Published on April 27, 2018


Morning has broken. For once we are on the way earlier so we can get to Turkmenabad in time. Our BMW bike is in front of the hotel entrance, and I want to go down a small step before we started charging.

Start button pressed – nothing. A glance shows: battery is empty. It can’t be we think since the battery is new and besides, we drove persistently.

But it is so, nevertheless. After two days, the juice is out.

Clever Norbert has, of course, thought ahead for this case and taken a starter battery.

One of these useful things that can also be used as a flashlight or as reserve battery. 20,000 volts in the jacket pocket.

So, quickly attached, start button pressed and – nothing.

Clever Norbert forgot to reload the starter battery.

One and a half hours charging in the hotel lobby brings nothing, we realize while attempting to load the battery.

The hotel people on the phone, the battery is removed, and a new taxi is called in. It turns out to be only half as strong as the old one; the engine does not make a sound.

Meanwhile, I suspect that the starter is defect. Old battery in, a company Turkmen push and nothing. The rear wheel is blocked.

One last attempt with a Turkmen starter cable (two meters wire to a car battery) – same result.

The Turkmens are discussing; a new one is coming – Ha! He speaks English and works on BMW cars. No problem, he says and calls for his buddies.

The tow truck comes, and for 40 manats we drive to a BMW workshop. Unfortunately only for cars, the boss waves. Another 40 manats later we land in the yard of a small farm.

The owner breeds chickens, racing pigeons, and huge dogs and has a Honda racing machine. He goes to work immediately and soon it is clear that the starter is OK.

After a short while, the BMW is running again, and I have no idea how he did it. Everything reassembled, I drive back to the hotel.

Today it is too late to drive on; tomorrow it will go in a one stretch to Turkmenabad and across the border.

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bmw damaged tire
bmw damaged tire
wounded bmw bike turkmenabad
wounded bmw bike turkmenabad



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