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Most consumers will be unaware of what ‘ geoblocking ‘ means.

Geoblocking was introduced by the European Union and it meant that consumers living in countries within the EU were re-directed if they wanted to buy products or services from other countries within the EU.



Now it seems this will change since Brussels will stop geoblocking for consumers who want to buy products or services online within the EU.


According to the latest news, the new rules will boost e-commerce which supposedly will be to the advantage for consumers and businesses.


EU flag
EU flag


Yesterday the EU Parliament, the Council and the Commission have reached an agreement to end geoblocking.

In essence, this means consumers living in the EU can now buy products online and buy services across borders, just like they do in their home country.


Of much significance: Consumers will no longer be required to pay with a debit or credit card issued in another country.


This is great news for all customers. As result websites will not re-route customers to other sites any longer.

Whether physically entering a store or shop in another country or shopping online, all consumers will benefit from the new law.

Next target is to reduce prices of cross-border parcel delivery.

A new challenge to firms since they have to deal with more foreign customers.

For example, a person in Austria can buy a trip directly to an amusement park in France without being redirected to an Austrian website.



Traders are however under no obligation to sell to other countries, and prices are not being touched.


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