Between realism and fiction , Dege

Shoshan festival

The breakfast is painstakingly prepared with Chambar, salted tea and yak butter, yak cheese, mingled in a cup with bare hands.

Long before the sun rises we are up. Behind the mountains it begins to dawn, we are engulfed by the beauty of the morning.
The night had been noisy, with Tibetan rodents  rummaging overhead in the double wooden ceiling, sleeping was difficult. Where we sleep, kitchen, hall and bedroom in one, the typical Tibetan house.
Throughout the night I held a flashlight to spot the noisy little creatures who were after the Chambar.

Hospitality of Tibetan people has no equivalent, we are honored guests in their house, and dare not to refuse their persuasive welcome.

Red, hand-painted Tibetan furniture all around us, wooden tables, an open kitchen furnace, we sit on our bed eating and drinking salted Lapsang, planning for the day.

We soon will ascend to the mountains staying overnight , where wolves and bears still roam freely. As a result, every Tibetan - male and female - carries a dagger , richly decorated with Silver and gemstones, according to his or her social standing.

Below : Dege primary school for Tibetan children

Tibetan school

A car takes us to the Tibetan Primary school where Mr. Chen's wife is teaching, an idyllic location 30 miles outside the city of Dege.

We visit the school, its basic facilities and see only smiling, curious faces.

Horses were called in the day before to carry me to the mountain, an almost impossible thought to bear. The means of communication is by word to mouth, as no transport other than by foot or horse can reach to this remote parts in 4000 m altitude.ege

We visit the school, its basic facilities and see only smiling, friendly faces filled with curiosity.



Alternative energy


Dege living room with kitchen

Dege township

Dege and monks

We start our ascent at 0900 AM and the breathtaking beauty of the valley immediately takes me into a trance. My guide's steps are fast, it is difficult to follow pace, I grasp for air in such high altitude.


Dege mountain home

Dege township

Tibetan Monks


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