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Sous vide cooking and other technology news

sous vide cooking machines

Sous vide machines


Cooking is not an easy task. For this and other reasons experts developed some aid to assist the specialists at home and chefs in restaurants.


High-tech smart devices can give us a precise grasp of the temperature of the food.


Seemingly professional vacuum cooking machines are beginning to move into our home, making it easier for us to get the exact temperature of food cooking as it is the case in a professional kitchen .

There is only one principle behind vacuum low-temperature cooking.


  1. Food is sealed and then separated from water
    2. Than be cooked at high pressure
    3. Sous vide cooking allows the temperature to be controlled
    4. Anyone can master vacuum low-temperature cooking ( sous vide cooking )

Today we will show several high-tech intelligent vacuum cooking devices that make food more manageable and make the kitchen easier to master.


Other Cooking technology news

A cooking robot costs approx. 2 M. It is the first cross integration of modern mechanical, electronic engineering and Continental / Chinese cuisine.

The first robot in the world to realize the automatic cooking of various dishes, including Continental and Asian.

The fundamental principle is to standardize the cooking process and convert it into a machine to read the language, and then use the modern technology such as a mechanical device with automatic control, a computer to simulate the process of the chef’s process.



Not only will it perform cooking techniques such as baking, fried, boiling, steaming, but it will also simulate other cooking equipment on the market.

The most important feature is to achieve unique techniques such as frying, steaming, simmering, boiling, baking and other methods.

These are some of the novelties we are expecting in a few years.

Old cooking techniques a thing of the past ?




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