Coffee and migraines (part 2)

During the exercises I noticed one in particular which seemed to relieve me almost instantly. - . I noticed my head turn red - a sign of increased blood flow to the brain - and with it came the relieve. Vascular problems may have aggrevated the symptoms, still I was able to find remedy myself. I had been to numerous physicians - and traditional healing practitioners  - hospital stays included.


With migraines we feel left - to right sided headaches. No remedy seems good enough, Cafergot was not giving enough relieve.  Feverfew can give relieve, often it needs time to show its effectiveness, depending on each individual 's state of health in general. In my case feverfew did not relieve my migraines. Numerous other herbal remedies are available, one I found mentionsworthy is the Tibetan detox tea : CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE ..