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HEAVY CALIBRE POPCORN GUN – best organic popcorn by far

Date: 2016-01-04 14:01:04

Close × – heavy calibre Popcorn GUN BLAST almost damages BMW 740 series saloon – no electric power required off grid machine
Popcorn puffs cannon : Ancient Chinese popcorn puffs technology; scares a BMW owner parking his car nearby.
Ancient method of popcorn making used by Chinese professional popcorn maker. In retrospect I find the popcorn tasting, without butter, trans fat or oil. Just plain pure popcorn. When finished the popcorn blasts into the cotton bag attached to the fiercely hot stove amid a loud bang, the owner of a flashy BMW is worried and walks concerned to his car to make sure nothing got damaged. We shared a hearty laughter after all. No more trans fat when making popcorn.

This popcorn machine uses natural cooking gas to heat the cannon, temperature inside rising and thus popcorn is popping in side the shell ( which looks like a cannon )

These machines are being found all throughout China. Popcorn produced this way has significant advantages over their microwave counterparts.

First, no oil, butter, or fat is being used. The temperature within is up to 400 degrees, popcorn bursts within a short time of heating the cannon.

Once opened popcorn is being emptied into a sack, then packed into individual bags for sale.

There is nothing comparable to the machine displayed here, the sturdiness of the machine will allow the vendor to use it a lifetime.

What might be a thought for concern is the construction of the machines vessel.

We have however not come across anyone who has heard, seen, or been notified of any harm done to humans by a old popcorn machine.

Thus we must assume they are safe to operate.

What remains a mystery however is the incredibly good taste of popcorn produced by this method.


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