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 VISION 20/20

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Since we took the picture in October last year, some sixty-four thousand visitors have reached us.

There are many pictures we shoot, but none has made it to the top, unlike the AFRICASIAEURO picture.

The scenic view of this place is really amazing.

Not for everyone to visit, I guess, but for those with endurance, yes.

Scenic spot africasiaeuro

Scenic spot africasiaeuro


There are many miles to cover before you reach this historic spot.

In a mountainous area, covered in green Bamboo forest, history comes alive.

Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties, all have left their footprints here.

Lucky because of our artist friends, we were able to see the place again.

We want to see it in 10 years in a similar state, reminding us of the great past it witnessed.

africasiaeuro photos

scenic spot africasiaeuro

africasiaeuro photos

scenic spots africasiaeuro


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