Lately we received the following news from the sheer endless trip by Motorbike from Austria to Mongolia.

ThisĀ  is a narration of events written by my friend:

Iranian weather has been hostile to us. For two days a storm is blowing, mostly directly from the left.

The motorcycle, therefore, behaves like a sailing boat at wind force ten. With my left sleeve, I can almost scratch on the asphalt, except when a truck overtakes us.

Then suddenly the storm comes from the right, and we lie elegantly on the other side.

Yesterday it was still pouring as if the end of the world was near, from time to time it hailed as well.

At first sight, we did not want to drive in such bad weather but left, and right is only lunar landscape because we had to hold out until we reach a larger city.

In Tabriz we had a super hotel, a whole apartment for $ 48.-.

The next accommodation was not the best we have seen. Instead, it was more expensive.

Anyway, we were able to dry all our stuff and rest. In the morning we saw a snowy landscape in the mountains around.

The street was okay, there was sunshine, but it was cold. With our excellently performing suits, the weather did not matter; we just put in a few warm-up breaks in the service areas along the way.

We came to Tehran and are now in the Olympic Hotel, very good but expensive. After all, I was just in the pool (for women, of course, forbidden). Tonight I’ll have nightmares about naked bearded hairy men.

Norbert and Yousong having a meal in Iran
Norbert and Yousong having a meal in Iran

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