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Still I see the captain in front of us, likeit was yesterday.
Captain Lukesch was promoted to Major back in the Eighties, he went on to aerve in the U.N. forces on the Golan, during which he ended up having a quarrel with the Israeli troops there.
As a result he was re-patriated. That was lijehim, never to take nonsense, always straight to the point.
My last cintact with him was in the nineties.
He was already retired and in his seventies when I came across a headline from Austria.
He served as an adviser to the local Boyscouts in the city of Bruck an der Leitha in Lower Austria where he lived.
He has since then, sadly passed on, and all we have of him is this short narration.
As time goes by I hope to publish another ahort story in honor of Capt. Walter Lukesch, the greatest man I ever met.
R.I.P. Walter Lukesch.
Heinz Rainer, July 08th, 2020, Juffair, Bahrain

P.S. ;
.. Heimat bist Du großerSöhne, volksbegnadet für das Schöne,
vielgeliebtes Österreich, vielgeprüftes Österreich.

Excerpt of National Anthem:

” You are home to great sons, people are gifted in beauty, widely loved Austria, widely tested Austria …