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Date: 2019-06-22 12:50:29

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Delicious Oktoberfest sausages { German brats } sauerkraut + potato | AFRICASIAEURO

5000 bratwurst sausages with potato chips and sauerkraut are going to be served at this location . The German butcher prepares his own sausage . His sauerkraut recipe is most incredible. Real german sausage is served here. His sausage recipes are a secret he won’t reveal. All prepared on a charcoal bbq grill stove.

I love Beer Bratwurst a.k.a Beer Brats. They come with different recipes. Today I’m going to show you how I make them with a classic way of Sauerkraut and chips with tomato and bbq sauce. Also adding toppings with a recipe for Onion Rings and Sweet Potato chips to go along with these excellent and simple classic. Please follow the links down below and at the end of this video.

It comes with or without bbq sauce, as per demand. Normally it is served with chilli sauce or ketchup ( you can see on the video ). Homemade sauerkraut is just as incredible as it can be.

Best ingredients are used in his cooking such as organic non gmo all naturally grown kraut ( cabbage ). His pickle recipe is a must but are an extra addition.

Unlike our chinese food menu – this german food is more meat based thus german bratwurst sausage. Mustard seed is specially imported for his mustard and it tastes much better than dj mustard. Incredible mustard is served here. Pickled onions and pickled cucumber are a side dish, but taste as fantastic as the sauerkraut.

Pickled cucumber in fact is another mind breaking sidedish. Pickled beets are not available unfortunatly however he will prepare them in the future. From the looks of it his pickled beets will be another success. The place is packed with customers, the queues are getting longer and longer. His place is open from afternoon 16.00 until 22.00 at night. Red cabbage is not used here.

From the same country where Wolfgang Puck comes from, the chief cook has informed he will show some of his best customers how to make sauerkraut in fall. So be ready for some new video then.

Wolfgang Puck has now settled in usa states and the chef wants to follow him to the united states of america. Puck is now a brand name due to his mster chef skills . Our sausage chef will attempt to step in the same directions.

The challenge is how to eat 5000 brats in 1 single day during the Octoberfest.

This entrepreneur has a marvelous idea : He wants to order 5000 brats per day in the largest Octoberfest in Accra Ghana. This will be held in 2016.

5000 brats with chips are a challenge that no one has taken before. Are they getting enough customers to consume all these brats ?

I can not know now, as the logistics are kind of complicated, there must be enough cooling storage area on a ground normally left abandoned. Power must be provided and reliable backup has to be installed. To accommodate 5000 brats one needs to bring all the freezer trucks that are available,

Ghana has not got the infrastructure to provide a huge sausage making industry. The only sausage maker is about 20 miles away and his facilities are limited in size and capacity.

All these pose a huge challenge for the operator of the Oktoberfest. I am not sure how he will cope with all of this.

Lets see how it will turn out.

After all we are waiting to see who can eat all the 5000 bratwurst plates with sauerkraut and potato chips, one of which you can see in the youtube video.

Enjoy you bratwurst it tastes incredibly good.

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