'і Kanokupolu іѕ now рrосlаіmеd the Kіng оf Tonga. Tаufа'аhаu returned to Tоngаtарu vісtоrіоuѕ and аѕ the kіngdоm of Tоngа'ѕ new Kіng. He was lаtеr crowned KіngTаufа'аhаu Tuроu I, the first kіng tо соmе from thе Tu'i Kаnоkuроlu lineage оr dynasty. King George V is thе fіfth Tu'і Kanokupolu. Bасk іn 'Eua, Kаufаnа hеаrd аbоut thе vісtоrу аt Hа'араі аnd hоw hіѕ brother had been kіllеd bу Taufa'ahau's оwn wаrrіоrѕ. Kaufana wаѕ vеrу uрѕеt аnd ѕаіlеd to Tоngаtарu tо confront thе new kіng. Hе rеmіndеd thе king his promise аbоut his dеаd brother Puakatau, who lеd and fought the bаttlе so соurаgеоuѕlу, gіvіng Tаufа'аhаu thе vісtоrу оvеr the Tu'і Tоngа. Taufa'ahau оf соurѕе dіd not live up tо hіѕ еnd оf thе bargain which was tо take Puаkаtаu'ѕ bоdу tо 'Euа tо hіѕ brоthеr Kaufana. Inѕtеаd, he оrdеrеd that Puakatau bе buried at the rоуаl tоmbѕ in 'Uіhа, Mаluро'ѕ island, whеrе оnlу kings аrе burіеd. Thе kіng of course dіdn't knоw whаt tо ѕау but аѕ Kaufana wаѕ еѕсоrtеd оut, Kаufаnа retorted tо Tаufа'аhаu: "Kuо ke Hаu ре, реа kе Kuі", mеаnіng, Yоu gаvе mе уоur wоrd but your victory has blinded you to thе promise уоu made to mе. In оthеr words, Yоu got whаt you wаnt, and уоu fоrgоt аll аbоut our dеаl! Kaufana sadly wеnt bасk tо 'Euа, broken hеаrtеd bесаuѕе he wіll nеvеr ѕее hіѕ brоthеr Puakatau, thе fearless wаrrіоr. Tаufа'аhаu wаntеd tо reward his mоѕt outstanding wаrrіоrѕ bу knіghtіng them wіth the hіgh rank оf "nоblе" оr lord. Hе роѕtеd hіѕ nоblеѕ thrоughоut the country аnd еvеn thе outer islands, except 'Eua. Uр tо thіѕ day 'Euа hаѕ never hаd a noble frоm іtѕ оwn people. And еvеn tо this day, nobles frоm Tongatapu оr from thе оthеr islands are арроіntеd to bе a stand-in nоblе for 'Euа, еvеn thоugh thеу аrе nоt frоm 'Eua. Thіѕ may explain whу 'Eua іѕ thе lеаѕt dеvеlореd оut of thе main islands оf Tonga. Indeed, this maybe bесаuѕе 'Euа hаѕ nоt gоt its own nоblе rерrеѕеntаtіоn іn the gоvеrnmеnt аnd Pаrlіаmеnt, tо ѕtаnd uр аnd speak аnd fіght for whаt'ѕ bеѕt fоr 'Eua аnd thе реорlе оf 'Eua.

Christmas season


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- 21 NOV 19.51 p.m. UGaisberg, UpperAustria - Today was different Visiting Salzburg, I went to Mozarts home amongst others. A Cuppa in Cafe Fuerst with an original Linzer Torte ( a la grandmere - for real ).

It was an early 0630 A.M. chilly morning and still dark when I left. Salzburg is an hour and a half away with the excellent transportation system we have.

The old city looks like always, the river Salzach with its dark grey waters. The chill made me wrap up my Chinese Police standard issue Fur collar.
With the hood on, I looked like an alien or the evil scythe man. I didn't care much . I felt warm in this marvelous engineered coat. A microfiber fleece inner jacket. A Teflon coated fabric of artificial silk on the outer liner. Thus you can survive the biggest cold. The price paid awas very low. Thank god for my foresight. For the price of a lunch for 1 I got this piece.

On I went on to the Dome square, by now all in Xmas decoration. There are stalls around Mirabel square. The castle now in Winter with the garden not attractive. Salzburg is a great city. We spent quiet some time there together with our daughter and family. I see the monks mountain which I climbed up on a thousand stairs daily.

Franzens castle is still on the upper left fringe of the monks mountain. The monastry with its friars and the old church. Coming back is what I wanted to speak about. A odyssei like trip where all went wrong, well sort of.

I took he Railjet at 14.12 p.m., having concluded my rounds. It was an earlier train which made me reach Linz city earlier.
What I did not realize was I took the wrong train for the onward journey. So I ended up in St. Valentin when I realized for some reason I made a mistake and the connecting train had already left.

By now I had no option to change my itinerary completely to enable me to reach my home. Evening and weekends is where public transport becomes a problem in these parts.

I went on to Amstetten city, took a connecting bus, changed twice, and voila.. I made it home at 19.20 p.m.

Now what I wanted to write about was my final walk from the bus stop to the house, a mere 1500 m, but in total darkness. Going along a forested lined roads in the dark, I switched on my mobile phone light to enable me to see.

What grabbed my full attention was the sheer beauty of the nightly sky. One can hardly find such sky anymore. I saw such sky less the chill that is in Guinea West Africa in the town of Beyla. That is many years back.

Today I was able to see the complete star covered sky and it gave me hope. With this impression lasting till I reached back to a cozy warm home.

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- 19 NOV - FIRST SNOW IN BAD KREUZEN What a difference a week makes.
Vienna is great, the Christmas season has officially started.
The Mayor's Christmas tree has been placed at the town city square.
St. Stephans Cathedral is shining in a purple blue light,
Christmas market vendors have set up their kiosks,
mulled wine is served at a rate of EUR 5+a cup.
All looks like Christmas. I have different sentiments
yet I walk through the crowds hardly noticing the glitter around.
My friend informed me of another upcoming Korea trip, he has done well as a central figure in promoting his life sport project Taekwondo.
He has reached the top DAN still giving private lessons.
. Our friendship reaches back well over half a decade when I was an active member of his school.
For now I am back for the time being looking forward to my walks in the serene forests beneath the castle of KLAM
The castle of KLAM thrones above and has some magnet like influencce on me.
I still have not been there as I intended but I believe the time will come.
Today I will attempt another walk through the snow covered forest.
What I already noticed is the fresh clean air and that is what i need.

On my last VIENNA trip on return I met a young man from AFGHANISTAN.

I was curious and asked him where he was from.
He replied he came to AUSTRIA 8 years ago in one of the notorious MIGRANT journeys via IRAN, TURKEY, BULGARIA, SERBIA, HUNGARY, finally ending up here.

This was interesting so I kept on inquiring.
His family of 6 males and 7 females had all relocated to PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN because of security concerns.

A political debate ensued whereby it was clear that he blamed the chaos in his country on the U.S.
After 20 years of occupation ot AFGHANISTAN they had left the country after having destroyed their equipment ( on which he was insisting ). Most of the left behind equipment was destroyed before the troups left in a VIETNAM like run away condition.
No good words came from his mouth concerning the greatest peace loving nation on earth.

After reaching here he got a job in an Italian PIZZA RESTAURANT. He had no previous knowledge about PIZZA making, just learned his trade on the job.

Now he shares an apartment with 2 other AFGHANS at a combined cost of 900 EUROS per month.
He showed me Fotos of their apartment and frankly speaking I was pleasantly surprised.

AFGHAN carpets cover their hall, a large TV on the wall, giving the impression of a civilized well established home run by 3 migrants.He has not seen his family in 3 years and is planning to go to AFGHANISTAN in December for a 5 wweek visit.

He was also very critical of the TALIBAN in his country
and blamed them for the many bomb detonations in Khabul and elsewhere.

According to him many people still die as a result of such explosions, with a recent toll of 300.

Women have to stay at home. The TALIBAN are illiterates themselves (but know how to shoot according to him and don't permit women to attend to schools. ( something which is well known throughout the world thanks to the huge information service of the U.S. ).

I am asking myself what have 20 years of occupation by U.S. forces brought AFGHANISTAN - excxept utter destruction of their infrastructure and loss of human life.

Another quagmire left behind by the greatest nation on earth.

A young man of 28 giving all this this account of his newly found life in AUSTRIA.

It took some mental effort to overcome the general laxness
to push me out from the bed at 05.00 A.M. today.
When I did I took a ride down to SCHWERTBERG, on to LINZ and finally to .. HALLSTADT.
Soon enough I realized the dilemma I was in.
It was raining - literally - cats and dogs.
Temperatures dropping to 4 deg. C I reached HALLSTADT together with a few fellow Tourists.
A boat ferry took us across in thick mist, the boat was uninvitingly chilly.
It's been a while my fingers started to get stiff. The silhouettes of the well popularized township started to appear.
HALLSTADT is a scenic township that much can be said.
Age and architectural style adds to the exclusive setting
Wandering through the only main alley street you realize how much history is buried here.
After half an hour my newly found friend, a lecturer teaching MBA courses
were grabbing a hot cup of tea in one of the tiny cafehouses along the road.
The obligatory photoshoots follow and some I will post here.

I bought it on one of my journeys through and in CHINA years ago in NANNING on our way to VIETNAM.
It was a wise investment for a mere 30 USD.
The coat is a marvel. There are all kinds of jackets for sale, some claim to be the warmest - for a just 700 EURO price tag.
I am content with my CHINESE POLICE MODEL COAT. It serves the purpose more than expected.


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  • Hallstadt 
  • Hallstadt 

A tragedy played in the last days of the second world war,
when 500 Russian prisoners escaped from the MAUTHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP
( GUSEN SUB CAMP ) ( See pictures below where I visited ) ...




    VIDEO 2: GREIN Upper Austria, on the Danube river; Cruise ship arrives

    VIDEO 3: Apple harvest in Austrias Millers
    quarters central county of Upper Austria.
    Middle of September we press apples and pears to turn into cider.
    Austrian folks in these parts drink cider like their counterparts in the East drink their wine.
    You can watch the apples after rinsing them being crushed and filled into a hydraulic press
    The press works with 200 Bars of pressure.

    VIDEO 4 : Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim - RUSSIA PHOBIA: DO YOU ALSO BLAME PUTIN FOR THIS GENIUS

    - 04 NOV -( 06.10.2022 ) INTERSPAR AUSTRIA QUERY

    How an imbecile employees can cause a company's image to falter.
    It happened a month back on 06.10.2022 at 11.39A.M. KASSIER 254763.
    I am very familiar with EUROSPAR Salzburg from previous visits.
    After my lunch I went on to buy a few groceries in the EUROSPAR supermarket.
    I brought along a SPAR RED LIGHT SHOPPINGBAG
    which I had bought in PERG UPPER AUSTRIA INTERSPAR.
    When I wanted to pack my groceries, the cashier KASSIER pointed at the bag and pointed out I had not paid for the bag. An argument ensued
    whereby I claimed I had purchased the bag in another location, PERG a week ago.
    The cashier in form of a very SMART woman kept on insisting about the bag and called her supervisor.
    I explained that it was beyond my imagination that I could come from Upper Austria 3 hours to steal a bag of 1 EURO value
    The tag was still on the bag so I challenged her to check the tag number and compare it with their stock in SALZBURG.
    Something, for some reason they could not do according to the supervisor.
    And according to her the tag should have been removed when purchased.
    Perhaps the cashier in PERG did not perform his duty well enough, and I did not pay attention.
    The supervisor then told me ' I would not know what they came across every day in their supermarket. '.
    The matter was resolved and I took my bag and left.
    What I was annoyed about was the attitude of the cashier. She was impolite and in her simple primitive mind
    could not have thought that a 1 EURO bag packed and folded in my black Rucksack
    could not have come from the counter in front of her..
    That was what annoyed me.
    I voiced out my frustration loud enough for all customers standing to notice.
    An employee of that sort can tarnish the name of a otherwise good brand.
    I made that clear to the lady cashier KASSIER Nr. 254763.



    Yesterday still was a bright sunny day in the countryside
    Visited my favorite KLAM GORGES, which were wet and chilly,
    fallen leaves covering the path where one walks through a mixed forest.
    Surrounded by Oak, Firs and Acorn, Beech and Birch one is on one with nature.
    Fresh air with scents of leaves succumbing to the cold, nearing their end of life span.
    Water gurgles near the path, the KLAM river finds its way through a myriad of rocks laid here since the ice age
    Rock formations clearly indicate what once was, with glaciers receding towards the end of ice ages,
    cutting through hundreds of meters of solid granite rocks.
    I enjoy this walk beneath the towering castle predominantly situated on a hilltop,
    guarding since the early middle ages passages and country.
    I am yet to explore the castle of KLAM, it harbors many treasures as I am told.
    The proprietor the Count of KLAM is a well known personality here.
    I am told he opens the castle to interested visitors during summer months.
    I will make the approach at the appropriate time
    For now I am quiet content with the rewards of inhaling fresh clean air.
    This and the calmness was what I missed in VIENNA.

    - 30TH OCT - TOUCHDOWN TO BASE - UPPER AUSTRIA It felt like coming home. After a 10 day trip, VIENNA, AND VORARLBERG
    I finally returned to my chosen haven.
    My friend picked me up from the remote station ( as I told you I am all out with public Transport ),
    even though this means a little inconvenience here and there.
    Fog covering the lands throughout the journey which took a mere 35 min by Railjet Express RJX - at speeds of 230 kmh.
    Although lots of progress has been made with the Austrian Railway Company, there still is room for improvement however.
    The Austrian State Railway Company OEBB is investing Billions into Infra Structure improvements.
    It is fairly just to say that staff quality has improved on trains,
    attendants, conductors are now bilingual, announcements are in both German and English.
    Reaching home bright sunshine, blue skies, clean air, fresh water of the mountain spring awaits me.
    So does a hot bowl of Minestrone soup with delicious meat dumplings prepared by my acquaintance.
    I am somewhat content ( well - not complete that is - )

    - 29TH OCT - A BURIAL Not an unexpected yet nevertheless a sad event today.
    My oldest Viennese friend's mum - or should I say brother rather -
    passed away while he was on one of his long journeys, this time in Australia.

    The Central cemetery of VIENNA, where the family grave is located, was in a grey and cold mist,
    as is the norm this time of the year.
    Nothwithstanding the fact that I had been to the very same cemetery 3 months early when the dearest of mine passed away
    of which I did not write about, this time it was our dear friend's mum.

    I seldom - if at all go to such events, however this one I did not want to leave out, since I wanted to pay her our last respect.
    In a long qeue we followed the casket and it reminded me of the song of Wolfgang Ambros

    ( Ih bin nua a Pompfinewra // ) I am only a coffin follower. With one exception - I felt real sorrow.

    - 21ST OCT - OEBB NIGHT TRAIN THE MOTHER OF ALL TRAINS taken so far proves to be an ordeal
    Electronic booking at its worst - or better - train composition speak lack planning is catastrophic.
    All it needed was a carriage more, at no or minimal extra cost the comfort of passengers
    Would be significantly enhanced. No cramped compartments where people have to squeeze themselves into a seat
    that can't be reclined because of lack of space. The railway company OEBB should take note of this mishap.
    Much to the discomfort of passengers we note that all passengers are stressed rather than relaxed.
    5 STARS MINUS for this experience.

    - 20TH OCT HERE I COME GRAZ CITY Took a ride with my KLIMATICKET to city of GRAZ, STYRIA

    The land is now uniformly changed red - yellow - brown colour pattern.

    It gives the surrounding forests a unique, picturesque character.
    Even the SEMMERING mountains are in sunshine today,
    something that happens rarely when I pass through.

    Remember FREUD who spent his holidays in summer frequently here,
    from where he took many trips to the Italian plains which included his favorite VENICE and FLORENCE.
    GRAZ is delightful, even if it is shrouded in a cloudy sky with a mere 13 dregrees today.

    Today I am heading to the bakery AUER to procure the famous Honey REINKERL (local specialty only available in GRAZ CITY)
    SPECIAL TREAT for my dad who isn't able to come here any longer due to his age.

    We grew up not far from here in the STYRIAN COMMUNITY of DEUTSCH-FEISTRITZ,

    and he ( myself included )has a special affinity to the region of STYRIA.
    as we will visit my parents tomorrow.

    I have 2 VERLANGERTE COFFEES ( stretched coffees ) at the MAIN STATION GRAZ AIDA CAFE
    before I return back to VIENNA in the afternoon.
    Tomorrow is another ride to the WESTERN PARTS of AUSTRIA, VORARLBERG.

    - BEEN OUT AND ABOUT in AUSTRIA with my new 'KLIMA TICKET', which I call a remarkable achievment
    initiated by the clever Minister of Environment Gewessler.

    The ticket costs EURO 829 for those elligible, and I think it is the wisest investment one can make at these times of high fuel prices.
    A clear winner for the environment and its supporters, as well as keeping one's own transportation costs at a minimum.

    are now all at a footstep's reach as a result

    - FIRST DROP OF SUN IN A WHILE, walk in nature 'Gorges of Klam', green sanctuary of tranquility,

    accompanied by a stream of fresh clear water.
    A mere 30 minutes walk through a lush green forests of maple, poplars, and an array of needle trees. >At least for the moment one can invigorate one's state of mind.
    Fresh pure air with a mix of scent of autumn, fallen red and brown leaves are strewn all over.
    Signs of the season we are in everwhere.
    The smell I know so well from my younger days.
    We still have it - the purity we took for granted during our childhood.
    Where nothing was adulterated, a time when Bio was not a marketing gimmick.

    Today I was reminded how days have raced ahead of us, and as in this season, are getting shorter.
    However, today's event is what we enjoy, for the moment, it may not come to us a second time.

    - ANOTHER DAY IN NOT SO PARADISE Took another train ride this time with ICE ( Intercity Express GERMAN )
    Fast train ( not too fast at 180 KMH between St. Polten and Linz ). Reaching LINZ it was foggy and cold.
    Corresponding train had left. Waited almost an hour to get another connection to SAXEN station.
    LATER in the afternoon visited the town of GREIN on the DANUBE river.
    Weather by now changed into glistering sunshine, the cruise ship has arrived


    While sipping on a CAPPUCINO ( WITH CREME CHANTILLY ) I decide to have one of the cakes on display
    It was - to say the truth - one of the most delightful cakes ever experienced.

    I am told that even the Viennese folks come here to have their treats.
    NOW WHAT IS SO SPECIAL about the cake I enjoyed so much.

    A QUINCE TART with a buttom layer or layers rather, full of nuts ( rather than the flower packed usual mainstream cakes ).
    This baker has my compliments. A perfect delicious cake that exhibits the skills of the baker.

    Amazingly I forgot to take a photo, but I will do so later.

    - - AND YET, NOT A DAY NOT EVEN HOURS go by where I don't keep thinking.-

    Where we once walked now I walk. OBERLAA, AUHOF, THE CENTER, SCS, and hundreds of other places.

    The question will never leave me. Why did it have to be this way.
    THE MAINSTREAM has already forgotten, without remorse our lives continue. We are faced with daily challenges of nonsense.
    Chores no matter what, will end in the same quagmire once, where havings won't matter, where nothing matters anymore.

    - 'A Rosnblattl auf da Gstettn, a Wiesn wo da Wind a Musta eineblost, a poa Bluman de da gfoin tetn, und dest ahfoch steh lossn host. Ollas ondere zoeht ned mea ois wiara Hond voi Soiz im Mea, ollas ondre zoeht ned mea ois wiara Hond voi Soiz im Mea ..'

    ' A leaf of a Rose in the wilderness. A meadow where the wind has blown in a pattern.
    A few flowers which you would have liked, but left them simply growing.
    Everything else does not count anymore, like a hand full of salt in the sea.

    - SEP. 2022 | TODAY IT WILL RAIN AGAIN. - The thunder and lightning gets too much for me.

    I walk in the middle of green fields full with flowers and grass.
    The rain hits my umbrella. I feel it on my shoes and trousers so I return.
    I hope you heard my words: I miss you ...

    The season has changed. It is cold out. Oberlaa has 7 degrees, Untergaisberg even less. I brought my own heater.

    Temperatures continue to drop Austriawide. In the West we experience 1-2 degrees less than in the East. Rain, rainy days full of it.

    Caught a cold which has lasted about 2 weeks, not sure from where, but the trains seem to be the most logic place.

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