Non-Woven Fabric(for wet tissue) Production Line

Make: FEILONG(China)

Manufacturing year:2015

Control system(Siemens)

Fan pump : Italy Make

Non-Woven Width: Max. 3,600mm

GSM: 30~80g/m2

Space:17 m x 90m x 8m(height)

1-1. Opening Part 1Set

1)Electronic Weighing Opener x3Set

Size: 1,500mm, Capacity:500kg/hr

2)Pre-Opener x1Set

Size: 1,200mm, Capacity: 800kg/hr

3)Blender x1Set

Big Cabin Blender Type

Size: 2,000mm,

Cabin volume: 20㎡

4)Fine Openner x2Set

5)Distributer: ¢320mm

Automatic hydraulic type

6)Blow Fan&Pipe Magnet x5Set

7)PLC Automatic Control System SIEMENS

8)Multi Drum Dust Filtering Unit


1-2. Main Carding M/C 1Set

1)Reserve Box With Fan x2Set

Width:1,2500mm, Cap’:700kg/hr

Blower Type

2)Air Pressure Feeder x2Set


W3, 600xD1,000×3,000mmH


3)High Speed Carding M/C x2Set

WEB Weight: 10-60g/㎡

Speed : 130m/min

Main Cylinder:¢1,500×3,800mmL

Control Box : SIEMENS

4)Combined Conveyor x1Set


1-3. Spunlace Machine 1Set

Working width:3,500mm

Working speed:130m/min

1)Prewetting Spunlace Units x1Set

2)Drum Spunlace Units x3Set

3)Vacuum Pump x1Set

Drum Roll Type

1-4. After-Finishing, Dryer Part 1Set

Working width:3,600mm

Working speed:130m/min

1)6 Drum Dryer x1Set

Drum: ¢1,400mm

2)Accumulator x1Set

4 Roll, Capacity:3m

3)Stain Detector x1Set


4)Gram & Moisture Detector x1Set

5)Automatic Winder x1Set

Main Roll: Rubber Roll

PLC type, Spin winding: ¢76mm

6)Heater Boiler 1Set.Blower:45KW

1-5. High Pressure Water supply System 1Set

1)High Pressure Auxiliary Pump

Station, Tabilizer, Police

Filtration, Connecting Pipe x6Set

Pump:132KWx2ea, 90KWx2ea


2)Middle Pressure Pump x1Set


3)Low Pressure Water Supplying

Pump Valve x1Set


1-6. Water Suction System 1Set

1)High Pressure Water Separation

Censored x2Set

25,000PA, 12,000PA

1-7. Water Filtration 1Set

Circulation volume:200Ton/hr

High pressure pump : Max 100bar

1)Floating Filtration System x1Set

Water tank: W4,000×2, 500Hx16,000mmL

2)Sand Filtration System x4Set

Shell Type

3)Bag Filtration System,

Metal Filtration Water Tank

Belt Press

4)Tank, Level, Control, etc


6)Process Connect Filtting

1-8 Main Control System 1Set

PLC Bus Control System

(Without Secondary Wiring)

1-9 Auxiiary Equipment And 1Set

Optional Parts

1)Spare Needle Board x4Set

2)Spare Net(50#, Aperture Drum)


3)Needle Board Cleaning M/C

Heating Box x1Set

4)Slitter M/C x1Set

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