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All eyes are once again set on the tiny town of Davos



In the Canton ( province ) of Graubuenden, Switzerland one can find an array of small towns nestled between the Swiss Alps.

Access to the mountainous region is via car or train and car, except for those who prefer to take their own helicopter.



glarus switzerland

Graubuenden Switzerland

canton glarus

Graubuenden Switzerland near Davos

Apart from its beauty there are also some concerns in and around Davos.

From the perspective of President Doris Leuthard, the World Economic Forum is important for Switzerland. But Davos should be careful with its hotel rates. They have risen to extremely high levels.

Davos Glarus

Davos area

davos glarus

Davos area

Asked by a journalist from Graubuenden whether the WEF could be implemented elsewhere than in Davos, the President said on Friday that Davos was now fully established.

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It would therefore make little sense to relocate the event to another city. In addition, the unique mountain scenery offers the WEF guests an additional incentive to participate.


Expensive Davos

“But you have to be careful in Davos with the prices,” said Leuthard to the address of the city. “You do not do any good for Davos”. The same problem exists in Geneva: some would demand “shameless” hotel prices. That worries the entire Federal Council. “Switzerland is otherwise very expensive.”

hotels in switzerland

Hotels in Switzerland

The press corps of the US president has already landed. This Wednesday morning in Zurich-Kloten, around three dozen of the nearly 120 reporters who accompany Donald Trump (71) on his visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) arrived.

Two buses took them to Lenzerheide GR. For Davos GR, no free beds could be found in Davos GR for the media train of the White House. Now the journalists commute daily for an hour through the Landwassertal to the WEF.


davos glarus

Davos and St. Moritz

davos - st. moritz

St. Moritz

Tomorrow another start of the world economic forum takes place in Davos.

Trump will see less of Switzerland than the reporters. He will land, travel to Davos, meet politicians and managers in windowless rooms, eat, sleep, make a speech, and then leave again. Not at his side: First Lady Melania Trump (47).

Every minute of his journey is precisely defined


Airforce One landing

After a night flight, Air Force One will land in Zurich-Kloten on Thursday morning. The Boeing 747 will take off again on Friday afternoon. Every minute of Trump’s journey is well planned, for security reasons only a few details are known.

If everything goes according to plan, the President will be in Switzerland between 29 hours and 35 minutes between landing and take-off.

davos - st. moritz

Davos – St. Moritz

From Zurich, Trump flies with the helicopter Marine One to Davos at the WEF, where he will meet several politicians and managers of large corporations. Thursday’s meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confirmed.

In the evening he participates in a WEF reception. After that he eats with European managers. Invited to dinner are bosses of companies, “have already invested heavily in the US,” said economic advisor Gary Cohn yesterday. “We want them to continue investing and encourage others.”

Trump will meet only four people – including Alain Berset

On Friday, Trump meets with Rwandan President Paul Kagame (60). He has scheduled a fourth bilateral meeting with Swiss Federal President Alain Berset (45). According to several sources it takes place on Friday before noon.

After that, the president should prepare for his speech, which he will deliver in the afternoon at the convention center. Trump wants to encourage the top managers present to invest in the USA.

He will lure with low taxes. Immediately after the speech, he travels back to Zurich-Kloten, from where the Air Force One sent him to Washington D.C. will fly.

road to Davos




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