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Facebook new revelations and what to expect in future

Why does one still use Facebook and deliver data to them?

It comes as no surprise to me: Facebook is the No1 spynetwork of the web.

Facebook no
Facebook no

As a marketing tool Fb has little value, as has been established by several studies.

Paying for Fb ads ? I’d rather take my money elsewhere.

I ask myself why should anyone continue using the platform?

Facebook vs Google traffic
Facebook vs Google traffic

For saying hi to a friend who then is listed and scrutinized ?

How low have we become really.

Facebook homes in on you

Each time you have visited a website that has a Facebook Like button or one of its tracking pixels embedded, it is tracking you whether you have a Fb account or not.


But now the social media giant has released a new 229 page document that contains details on all the different ways Facebook collects data from people.


The document contains all the answers CEO Mark Sugarmountain gave to US Congress last month in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Staggering details


While some of the details aren’t that surprising – most of us know or could guess that it tracks things like your location, time zone and what device you use, some of the other revelations on the data it collects are pretty staggering.


For example, Facebook admits that it tracks the movement of your mouse and has the ability to monitor near you or that are connected to the same network, such as smart TVs.


Quote: “We collect information from and about the computers, phones, connected TVs and other web-connected devices users use that integrate with our Products, and we combine this information across different devices users use,” Facebook said.  Unquote. ( B.S.)


( Needless to say I don’t believe what they say except that they collect all your data to pass it on to the highest bidder – and governmental bodies. )

It added that it collected the information in order to “give better personalize the content (including ads), to measure whether they took an action in response to an ad we showed them on their phone”.


Other data Facebook admits to collecting is information about operating systems, signal strength and battery levels. ( Do you really believe that’s all ? )


I believe their messenger is capable to listen to your talk, copy and record conversations, messages, and not only that but pinpoint your location, and many more )


The document released this week further sheds light on the vast amount of data Facebook collects on its users.

Why don’t I believe them


It also reveals that about the only piece of data Facebook doesn’t collect from users is audio. ( Here is another thing I don’t believe )


However, a cyber security expert recently claimed that the practice of tech firms collecting audio from users is already widespread. This is something that Facebook has always denied.


Summary: Here are the staggering ways FB collects your data

Mouse movements

What they claim is they track the movement of your mouse in order to determine if you are a bot or human

Device data

When logged on they collect lots of data from your computer smartphone or tablet, including signal strength, available storage and battery level.

Software data

It also knows your operating system, browser, file names and what plugins are enabled.

Other data

They know your mobile operator or internet service provider, connection speed, cookie data and IP address.

Nearby devices

It sometimes tracks nearby devices or devices logged onto the same network, such as smart TVs.

Signal data

Bluetooth and Wifi connections are also monitored and it also knows the location of nearby “cell towers”.

Call logs and location data

All call and SMS history are logged for Android users and also tracks your GPS location, photos and camera information, if you haven’t updated the settings on your phone.

Third party data

If you have ever bought something through Facebook, that data is collected too, as is any information given away in games or apps used through the social network.





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