blue on white porcelain vase MAO era

A selection of MAO porcelain from the finest of artists

This is our selection for today, coming from some of the finest artists of the Mao era.

Their names are some of the most renowned in a circle of craftsmen.

As I earlier pointed out, it was my luck to call one of the old families my friends, in this jewel of all places, one that beholds thousands of years of history.

It is – because of the family and their social standing, with numerous generations being in the business of porcelain, that I have been able to enter the close circles of artists.

Numerous visits to different workshops, to remote countryside places, tucked away in mountains, are part of this.

You can not find them by yourself. It has to be the right person to guide you – as well as accompany you – to such sanctuaries of art, if I may call it so.

For many thousand years have passed since the area was gifted with an abundance of white clay, or kaolin, as it is known among experts.

We have seen thousands of art pieces, their beauty can not be described in words, and their masters must be left in peace.

Hence I will not mention names, venues, or else I would jeopardize their sanctuaries, and would risk a stampede of a potential profit-seeking crowd.

I have been chosen to sell their art, and this is my privilege.
I have spent thousands and thousands in order to get to these incredible locations spread of hundreds of miles.

So here they are The ultimate MAO pieces.

They are as precious as they look, yet the name of the artist is held in esteem.


blue on white porcelain vase MAO era

This 0.8 mm ultra thin white and transparent Vase is one of a set of 4. It is our latest in the collection.


Tear drop shape with open neck blue painted on white porcelain MAO era

Tear drop shape vase coming from a mountainous area of 2500 m in altitude.

The artist spends each day in this wilderness and gathers his raw materials by hand.

Size : 35 cm


Traditional wine jar shaped hand painted blue on white porcelain vase MAO era

A traditional shaped ‘ wine jar ‘ vase crafted by one of the most renowned artists.

His area is so remote, one can not go except on horseback.

He crafts 1 piece per month only.


Full body white butterfly motive blue on white porcelain MAO era

One of the finest pieces found.

The artist embedded fine detailed butterflies in his master piece.

Incredible work of art taking 2 months to complete.



Heinz Rainer :