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Bahrain culture

bahrain culture and settings tala island

Today I take you on a trip to discover one of my favorite parts of the island.

bahrain sunset
bahrain sunset

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bahrain boats
bahrain boats

Bahrain gives me new insights into a society that is one of the most civilized I have met in my entire life.

Islam is not what the west portrays it as

It also made me understand that Islam is not what some people in the West think of.

Bahrainis have a culture deeply rooted in Islam.

Muharraq traditional fishing harbor

bahrain boats
bahrain boats

Nowhere else one feels as welcome as here.

This is a modern society and one can live in a modern and peaceful surrounding here.

The Kingdom of Bahrain referred to as the state, is an island country on the west coast of the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia linked by bridge

Saudi Arabia is located in the west of Bahrain.

It is connected by the King Fahd Bridge.

Iran is located in the north.

The Qatar Peninsula is located on the southeast side of the Gulf of Bahrain.

Tropical desert climate

The climate is a tropical desert climate.

In 2010, the total population of Bahrain was 1,234,571, including 666,172 foreigners

What are the differences between Arab countries?

Lots of people think that all Arabs are the same thing.

Bahrain desert

bahrain desert
bahrain desert

It is is the birthplace of Dilmen civilization.

In 628 AD, the country became one of the first regions to be converted to Islam.

After a period of Arab rule, Portugal occupied Bahrain in 1521.

In 1602 the Portuguese were expelled by Abbas the Great of the Safavid dynasty.


bahrain boats
bahrain boats

bahrain flag
bahrain flag

In 1783, the Baniuba tribe seized Bahrain from the Qajar dynasty.

It was back then the Al-Khalifa family established a dynasty and rules to the present day.

Ahmed Al Fata was the first Hakim in Bahrain.

Bahrain forest

In the late 19th century, the Kingdom entered into a contract with Britain.

This contract made it a British protectorate.

In 1971, Bahrain declared independence as an emirate and later declared to be a kingdom in 2002.

Bahrain is the first Persian Gulf country to enter a post-oil economy.

The current Bahraini economy is not dependent on oil.

Since the late 20th century, the government has supported investments in banking and tourism.

Manama capital

Manama is home to large domestic and foreign financial institutions.

Bahrain has a high human development index (ranked 44th in the world).

It is also recognized as a high-income economy by the World Bank.

Bahrain forest

bahrain karzakkanforest
bahrain karzakkanforest

Ushered in the “oil age”, a new generation of Arab businessmen who set off a wave of “petrodollars”.

It’s not like the ancestors who drove the camel team in the desert; now, they are in business.

Bahrain is innovating

In a time of fierce competition with the rest of the world, Bahrain is innovating.

The most advanced transportation and communication tools have been used.

The aim is to turn the dream of a “global village” into reality.

Business tentacles have also extended to the four oceans and five continents.


bahrain karzakkan forest
bahrain karzakkan forest

This will ensure Bahrain becoming the world business arena to play a pivotal role.

A new generation of Arab businessmen inherited the influence of traditional Islamic culture.

They are also educated in the West

Influence, showing the wisdom of ancient civilization.

bahrain resort
bahrain resort

New way of life

New oil riches, with his unique management and thinking, is part of a new way of life.

And lifestyles have become a special way that attracts attention.

This way helps in playing a more important role in the global economic structure.

Great role

The defense and entrepreneurship of modern and contemporary Arab businessmen.

It comprises traditional thinking, failure and success, dreams, and reality.

The portrayal of conservative values

From poverty to wealth

There is a saying in ancient China that “the ruler has its strengths and the inch has its shortness”


bahrain karzakkan forest
bahrain karzakkan forest

It means that each has its advantages and strengths.

This sentence is even more true at the national and international levels.

Typical Arab

For example, Jews are good at science and technology and business, and so on.

For some ethnic groups, what they were good at is likely to be lost and eliminated.

The most typical is Arab Muslims are good at doing business.

The ancient Muslim merchants are all over the world.

Arab merchants spread all over the world.

Arab merchants doing business

The Tang Dynasty was the most developed period in China’s history.

There were Arab merchants doing business on a large scale.

They formed a group of rich men of Semu.

Many Chinese people descended from these Muslim merchants.

Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia, even Europe, Africa.

In many other places, Arab and Muslim businessmen have settled.

Hardworking and courageous, not afraid of life and death, and trade all over the world.

Making Eastern and Western products interoperable and interconnected.

These businessmen have become the pioneers for Muslims to open up world territory.

Bahrain Samaheej mosque

bahrain samaheej mosque
bahrain samaheej mosque

The most typical Muslim countries in Southeast Asia were first developed by Muslim businessmen.

It can be said that the Muslims of this period were truly the source of world merchants, and they were all well-known for their business.

Many people may ask, why are Muslims so good at doing business?

Prophet Muhammad

The most important person was and is Muhammad, the founder of Muslims.

Before the founding of Islam, he was a big businessman.

Thus, Muslims have great respect for business, which is unmatched by other nations.

At that time, Muslims were not inferior to Jews in terms of business ability.

They had reached the point where they crossed the world.

From world religions, the most conservative is Islam.

They do not like too much change which a shortcoming.

In barter trade with very low technology in ancient times, Muslims were able to succeed.

By taking advantage of Arabia’s superior position between the East and the West, they can cross the world.

After the Industrial Revolution, most businesses transferred to science and technology.

Proven philosophy

You must climb the peak and not be afraid of hardship to become a leader in business.



Bahrain culture and setting – Tala island

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