Since changing and tweaking it’s algorithm again the News Feed (in order to make it more )personal___!!!! and more hard to spread rumors and false stories too, Facebook comes out and talks about a reduced usage rate by roughly fifty!!! million hours every day.

That is a really hard fall ( as we have previously reported ) ( so where are all the Facebook touting webinar leaders and gurus now who were cashing in on the sheer phenomena of FB traffic generation Mr. CEO Mark sugar mountain has said it: ‘it would happen’, I can’t take his word on this, like so many other words spoken in the past. in the long run, the measures will be showing results. Today released news when announcing earnings for its fourth quarter of 2017.

Reduced usage is showing elsewhere, too. Though Facebook claims it saw a fourteen!!! ( read our article on FB vs Google traffic – ) percent quarter-over-quarter increase in daily and monthly active users ( I say this is totally wrong, it actually dropped from one hundred and eighty-five million to one hundred and eighty-four million daily users in the US and Canada and stayed at a down figure of two hundred thirty-nine million for monthly users.

“While usage grew in all other regions – according to them – measured, growth was slower than it’s been since 2015 ) now that statement makes a lot of sense when reading our article

Now listen to more encouraging talk” In 2018, we are making sure FB isn’t just fun, but also good for people’s well-being(!) , beneficial for our society, he said in a statement this afternoon. ‘We’re doing this -in order to encouraging meaningful connections_ between people ( manipulating users minds ) rather than passive consumption of content … By focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business!!! will be stronger over the long term.

In November, FB said its commitment to ‘preventing abuse on our platforms’ would ‘impact our profitability,’ and it may already be feeling that to an extent. For its final quarter of 2017, Facebook brought in $13 billion ) ask you where this revenue came from – really, in revenue and $4.3 billion in profit, up from $8.8 billion and $3.6 billion this time last year.

Profits missed investors’ expectation, rising only 19 percent on a per share instead of closer to the 60 percent that investors were expecting , according to forecasts ( The Wall Street Journal _). It’s full-year numbers for 2017 saw substantial increases. (All that gobbledygook is only to wash yours and investor’s eyes), but can’t convince anyone who has a clearer view of what FB really wants.



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