1. Google 1 Million views

Google 1 million views takes a Life time ? No, but without Google life is now unthinkable let’s face it.


Reality shows we are if not yet complete at least to a high degree dependable on Google.


We ask for everything on Google, from our food to our health, what to read and where we should travel.

However there is much more.

Thank you Google


Google gives us all these and more.

Sure there are some conditions: It comes as everything else with a price: Privacy.


Those who think they can escape the privacy infringement need to live like hermits and then – use no Notebook, PC, Phone, they can rely on messenger doves.


The rest of us will use Google.

You can do without Facebook – but not without Google.

So why not make the best out of it.

GOOGLE 1 million 1
GOOGLE 1 million 1
GOOGLE 1 million 2
GOOGLE 1 million 2






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