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AUGUST 20 TH, 2020

Some pictures speak books, or can at least tell a story. So are these two pictures which show a shattered and crying Jacky Onassis on a flight with the then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, after the murder of J.F. Kennedy.

In the background stands one guy who can be seen smiling to Lyndon B., this during the swearing in ceremony as president. What do you think made this guy smile ?

Well, there can be only one reason for this very clear sign of "victory" for Lyndon B. ---

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy
(CLICK TO ENLARGE) Watch the smiling face of the one standing left in the background as Lyndon B. looks towards him, after being sworn in as president. What do you see?

AUGUST 1 , 2020

Some photos from different parts of life. We endeavor to show sights mostly unusual,
coming from all parts of the globe.

Below find some weird pictures that show you how this world is in which we live in.


From our video collection :


see all here :  all out videos

AUGUST 20 tH 3015

No one knows

fema war

fema war

cat fish




News cannibalism 

JULY 30 , 2020


arabic sweets 

JULY 15, 1983

One month into another attempted Coup. After experiencing 2 fully fledged military takeovers we are tired of the same, scenarios, guns, shooting, mortars, grenades, the lot.
Our daughter s birthday during a turbulent time. She is in Nice, however, far away from it all. Peace with her. Book in the make - to be published in 1 month. Check back on this page for more news : 

JULY 14, 2020

No two ways about it : AMAZON is great because their services are great. They call the shots online today. Wanna know why ? Here it is : Security is great, AMAZON notices when something on their server does not look genuine. Logging in from other resources for example results in firing up their extensive privacy protection apparatus. Account locked. First reaction : angry. Why do yout do that AMAZON, on second thought, they are right. Asking you for Telephone number you registered. Don't remember. You fill in your key data : email and name, a questionaire where you can be reached, THEY call you back, anywhere on the globe ! Asking you account details, and reset the system, so you can log in again ! HEY this is awesome. LOOK OUT FOR OUR NEXT PUBLISH ON KINDLE ! Have a nice day AMAZON,

JULY 25TH, 2020


Some more pics  from our archives. Watch and be the judge.

JULY 6, 2020 ( I )

From a sequence of my upcoming book.

It shows mechanics in the bush on the road to upper Guinea, where we had a breakdown,
these mechanics managed to repair the car without any difficulties, with very simple tools.

All these and more in the upcoming book.

- Austrian glacier Pasterze in 1875 , under it is the present Pasterze - or what remains of it.

Talk about global warming, Al. One day all glaciers will look the same.
pasterze glacier 1875
pasterze glacier 2004

Still working editing on my new book, which essentially covers my 1 st part of life in Africa.  

Spanning three decades and one half, this book draws from ample resources of materials to write about.

It takes us back to the 70's and 80's to the 90's, where and when times were different here.
We will not reveal its content at this moment in full : Here are some excerpts : 

' Dass W.F.kein richtiger Freund war, wurde mir erst klar, als er irgendwann bei mir auftauchte als ich gerade Besuch hatte. 

In einem unbeoachteten Augenblick sprach ... die Person an und defamierte mich.
Als mich mein Bekannter wieder traf, erzaehlte dieser von .. und dessen aufdringlicher Art, die ihm nicht gefiel. 

Er warnte mich vor solchen Freunden.'

JULY 5, 2020

We said it was the strange blog, and this post is just one example.
We came across ancient Chinese punishments during Ming and Qing dynasty periods.

Some of us could not comprehend what we saw. This is the reason why we ask for viewers discretion.
Unimaginable penalties for those caught breaking the law.

If you were caught as a prostitute you could expect no mercy.
The image shows it all.

This page should not be visited by adults below 18years of age.

She was a fighter for personal liberties and freedom and was sent to a military tribunal on trial.

The later turned president has forgotten her principles and prefers personal wealth and personal freedom instead,

turning against her country  s natural wealth and ecologoy.

What a change in a lifetime of activism. Disgraced.

JULY 3, 2020

Some poledancer with exceptional skills, more like a serpent, onewould  think.

This Chinese poledancer has it all and more.
It takes years of practice to accomplish this stunt, believe me.


Drones. Will affect you in one way or another.

They are highy sophisticated as _spying - _eavesdropping - picture making - _-kil-ling-machines.

These are actual pictures of drone fly by wire command center and drone.

Got these from the web. Interesting to see what we are now dealing with.

June 28, 2020 Accra 

Below some more pictures :

Cowboys in Chengdu, Chinese opera stars, on way to work, Wild boar entered the city, killed in China - 


June 28 th, 2020 Accra (part 2)

Cabbages and Condomes
Perhaps we leave it only at cabbages. These are more than enough left to wonder about.

All new old pictures from our archives. The below listed is an old friend I first got to know in Bangkok Thailand in 1976. He  is an expert on snakes. In these pictures he handles a King Cobra like a child almost.
When he opened the cage, he patted the cage grass only slightly, and the huge King Cobra came to him like a house pet. He patted her on her head,

Warden I knew for 40 years

King Cobra pet
explaining to me : " She is sick " . He knows : snakes have feelings too.


Talk about snakes. See this African python ( they are very aggressiv ).

My friend was catching and exporting many species, amongst them - African pythons.

One day when removing from the cage, a 3m python got loose and in a fraction wound itself onto its victim who held it.

So it started squeezing the hell out of the poor fellow, and during the process it expelledits feces.

My friend said he never experienced such terrible odor all his life ! They finally removed the snake with the help of 3 people.

Think about it before you venture into the bush.

African python

June 26th, 2020