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Galaxy S10 Teardown Does Ultrasonic Measure Up?

Date: 2019-03-05 14:40:08

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The Galaxy S10 is Samsungs latest flagship

See what your phone looks like with a Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video.

Taking apart the Galaxy s10 is pretty similar to years past…

EXCEPT that this time around not everything is repairable.

Samsung has made the charging port permanent on the S10.

So if you ever need to replace that port (to charge your phone, or access your data) it wont be possible without advanced soldering techniques.

Of course Samsung has added the wireless charging pad so the S10 as a redundant charging system.

But having permanent components makes the whole phone less repairable. Which is kind of annoying.

What do you think? Should manufactures have to make their devices more fixable?

The fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S10 might be off center.

Or it could just be a combination of the rectangle adding a bit of room for the ribbon cable connector on the side.

Watch the video to find out.

Watch the Galaxy S10 Durability test

Fix your Galaxy with repair guides and parts

Current Galaxy S10 Pricing

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Metal phone opening

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